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Dear friend I walked in the bush with,
You were wearing shorts and a tank top. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans. Neither of us had insect repellent, and you complained you were itchy.
Dear mother,
Please don't constantly criticize my taste "so I don't get bullied" because the only person who's bullying me is you.
Dear everyone,
Feminism is not about girls being better than boys, or girls not letting guys holding doors. If a woman gets angry at you for holding a door open for her, then that is not feminism. That is being rude. Feminism is about everyone being equal and happy.
Dear cute boy in gym class,
Thank you for being sincere when you said good job even though I didn't catch the ball.
Dear Mom,
Please stop keeping unhealthy food in the house. Yes, I understand that willpower is important. But it is really hard to have it when there is tempting food right under your nose, all the time.
Dear other kids in my grade,
Please understand that I honestly don't care how many times you say it I do not need a boyfriend
Dear new mothers,
Please get your infant child away from me.
Dear mods/Disqus,
Please add some filter to catch these "My uncle earns $95065 a month click scam link" posts? Surely the fact that they are in bold, using the same message, with obviously suspect links, weird borders etc means something can automatically pick up on the spam.
Dear Some Christians,
No no no....the Bible doesn't say to hate gays; it says to love your neighbor as yourself. It's fine to disagree, but never hate.
Dear Ex-Girlfriend,
Please let me comfort you right now. The child in your stomach is mine too.
Dear older guy friend,
Just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I didn't get your sex joke.
Dear Science Plus Teacher,
Thank you for the magic sand and bubbles we got to play with in class
Dear Muslims,
Please stay strong and remember you aren't in this alone. We know how it feels to be targeted by hate groups and such, we've built their railroads and dams for them and then they says we "should go back to where we came from" before attacking us and hurling insults. Then once we started getting use to the US, they come back and start calling us Communists because the people across the pond who happen to look like us are Communists. Stay strong and hopeful, I promise you that not everyone in America is a racist, misinformed bigot :)
Dear woman plopping some bombs in the stall next to me,
I gotchu.
Dear other military significant others who submit regularly to this site,
Seriously it's not a pissing contest. Telling some girl to be thankful her boyfriend's not deployed isn't going to lessen your pain. It's not impossible to deal with a deployment either. It sucks, but it's part of this life and we all just have to deal with it. Instead of trying to tear someone down just because they're at a different stage in their life with their husband's career, or trying to negate someone's pain just because you feel yours is worse, we should be lifting each other up and supporting each other.