Dear everyone,
I just need to get this off my chest. I am a man who was raped by a woman who is not going to prison because she’s female and I’m male; therefore, I must have enjoyed it. My rape is either completely ignored or, when it is acknowledged, made fun of. I am called a “fag” because men are supposed to always want sex, according to society and feminists. “Only men are rapists and only women are victims.” Why are you still allowing that lie to be perpetuated? Even now, I hide my identity out of fear of being mocked, ridiculed, and attacked by both men and women.
Dear loving parents,
Thank you for not getting me the $15 birthday present I asked for and then buying yourself a $60,000 car two days later.
Dear bitchy girls on the bus making fun of the mentally disabled boy,
Please shut up. He's mentally disabled, not deaf. There's a reason he stopped merrily rocking back and forth and now just sitting still looking at his shoes.
Dear Father Who Stiffed Me Last Night,
I watched your kids 3 from 5pm to 3am last night so you could go to that wedding. We discussed my rate per hour. You really though you could bully me into not charging you? And you thought when I wouldn't leave without my pay it would be a good idea to slap me in the hotel lobby?
Dear girl that makes fun of my friend,
He has feelings too. You barely know him and he's actually really cool, but you'll never know that because you're too busy judging him and making fun of him. He's even contemplated suicide because of people like you.
Dear ASPCA commercials,
Please stop pretending to be a victim when you killed an innocent dog named Oreo. A shelter was going to save him that afternoon, and you knew it, and you killed the dog anyway. Readers, google "Oreo's Law".
Dear parents of the triplets I'm babysitting for,
Please come home. It is 1:00 AM on a Thursday morning and I have to be up for school in six hours.
Dear neighbors,
Please stop letting your friends park their cars on our front lawn. I get that our doors are right next to each other but the street is literally five feet from my door. Walking the extra five feet won't hurt. My yard already looks like crap without your friends' tire tracks all over it.
Dear Parents,
Please love me
Dear classmates,
Please stop calling me stupid, I am trying. I really want to be smart too.
Dear frat house across from the practice field,
Please do not blast a metronome with a different tempo from what we're playing to screw us up. It was funny the first 5 minutes, not the whole hour and a half long rehearsal.
Dear Boyfriend,
Please Stop playing video games for a day and help me raise our kid. I love you, but I'm getting fed up.
Dear People who's opinions I didn't ask for,
If you think 'paying to go running in a gym is stupid because you could do that outside' then kindly butt out. Last time I ran outside a man tackled me into the bushes and shoved his hand down my shorts.
Dear restaurant patron,
Not liking something is not the same thing as being "deathly allergic" to it. We can easily make you a dish without a given ingredient, don't try and start a panic just because you don't like the taste of your chicken peanut curry.
Dear boy I like,
Please stop messing with my feelings. I know you don't like me that way, so please stop kissing me and acting sweet and lovey-dovey one minute, and ignoring my existence the next.