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Dear Boy who walked in to the girls bathroom,
Please give yourself a round of applause for accusing me of slapping you and getting me suspended for 5 days.
Dear "friend",
When I opened up to you about my cutting, you told me "that's no way to deal with your problems", then didn't speak to me ever again. I'm sorry for ever believing I could trust you.
Dear aunt,
You didn't have to laugh at me when I put on that dress. I actually felt GOOD for once, and now I'm back to being insecure.
Dear extremely religious family,
Please stop giving me books that teach about the evils of homosexuality, telling me that your love me more than I can imagine but you simply hate my "sin", and please stop telling me "inspirational" stories about people in the LGBT+ community who turned straight. I know you have good intentions in mind but it's not helping.
Dear Medical Terminology Prof,
Please refrain from staring down the only girl in your classroom when discussing male reproduction and masturbation in addition to a multitude of crass jokes in order to "make the pretty girl smile". It doesn't work like that.
Dear overweight mother,
Please stop accusing me of being anorexic and then telling me it's in my genetics to get fat someday everytime you see me eating.
Dear mentally and physically challenged neighbor,
No, your handicap isn't an excuse for you playing loud music at 7 AM, that you always check out my bum, peek trough my window and park your scooter in a way it blocks 4 bicycle stands.
Dear Orthodontist,
Please stop commenting on my 'small mouth' and how that might be inconvenient for me later on. Especially when you then feel the need to talk me through gagging around the trays.
Dear Best Guy Friend/Crush,
Please understand that when you have me straddle you in a hot tub in my bikini, I am going to assume you're interested.
Dear Harry,
Please tell me you found that ressurection stone. I just want to say goodbye one last time
Dear friends,
if you are going to organise a group event and leave me out of it, please don't post photos up off how much fun you had without me
Dear Dad,
You decided to not be involved in my life for twenty years, but now want to be apart of it once you realized my major can lead to a prestigious and well-paying career?
Dear friends of another race than me,
Please stop with the offensive jokes. Just because I don't say anything doesn't make it right.
Dear transgender cashier,
First off, you present as a woman. You have a feminine face, long hair, a feminine body, etc. Nothing about your appearance as it is now is masculine. That said, if you had simply corrected me by telling me that "actually, I'm a man" or "I identify as male", I would have corrected myself and we could have gone on our separate ways. Instead, you decided to rant about me misgendering you and tried to deny me service. I'm sorry you had a bad day or whatever, but I do not regret getting your manager involved.
Dear customers,
Please stop leaving ice cream containers on the racks by the tills. Ice cream melts. It gets all over the chocolate bars and ruins hundreds of dollars worth of product. If you don't want it, give it to the cashier at the till so they can do a perishable return since you're going through the till anyway.