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Dear soon to be boyfriend,
Please be patient with me. My ex ignored me for video games and I'm scared you going to ignore me for another muse too.
Dear everyone,
Please remember that sometimes, there is no absolute truth. Many moral, economic, or other issues have many many ways to solve the problem. Sometimes however, there is absolute truth. Such as whether or not God exixts, or natural laws.
Dear fiance,
Please help me. I have a busted ankle and can't walk yet you still want me to make supper. I have to "remind" you to make something for me too when you make something. And I really appreciate having to get my own ice packs and water and figure out how to carry them with crutches.
Dear people,
Please share your thoughts about Mormon Missionaries. Good or bad? Annoyance or motivation? etc...
Dear parents,
Just because I wear a lot of dark colours does not mean I'm a goth, pointing it out just makes me self-conscious. Please stop
Dear People who think I should play basketball,
Please stop telling me I should play basketball. I've hated the sport since I stepped onto a baseball field. No, I will not play volleyball either.
Dear voters,
If you don't like a result, try voting against it next time instead of thinking you won't make a difference. If you did vote, you just have to accept that democracy means up to 50% of the population might be disappointed. You can't please everybody all the time. Its not the end of the world.
Dear driver,
Yes, you did leave the carpark within the allotted time. However, your piss-poor parking blocked another space, as as per the car park rules (yes there is such a thing), that is an offence.
Dear Academy of Science,
Please know that I ended up breaking my foot running inside the house to open the letter from your school.
Dear Brock Turner's Dad,
Please understand that twenty minutes of action is a lot. In twenty minutes, you can murder people, bomb a city, or do other such horrible things.
Dear pro-lifer,
Please consider the life the child will be born into as well. Or are you just "pro-birth"?
Dear Dad...,
Please stop making me do shit I don't want to do. I know you're going through a mid-life crisis and think that we need to renovate every square inch of the house, but I really don't see a reason to waste my time doing it.
Dear Juggalos,
Please take off the clown paint already. It looks retarded. Grow up already.
Dear person who run into things while on her phone,
I don't care if your friend calls you from Germany or Uganda, just stay still on the side so I can walk past you instead of zigzagging all over the place.
Dear fate,
Since my two of my closest friends are dating now, can you get all the other couples I'm sure will get together at some point, you know, get together sooner? I'd like to place some bets.