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Dear Neighbor,
Please stop putting your dog out at 6 am.
Dear depression,
My fiancee might say you have her, but I'm not letting you keep her.
Dear former high school bully,
You were so popular and cool back then. I thought it would give me tremendous satisfaction when I saw you at the reunion and learned how badly your life is going. How you're stuck in a dead-end job you hate, and you just had to move back in with your parents after a bitter divorce. I thought I'd relish seeing how broken you are, just like the way you broke me. But it turns out, I just pity you. Holding grudges does no good.
Dear people complaining about high school,
I hope things get better. It did for me.
Dear bad mood,
Please stay away, or at least only visit for good reason. Suddenly feeling awful for no reason is getting old very quickly.
Dear TLC,
Please remove Honey Boo Boo from your channel
Dear middle school classmates,
Thank you for what appears to be a mutual agreement between us to not try and become friends because we've entered high school.
Dear teacher,
please listen. ok, even though u tell us all thouse "facts" about how marijuana can b dangerous, addicktive, or bad. u never listen to hte rel turth. although u tel us republican progoganda all teh time about how it is bad for our brains and can cause us to not operate hevey machinery do u ever think about how we fel? do u ever consider the emotive impact in many? do u think ab feling? no society no value the feelz but let me tel u latdy ther is more to healt than the body ok lady. listen if u want to believ lies about bodyz i gues that is not my businez but i got newz for u sister feling mater tpo.?
Dear brain,
Please stop thinking of what you could have had. It is gone and will never come back.
Dear Girlfriend,
Please dont side with my parents, i need you on my side because they hate me as it is.
Dear Professor,
Please teach with the mic off. I am sleeping here.
Dear friends of another race than me,
Please stop with the offensive jokes. Just because I don't say anything doesn't make it right.
Dear People Who Capitalize Every Letter,
Please Stop. It Makes You Sound Stupid Instead Of Emphasizing Your Point.
Dear Girl I really like,
Please stop using my feelings to let you feel good about yourself.
Dear transgender cashier,
First off, you present as a woman. You have a feminine face, long hair, a feminine body, etc. Nothing about your appearance as it is now is masculine. That said, if you had simply corrected me by telling me that "actually, I'm a man" or "I identify as male", I would have corrected myself and we could have gone on our separate ways. Instead, you decided to rant about me misgendering you and tried to deny me service. I'm sorry you had a bad day or whatever, but I do not regret getting your manager involved.