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Dear bras,
How is it possible that the band's loose enough to yank the bra up over my boobs but I'm still getting stabbed in the sternum!?
Dear religious people,
Even if you force everybody to follow your religious laws, it doesn't make them religious or save them! If people want to follow religious rules, they will follow them willingly. And your salvation does not depend on what others choose to do.
Dear Baby Seal,
So you just walked right into a club?
Dear Men,
I finally found a way to describe what cramps feel like. You know those really horrid gas cramps you get that make you double over in pain? Imagine that for a whole day to two days.
Dear coworkers,
It's not that I have no sympathy for people with cancer; I just can't see how you coming to work in your pyjamas is going to help them.
Dear other humans,
If you criticize the way that I do something, then please be prepared to answer the question, "How would you like me to do it differently?" If you can't answer, you haven't really gotten anywhere.
Dear Leash Holder,
Please release the tight hold you have. My ability to sway back to you is defeating and enticing at the same time. Just because our physical connection was like no other, it doesn't mean you can linger forever. Like you said, the timing was wrong even though I wanted it to be right. This is wrong.
Dear PhD advisors,
Please acknowledge the fact that I am human and require sleep and food to function properly.
Dear my dearly beloved cousin,
Please turn your music down. You may have earbuds in, but I can still hear every beat, word, and song you're listening to.
Dear partner,
Thank you for taking a chance on me, I know I have bad days a lot, I'm so glad I saw your post about your art, and that we ended up Skyping. I had my suicide planned for not even a month later, you saved me.
Dear new seasonal guy who thinks only women have to vacuum,
Please enjoy the next three months of your seasonal job being on the night shift. Where at the end of every shift someone has to vacuum, that someone now being you.
Dear Customers,
Please remember that just because you think we work menial jobs, we are still humans. We work these jobs and if we didn't, you would be pissed that you aren't getting "the help you deserve". If you are kind to us, we will be more apt to be kind to you and go out of our way to make sure you have what you need.
Dear Family,
Please don't talk about me and my problems in the car as if I am not there when I am.
Dear worst teachers I ever had,
Please stop treating every other student better than me just because I don't kiss your butt, just because I can't report you for your continuous injustice.
Dear Kid Next To Me In Math Class,
Please Don't make me watch over you to see if you did a problem right. I have my own work to do and I'm not the teacher.