Dear Mom,
I have been saving for college since I was 12. You told me that you would not pay for me. So I kept all my birthday money. I skipped lunch. I worked as a nanny every summer until I graduated. Then you turn around and spend my $40,000 to buy my sister a car.
Dear Guy at My Lunch Table,
I have my own opinions, too. Did you really have to mention I should kill myself?
Dear Dad,
Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I eat everything in sight and you have to "put a lock on the fridge".
Dear "best friend",
Thanks for making fun of the beads on my prayer bracelet...
Dear parents,
Please quit telling me I wear too much makeup when I have none on and realize there's something wrong with me instead of calling me a whore.
Dear Homophobic step-brother,
Please, explain why you think it's okay to avoid your biological brother because he's gay and it makes you uncomfortable. And yet you leer at my chest and make lewd comments about me.
Dear boy who stood up for me when I was getting bullied in 5th grade,
Bro, what happened?
Dear Guy who stole my cell phone,
I was having a perfectly wonderful day at the amusement park and then you take my phone and my whole day is turned upside down. The phone is a thing, but I feel violated and I can't afford for my phone to be missing and my parents can't handle the stress of another bill.
Dear parents,
if i throw up or have a sore throat i can stay home from school but if im so depressed i can hardly breathe, eat or sleep i have to go or get grounded? mental illnesses are real and a lot of the times they are worse than physical illnesses because unlike physical illnesses, mental illnesses take a lot longer to get over.
Dear brother,
Please stop asking me and our sister to let your fiancée dig through the jewelry our mother left her daughters and take what she likes. We're happy to give her a piece or two, but she's not entitled to half of everything. It's just pretty jewelry to her, but to us it's pieces and memories of Mom.
Dear male friend,
Just because you like me does not mean I have to like you back. I am sorry you are hurt, but calling me a slut and a tease is going too far. You have been telling everyone I led you on. I wasn’t aware I couldn’t be friends with someone of the opposite sex. Thanks for enlightening me to your true nature.
Dear guy who just said his girlfriend looks like s**t without make up,
I am going to hurt you
Dear Co-worker,
Please stop calling my house at three. I know it's your number. I know you're offended my husband doesn't want to sleep with you but let's be serious here. We've been together for six years. We have two children. You are 42. You should know how to act mature by this point.
Dear English teacher,
I hope you get fired after all the complaints are sent in.
Dear new person at church,
If you want to hold my son, you will approach where he can see you and hold your hands out and let him CHOOSE whether he wants to go to you. You will not come up behind him and snatch him from my arms without him even knowing you're there. I know you think he is cute (and I agree!) but to him you are a stranger, and I myself have only met you a few times. Back off.