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Dear boyfriend,
I told you before we started dating that I wouldn't have sex with you before we were married. You agreed. But for the last month you've done nothing but try to convince me to have sex with you, but say you don't want to get married yet. When I remind you of our agreement, you ignore me.
Dear "friends",
I thought you actually wanted to see me when I came to visit the state you're in. But I guess driving 40 minutes to meet up is too much hassle so go ahead and cancel on me the morning of with a lame excuse.
Dear Boyfriend,
I know what you're doing, but I'm not your last girlfriend. Every time I leave my house, you end up meeting me at the location I'm going to. If I say I want a day to myself, you get suspicious. It's come to the point where sleeping in my own bed is more of a treat than sleeping over at your place.
Dear male stalking my girlfriend,
Leave her alone. Leave her friends alone. Leave me alone. You're threatening to brutally hurt/murder us and the people we love and the only reason you can get away with it is because you're saying it on the internet.
Dear Teacher who felt it was right to chastise the girl in the wheelchair,
Please Who said this; "You shouldn't get too close to people with that wheelchair." The person was a teacher and I was a student and continued to chew me out on the elevator the ride up to my teacher's floor. Seriously, lady, find some respect. I was two feet away from you. You were talking with someone, standing IN FRONT of the elevator, and continued to carry on with your business even though I was LATE, AND, you didn't move! So excuse me for getting a little closer in hopes I wouldn't be tardy for middle school.
Dear Pizza Delivery Guy,
Please read the "delivery instructions" when I say dont ring the doorbell it means don't ring the doorbell! we just got the baby to sleep then you had to go and do the opposite of what we said to do
Dear boyfriend,
Please understand that I really do want to tell you that I am Bi but I am just afraid that you will hate me and leave me. Can you also understand that when you make fun of my religion and my sexuality without knowing it, it really hurts.
Dear ex-girlfriend,
Please stop talking badly about me to our friends for not inviting you to parties because I'm not over you. Last time you came, you vomited because I "make you feel sick".
Dear Housemate,
Please stop demanding that we do literally all of the shopping. I pay attention; you haven't put money in for groceries for almost a month.
Dear Mother,
Please stop insulting me and then immediately blaming my self esteem issues on someone else. This is your fault.
Dear Patrons at the pool I work at,
Please Please know that it is not acceptable to tell me what is unacceptable about my body. A bikini body is just simply a bikini on a body, not some outrageously, unattainable goal.
Dear Male Co-worker,
Please stop! Stop asking me to go for walks and go to lunch!!! I'm so tired of making excuses and telling you "no thank you"!! I'm married, You are married and it makes me uncomfortable every time!! I don't mind being friendly but you are annoying! Take an f'ing hint already!
Dear fellow friend with depression,
I am more than happy to listen to you and be a shoulder to lean on, but please do not try to belittle my suffering and tell me how much better I have it than you do. I was more than happy to be supportive, but don't make it into a misery competition, because I'll win. We both know what the other deals with, and you know I deal with a lot more undeserved shit, so I don't appropriate you turning my help into a chance to belittle me.
Dear parents,
Please stop saying I only talk about negative things and the things I hate. Putting aside the fact that I have depression and it makes being cheery difficult, the only times you engage in conversation with me is when it's something negative. That's all you try to relate to. I listen and engage when you talk about you're interests, but if I try to talk about what I enjoy you don't even try to listen.
Dear people who don't like feminism,
Like it or not, finding out I'm a feminist is not an opportunity for you to call me a "feminazi". My great grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust after their home was burned down. I am a proud, 3rd generation Jewish American feminist and comparing me to the group that murdered my family and millions of others is completely unacceptable. You say feminists are crazy and turn around and compare us to fucking Nazis... check yourself