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Dear boss,
I appreciate that you run your business on your own, and how much responsibility that is. But please, for the love of God, pay us on time. We depend on those paychecks to live, and we suffer when they're late.
Dear family I barely know,
Please know that just because we're family it doesn't mean you can pick up my son whenever you feel like it. Strangers scare him, telling him you're his uncle/cousin/aunt isn't going to calm him down. Also, I just met you guys, stop assuming because I'm nineteen with a toddler I don't know what's best for him. Right now, you're strangers to us both, keep it up and you'll stay that way.
Dear black customer,
Did you seriously call me a racist bitch when I asked you for proof of age when you were buying cigarettes?
Dear person accusing me behind my back,
Please note that carefully restraining my son during a temper tantrum is NOT abuse. If I'm not much mistaken, it is rather more frowned upon to allow a child to hurt himself or others! You are only here a few hours per month. You have not seen him bash his head into the wall when angry, or try to bite himself or me, or kick me in the 8-months-pregnant belly. Don't shoot your mouth off without facts.
Dear man who catcalled me,
Please never do that again. I just had a panic attack for an hour straight thinking that you would come find me and attack me. It's not flattering to be called after.
Dear friend,
I started going to the gym with you because it was fun and we motivated each other. But on a day I wasn't able to make it you tried to "motivate" me by saying how fat I was going to get. That's not motivation, that's bullying.
Dear jerks at school,
She shouldn't have had to transfer schools because of how much you tormented her for getting pregnant. She's amazing and can't you see how much she's going through? Why make her go through it alone?
Dear world,
Please don't tell me something's wrong with me, or worse, deny that my feelings exist. Please don't tell me I'll be alone forever if I don't change or 'stop trying to be unique'. I'm starting to believe you, and it's lonely.
Dear "You don't look handicapped",
Please stop judging me for using the elevator for handicapped people only, the handicapped stall, parking in handicapped parking, and using other services for handicapped people. Just because I don't look disabled doesn't mean I'm not, nor that I'm not in pain even on a good day.
Dear Mom,
My grandmother was born in 1928, yet managed to accept me when I came out. You've lived in a more modern world, what does it say about you if she's okay with it and you're not?
Dear Friends and Family,
Through my ENTIRE life, all the way up to college you told me to get an Art and Writing degree. You were insistent "It will be such a waste if you don't go into art!". Now I have the degree and all you can say is "What will you do with that?""Oh, you can't make a career out of a hobby.". You won't even visit my website. Please, withhold your scrutinizing comments. You talked me into this.
Dear Menopausal coworkers,
I understand that that you're hot and, I do my best to sympathize. That doesn't change the fact that you don't need to make fun of me for being cold.
Dear mom,
Please don't make me do all the chores in the house, I already sweep, mop, wash the dishes, and walk all three of our dogs twice a day. You have two other daughters who do literally nothing all day.
Dear roommate,
Please stop this obsession with my partner, especially since you clearly don't know him very well. But it was funny to see how proud you were to 'heroically' tell him you know I hooked up with a girl, and then see it crash when he shrugged carelessly.
Dear parents,
I won't have an abortion no matter how much you try to force me into it. My baby didn't ask to be conceived through rape, and it's not fair to punish it for its father's crime. I know you don't think I can raise a child, but you know that I've read every parenting book I can get my hands on, so you should accept that I know *something* of what's ahead.