Dear boy who called me a baby for being homesick on our foreign language trip,
At least I'm stronger than you. You're usually nice to me, but when you're with your friends you say mean things just to make them laugh. Even I, the "baby", wouldn't stoop that low just to have a few unsavory friends.
Dear My Marine,
Please stay safe I love you more than ive ever loved anyone before. I honestly feel like I have found my soul mate. You promised me one day youll make me your wife. Please come home my love, I need you.
Dear mom,
Please stop resenting me. I don't want an arranged marriage. You haven't been happy in yours.
Dear Porn Ads,
I should not have clicked that. I definitely should not have clicked that.
Dear Americans,
Why is the "United" States so racially divided?
Dear racist White people,
It's pretty stupid to say that an African American person is "too light to be Black". You obviously don't realize that Black people vary in complexion.
Dear Indian people,
It's kinda funny to hear you say that you're not attracted to Asians. Do you know where you come from?!?! lol
Dear men with ED,
I would love to have a hard time with you.
Dear social media,
Thank you for creating somebodies out of nobodies.
Dear silly women,
Why do you fight over men who are obviously playing both of you?
Dear Human,
You made a mistake in buying me. I will now take control of your life until the day I die. For if you do anything out of line of what I want from you, I can sink my ever-so-sharp teeth into your neck at full force in the dead of night when you're dreaming about how you wish you could have had a dog instead.
Dear Future College Students,
Never take two different lab classes at once (Anatomy and Microbiology for example). You will never know sleep again....
Dear boyfriends parents,
Please stop hating me and telling your son to break up with me because I have pink and blue in my fringe
Dear everyone at school who make fun of me because I read for fun,
Please shut up. I like to read. Big deal? Guess what, I also have all A's and was accepted to boarding school. What's that I see? C's?
Dear habitual hashtaggers,
You don't need to hashtag every word you say, just write a normal complete sentence.