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Dear girlfriend's parents,
Please stop acting this way. She's doing nothing wrong, getting good grades, and working as hard as any other responsible college student. Cutting her off financially, kicking her out of the house, and threatening to stop paying for her college just because she's dating me is one of the most petty things I've heard of. Is it because I'm a senior or is your daughter right in her suspicions that it's really just because I'm white.
Dear Professor who said my editing was "not fitting my intelligence" and "amazingly lazy",
Please remember academic accommodations told you I'm SEVERELY dyslexic and that intelligence and being able to spot when auto-correct chose the wrong homophone are two different things.
Dear Vegan,
Please stop feeding your cat vegan cat food. It's a carnivore, and you're slowly killing it.
Dear gay classmates,
Yes, I'm to~otally asking you to stop making out because I'm an 'evil' Christian who hates all gays, and it is not at all because you've been making out directly in front of my locker every day for the last week, preventing me from getting my books for class and staring at me tauntingly when I try to get passed you.
Dear mom,
Please don't ever treat my sister how you treated me. Don't call her a brat or anything like you called me. Don't lie to her and don't make all of her emotions about you. Don't hurt her.
Dear Dad,
Please let us move on. We're not toys, we're your daughters and deserve love and respect, you don't get to be sad because you chose your younger wife and her young kids over your grown kids you already put through hell and back for 20+ years
Dear Professor,
Please stop treating people with my color skin with disrespectful. Neither I nor the other students who look like me have ever disrespected you, yet you treat us with disdain. We know you're a racist.
Dear Physics Professor,
Just because I talked back to you because you were wrong doesn't mean you have to fail me.
Dear friend's parents,
Please stop using me as a comparison for your own daughters. You make me feel ashamed of my hard work and success. You children are so talented and smart, but feel like they will never meet your standards, and then resent me for meeting them. I can't draw or sing or socialize like my friends. I'm not as dedicated as them - I was just luck to get a good brain.
Dear Roommate,
Please stop the negativity. I know you talk about me behind your back. I know you only moved in with me so you could live with your boyfriend without your parents knowing. I know you quit your job to spend more time with your boyfriend because you're not paying your bills anymore. I know you send pictures of me to your friends to make fun of me. I know now what I wish I would have known a year ago; the real you.
Dear judgemental people glaring at me in the pharmacy line,
Yes, I am on contraceptives. No, I am not a whore; I am still a virgin. These pills help control my severe PMDD.
Dear Housemate,
Please stop demanding that we do literally all of the shopping. I pay attention; you haven't put money in for groceries for almost a month.
Dear boyfriend,
Please understand that I really do want to tell you that I am Bi but I am just afraid that you will hate me and leave me. Can you also understand that when you make fun of my religion and my sexuality without knowing it, it really hurts.
Dear doctor,
You've told me repeatedly that my baby will have disabilities and advised me to have an abortion. Do you realize that what you're recommending is essentially eugenics?
Dear Autism,
Thank you for filling me with deep, powerful emotions that I cannot convey in a way meaningful to others. The pain is unbearable and crushing, but thankfully no one will ever see it on my blank, robotic face. Thank you for making me appear normal enough that no one would consider that I'm not being arrogant, rude, selfish, or condescending - I actually don't understand your facial expressions and DO have to ask you what you mean by that, and, yes, I actually DID take that literally becuase I take everything literally. When you say cruel things to me out of frustration or anger I instinctively believe them.