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Dear Classmates,
Please accept me for my Tourettes. I'm truly sorry if my tics make me seem rude and vulgar, but imitating me and laughing at me really isn't called for.
Dear classmates,
Please stop making fun of me when I read out loud
Dear Everyone thinking this Election is between Two Evils - Hilary or Trump,
Please It's NOT!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that Bernie's still in this and Write ins are a thing. You don't have to choose 'the lesser of two evils'...
Dear Americans,
Please stop believing that there is only two options this election.
Dear Athiest that believes Christians don't listen to reason,
Please do not try to demean someone just by their faith. Yes, I believe in God. However, I also believe in evolution. Why? Science. There's nothing within scientific research that says God doesn't exist. There are, however multiple archeological sites that refer to various events and people referred to in the Bible. Please, before calling my faith out, try putting your money where your mouth is.
Dear classmate,
I undertand we are identical twins, and it's alright if you get us messed up. I understand, it's hard. But for the love of God please do not ask either of us how we tell ourselves apart.
Dear Belgium,
Please accept my deepest condolences. My heart to you
Dear Conservative Christian School,
I never considered self harm until this year because of all the stress it causes me trying to follow all of your rules.
Dear random boners,
Stop. Just stop.
Dear ex-boyfriend,
We agreed before we started dating that we wouldn't have sex and wouldn't have an open relationship. And now I find that you've been sleeping with my sister and at least one other girl since less than a week after we started dating? And you think I should be okay with this?
Dear protesters,
Yes you do have free speech. But that only means you cannot be punished or censored for your opinion. It does not mean you can say whatever, wherever, whenever. So when the police ask you to move off the road to stop blocking traffic, listen to them or you will be arrested. But not for your speech
Dear classmate,
So according to you I'm racist because I don't like Indian food? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, I don't like curry or anything spicy?
Dear ISIS,
Please stop being such LOSERS
Dear humans,
Why do we walk on two legs? We're wasting our arm muscles.
Dear mom who says I do nothing,
Please realize that I am doing something: Trying to fight off the wish to die. And you're not helping.