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Dear girlfriend who just left me for not being a gold star lesbian,
I was 11. He was 30. He didn't really give me an option.
Dear boy in my class,
My sister was raped less than a week ago. She's been in hospital since then, she's terrified of any strange man, and she has nightmares every night. And you dared to come up to me and say it was her fault she was raped because she wore a short skirt?!
Dear guy who ruined my life,
Please know that now every time I look at myself, I want to cry because I hate it. I get flashbacks and think about what happened all the time. You made me believe you, and the worst part is, you made everyone else believe it was my fault
Dear High School PE Teacher,
I forgive you but it will never make it acceptable for what you let slide under the rug. You HAD to break me out of a gym locker because girls in my class put me there. But you never had to say, "There's nothing we can do about it because there was no video evidence." Me being pad locked in a tiny locker should have been enough evidence. Not to mention the amount of blood and bruising that was left on my naked body after being raped by the girls who put me in there.
Dear fiance,
Please help me. I have a busted ankle and can't walk yet you still want me to make supper. I have to "remind" you to make something for me too when you make something. And I really appreciate having to get my own ice packs and water and figure out how to carry them with crutches.
Dear teacher that assaulted me eight years ago,
Please get out of my head and stop causing me nightmares and stop making my hands shake and stop, just stop
Dear Dad,
Please stop getting mad at me for not being able to watch a show about sex crimes anymore.
Dear my brother's (now ex-)wife,
Angry? Why would I be angry? You only accused me of taking advantage of you when you were drunk because my brother realised your youngest child was conceived while he was in hospital for a major operation. You only got me arrested for rape, made my wife divorce me, lost me my job, and ruined my life until someone thought to DNA test your baby. Why should any of that make me angry? But I bet you didn't know I'm an ex-computer hacker.
Dear "friend" who assaulted me on my birthday last year,
You've turned what should be a wonderful day for me into something I've been dreading all year. Instead of waking up happy, I woke terrifed after a nightmare replaying the attack over and over again.
Dear police,
I caught my neighbour's sons in the act of spray-painting "WHORE" onto my car, and instead of investigating them for vandalism you warned me for racism (because they're Pakistani) and Islamophobia (because they're Muslim)?
Dear 'Husband',
Please realize that when I said 'I do', I didn't mean that I will be washing your underwear, doing all the housework for you and letting you abuse me, asking me to leave if I don't follow your orders. I didn't say I would be fulfilling your every sexual need anytime you want it and will be ok with you going to other women if you're not satisfied. So, I'm leaving. You can go hire a maid to do that for you. Too bad you don't like spending money from your pocket.
Dear Pastor,
Please do not EVER make a racist dick joke to me again. I'm a 28-year-old married woman who teaches Sunday school and sings on the worship team. I am not your wife. (Who is a nice lady, by the way!)
Dear future mother-in-law,
Please remember that you got pregnant at age 18 out of wedlock before you publicly shame my fiance and I for wanting to live together.
Dear woman parked next to me in the supermarket car park,
You stopped me as I was getting into my car and said that I was destroying the environment because I had five children. Number one, I have only two children; the other three are my sister's children. Number two, it's none of your business how many children I have or don't have. Number three, you accuse me of destroying the environment, but don't think I didn't notice the plastic bags you were holding as you got into your jeep.
Dear former friend,
When I told you I was bisexual and had a girlfriend, the last thing I expected you to have a problem with was the fact that she's Israeli. You were the only Arab student in a predominantly white highschool, and victim to enough racial slurs back then that I would have expected you to sympathize.