Dear Peanut Butter,
I was going to say yes to your proposal, but I've been hearing some rumors about you and Jam...
Dear life and society,
Please let me still be a kid. I know 19 is pushing it, but that's still way too young to be able to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. It's not just me who's struggling.
Dear Political Correctness,
Being PC isn't necessarily always PC (or appropriate).
Dear girl I like,
Please, please, give me one chance.
Dear Roommate,
Leaving food on the counter is NOT a universal sign that it is up for grabs.
Dear role playing games,
Thank you for letting me be the hero.
Dear people who want a plus-sized disney princess,
The idea behind this is great. But let's be real - It's not going to happen. So how about we encourage young girls to not have their self-esteem controlled by their looks, and more by talents, good grades in school, amazing hobbies or whatever they are good at? To me, that sounds far more productive than raging about stereotypical beauty in disney movies.
Dear boys thinking girls wear yoga pants because of them,
You've never tried on a pair of yoga pants, have you?
Dear bully of my sister,
Please stop harassing her just because she can't always speak clearly and has to stop in the middle of sentences a lot. It is also totally not cool that you pointed out her learning disorder to the entire class. Stop it before I stop it for you.
Dear world,
When did "suck" and "blow" start meaning the same thing?
Dear Mom,
Please don't tell me to break up with my boyfriend because we might not get married. I'm not looking for a husband
Dear parents,
Let me get this straight - I have to ride the overcrowded, extremely noisy bus to every day instead of getting a ride from my friend across the street because you don't trust teenage drivers. But the moment you're too tired or lazy to drive me to a Bible study or a volunteer project, you ask if I can just call a friend to give me a ride?
Dear classmates,
Please stop personally attacking our teacher because you make bad grades. She's an amazing educator, and I've watched you fall asleep in the back row more times than I care to count.
Dear wanting to ban the r word makes you an idiot,
Please realize that medical retardation is NO LONGER politically correct
Dear teachers,
Please stop saying you shouldn't work harder than us, You get PAID!!