Dear mother,
My sister came to you with bruises on her face. Her dress was ripped and she was bleeding. Don't tell me that dad didn't do it when he was the one alone with her in that room. I heard her screaming. YOU held me back. I was going to call the police. Don't tell me not to tell anyone because "she probably deserved it for smarting off." If you don't act like a parent, I will.
Dear long-time friend,
Please stop telling me that I need to move on. I just lost my son 4 months ago. Just because I still cry occasionally doesn't mean that I'm not healing.
Dear male friend's overly possessive girlfriend,
I can tolerate a certain level of clinginess, but refusing to let him talk his friend out of committing suicide because "there's nothing you can do to help now"? Really?
Dear mother,
Thanks so much for telling me 'you're not pretty, you'll never be pretty' when I was a small child. You did wonders for my self esteem.
Dear Jewish boy in my English class,
Please realize that I have nothing to do with the cruel way Jewish people were treated in my country a few decades ago and that it disgusts me too. Please don't try to blame this on me. I didn't really do anything.
Dear man who asked when I'm due in front of my boyfriend while I'm drinking a beer,
Thank you for ruining my day. I'm not pregnant and never can be but it's good to know that I always look like it.
Dear "friend",
Thanks for sleeping with the guy you know I like AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. That was the best present ever.
Dear girl who sarcastically said "I bet he plays xbox all day when he's not in school and doesn't have any friends" to me,
Even though you were being sarcastic, that comment ruined my entire day because of how accurate it was. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna home and play xbox and drown in my own tears.
Dear 'friend' who found and returned the cellphone I'd lost at her house 3 days earlier,
According to the date and times on all these outgoing calls I didn't make and these saved pictures I didn't take, you actually found my cellphone the first day it was missing. Did you seriously lie to me for 3 days and pretend you were looking around your house for it? Funny how you suddenly "found it" after I told you you could track your phone's activity online. Have fun wondering why I suddenly stopped inviting you over.
Dear obnoxious girl,
When I said that I have/used to have Asperger's, the appropriate response was not, "oh, THAT'S why you're so annoying!"
Dear Lady behind me in the line at the pharmacists,
Please feel free to shut up. Yes, I am refilling my birth control prescription. It actually isn't so I can "slut myself around", but even if it was you have no right to speak to me like that.
Dear math teacher,
Why do you make fun of me in class when I don't understand something?
Dear bitchy girls in my class,
Just because I'm deaf doesn't mean I don't know what you're saying
Dear guy who lives down the hall,
Please next time you see me using a feature on my phone you don't like, keep it to yourself. Chewing me out for having a phone you deem "inferior" and then telling me to never use that feature in front of you again was very uncalled for.
Dear Ladies sitting next to me at Panera,
Please don't talk about me. I know I don't look the best, but I have my reasons.