Dear girl who pulled my wig off at the Halloween party,
I'm a thirteen year old, depressed, cutting, self hating girl. Thank you for yelling "she's bald!" and having everyone laugh at me.
Dear family,
It wasn't rape (I got away before it got that far), but he still took advantage of me and hurt me. I'm traumatized by it and still trying to move past it. Please stop acting like my emotions aren't justified because it wasn't "that bad. "
Dear boyfriend,
How can I not take it personally if every time we start doing something sexual you stop me and start masturbating?
Dear neighbor downstairs,
Thank you for stealing my mail. My best friend sent me something for Christmas and it's now been two weeks. I asked our mail carrier and he saw you take it. I asked my friend what he sent, he said I sent you some money since anything you like isn't around where I am.
Dear Husband,
Please stop trying to sneak into bed stealthily and rub me or rub up against me to try to initiate sex. It is one of the ways that my father would use for years. Almost always I am awake but pretend to sleep and freeze. It is a coping mechanism that I learned early. You complain that I reject you and tense up when you touch me, but it is a automatic reflex. I know that I am almost 40, part of who I am is that abused and molested little girl. It doesn't mean that I don't love you, I just don't love sex.
Dear mom and grandma,
It kills me every time you tell me I need to lose weight. I am healthy. And happy.
Dear ex-boyfriend whose now dating my younger sister,
If I find one hair out of place on her head, I will mess you up.
Dear asshole with the blood van at my school. ,
If I could donate, I would. Don't bully me because I say no. I wish I could.
Dear guy friends,
Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm attracted to you
Dear parents who claim they love me,
I just want you to know I don't think you love me. If you did, you wouldn't want to change almost everything about me. You don't seem to understand what a blessing you have with me. I could be a drug addict, I could have lost my virginity at 13, I could be going out and getting drunk with my friends each weekend. Instead I spend my time hanging out with friends who aren't destructive and going online, working my ass off to get grades you think are worthy enough and doing exercise when I feel I can. I'm sorry if you have a problem with me needing a day of rest every once in a while, but I only need it because you push me too hard. Stop blaming me for not being good enough for you. I'm not the problem here. And I'm done with trying to please you.
Dear Binge Drinking Mother,
Please stop making anti-Semitic comments about my Jewish boyfriend.
Dear hair dresser who just cut my hair,
Please note that when you show me a ruler and I point to two inches and say "Two inches, please." I mean TWO inches.
Dear university president,
There are 30k+ students at this school. You have parking lots strewn about, but yet there's not enough for all on-campus residents. Why is that? Oh yeah, because you decided to make half of those for "Athletics Only."
Dear suspicious sales clerk,
I'm 13, it's fairly safe to assume the 18-month-old on my hip is not my daughter... especially considering my mom just told you we're sisters. So you can stop with the disapproving looks.
Dear person who said I shouldn't be at the gym,
Just because I'm thin doesn't mean I have no reason to be there.