Dear world,
1 in 5 American's still believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth.
Dear bird outside my window,
Please shut the fuck up. It is 2 in the goddamn morning, and some of us, like me perhaps, are trying to sleep. I get it, you are going against the grain and be a fucking nocturnal bird instead of a normal sweet diurnal bird, but you need to shut the hell up. I do not know what kind of bird cocain or bird amphetamines you are on to stay awake all night but not all of us have access to bird drug dealers and so we do not have the energy that you seem to have. If you refuse to shut up, then I shall make it my mission that every time I see you sleeping in that tiny little nest in the tree outside my window I will scream at you and wake your fat feathery ass up so you will understand what it feels like to have some annoying bitch squawking at you when you are trying to sleep. That is all.
Dear future self,
I just spent hours cleaning this room for you. I'm sweaty, dusty, exhausted, and tired of living like a pig. Try not to screw it up this time, okay?
Dear facebook,
I do not wish to be notified when someone I know likes / comments on two people I do not know get engaged/married etc...
Dear black people in my history class,
Please don't look at me during the civil rights unit like I'd never understand what it's like to have my people be oppressed. I may be white, but you're forgetting about the unit we just had on the holocaust.
Dear every other adult,
Please cut students some slack. They don't get the luxury of a 9-5 paid job, where they can do whatever they want in their free time. Students pay to spend 9-5 studying, only to come home to work on assignments or more study, and their weekends on a part time job. They aren't lazy, irresponsible, selfish moaners, they just want some free time.
Dear Ex-boyfriend,
Thank you for caring enough about me by breaking up in person, it still hurts just as much but at least I can respect you and wish you the best
Dear people who think high school has too much drama,,
Do you even remember elementary school?
Dear pessimist, optimist, realist,
While you were busy arguing over the glass, I drank it.
Dear Minecraft,
Please explain why you're playing creepy cave sounds. There isn't an unlit patch of darkness anywhere for miles.
Dear water,
I feel as though we haven't bonded lately. Are you scared of me?
Dear people,
Please understand that migraines affect different people in different ways.
Dear new boyfriend,
It was really sweet to bring me on a sailing trip for our first date, but there's something you should know...
Dear Cyclists,
You may either have the right to the road or the right to the sidewalk. Please make up your minds.
Dear Australians,
Yay it's snowing in Queensland!