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Dear mother,
Just because I was a tomboy as a child doesn't mean I'm transgender. So for the love of God stop introducing me as your "transgender child"! Stop making me pretend to be something I'm not so you can show how "tolerant" and "non-judgmental" you are.
Dear best friend of 14 years,
I hope it was worth it to screw my boyfriend of 3 years. I know we shared a lot growing up, but I was pretty sure you knew this one was off limits. So tell me, How were my leftovers?
Dear mother,
Stop telling me to have sex. I don't have or want a boyfriend and I don't want to have sex. Telling me no boy will date me if I'm a virgin was uncalled for. So was calling me a freak when I pointed out the only biological purpose of sex is to have children, and I don't want children at the moment.
Dear boyfriend,
You asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said "just come spend time with me." Why am I not surprised that you texted asking to reschedule because of another of your friend's random parties?
Dear Peeping Tom,
Please know I won't forget. And I'll be ready and waiting for the next time you're sneaking to my back windows. Now that i've scared you away, you'll probably not come around for a few weeks, or months or maybe not even til next year, but you'll come back when you think I've forgotten. You have no idea how long I'll remember you hand holding a camera to the corner of my bathroom window. I won't forget and I will be waiting to ruin your pathetic selfish little life.
Dear ex best friend,
Please understand that I am not trying to ignore you , but you abandoning me after I was raped really hurt and caused a lot of problems for me. I'm just trying to do what's best for me. I'm sorry.
Dear Political activist canvasing my neighborhood,
Please understand that while I care about the issues facing our community and would like to make my voice heard, walking into my home unanounced even though the door was unlocked is inapropriate. Proceeding to take offence after I ask you politely to leave is even more unacceptable, especially considering... that I have raging Diarrhea right now.
Dear person accusing me behind my back,
Please note that carefully restraining my son during a temper tantrum is NOT abuse. If I'm not much mistaken, it is rather more frowned upon to allow a child to hurt himself or others! You are only here a few hours per month. You have not seen him bash his head into the wall when angry, or try to bite himself or me, or kick me in the 8-months-pregnant belly. Don't shoot your mouth off without facts.
Dear Parents,
Please stop putting so much pressure on me and comparing me to everyone else. You make me hate this home and this family. Every time I come home there is more and more yelling. The one time I tell you both that I am feeling like shit and am honest to God trying as hard as I possibly can... telling me that "you're just not doing it right" is not going to make me feel any better. I have cut myself and at this point will not hesitate jumping in front of a car when I see it coming. I contemplate whether or not this makes me mentally insane or simply tired of your bullshit. I know it sounds harsh, but I can't pretend like I love you if the only thing I hear all the time is, "why can't you be better?"
Dear ex-boyfriend,
We agreed before we started dating that we wouldn't have sex and wouldn't have an open relationship. And now I find that you've been sleeping with my sister and at least one other girl since less than a week after we started dating? And you think I should be okay with this?
Dear My Best Friend,
Please understand that I am not sadden because you are dating my ex-girlfriend, it's quite the opposite. I am extremely happy for you both. I am sad, because you both decided to lie to me about it, even when I asked you directly.
Dear employer,
Please know that if you do someone's pay almost in half, you should definitely inform them.
Dear Family,
Please don't talk about me and my problems in the car as if I am not there when I am.
Dear world,
Please don't tell me something's wrong with me, or worse, deny that my feelings exist. Please don't tell me I'll be alone forever if I don't change or 'stop trying to be unique'. I'm starting to believe you, and it's lonely.
Dear mom who says I do nothing,
Please realize that I am doing something: Trying to fight off the wish to die. And you're not helping.