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Dear "best friend",
Please stop telling me to use short dresses or skirts and go out to the club with you. You know I can't because my scars will show. I told you because I trusted you and I thought you'd understand.
Dear world,
Please stop making lesbians and gays feel like they have to have committed, perfect relationships to show liking the same sex isn't "bad". Because of this pressure, my fiancee can hit me and know I'm unlikely to tell.
Dear mean girls,
I lost my sister because of your countless teasing sessions. I watched her arms go from smooth, to being cut. I found bruises when she was asleep. I know pain. Forgive me if I think I'm better than you.
Dear society,
Learn what racism actually is. My younger sister was raped by a man who happened to be black. She gave a description of her rapist to the police in the hope he'll be caught before he attacks another woman, and suddenly people accused her of being racist. Racism is "discrimination against someone based on their race".
Dear driving school,
Please don't blow me off after we've scheduled a lesson
Dear atheist co-worker,
I don't remember insulting you and telling you to change your beliefs, all I remember is wearing a small cross around my neck. I'm not in your face, so don't be in mine.
Dear rude woman,
I get that I have a pretty harsh accent, but you cussing me out in public for "faking a Nazi accent" doesn't really motivate me to improve it... It's my first day, you idiot!
Dear "best friend",
It's not being "clingy" when I get upset you ditch me and ignore me for a week.
Dear Old Woman at the Mall,
Please stop yelling at me for having a baby so young, It is a robot baby that I was assigned to for a school project. I didn't ruin my life, my teacher ruined my weekend.
Dear homophobic mother,
Let me get this straight...I am not allowed to see my girlfriend period, let alone bring her to the house, but your other daughter can bring a new guy every week to her room where both you and I have found condom wrappers and alcohol?
Dear World,
Please realize, I am not trying to lose weight for my health. I'm losing it to be considered a person; I'm sick of being a land-whale or a cow. I hate people thinking I don't deserve to be treated like a human because I'm fat. It's not about myself anymore, it's about being able to live a life without ridicule.
Dear female friends,
Please stop saying that one day you'll get me to wear a dress, even if you have to force me to wear it. I haven't worn a skirt or dress since I was six.
Dear annoying girl in my class,
Please shut up. I don't care that you think that I 'could have killed you'. I accidentally threw a baseball near your ankle. It really wasn't necessary to threaten to throw a shotput at my head.
Dear ex-aunt,
You've been cheating on my uncle for most of your youngest daughter's life, you took the house (which you trashed,) and the dog (who you are basically starving,) and you still think you're going to get custody of the kids?
Dear Customer,
Yes I am judging you when you buy $20 worth of Redbulls with your food stamps, then alcohol and cigarettes with cash!