Dear new person at church,
If you want to hold my son, you will approach where he can see you and hold your hands out and let him CHOOSE whether he wants to go to you. You will not come up behind him and snatch him from my arms without him even knowing you're there. I know you think he is cute (and I agree!) but to him you are a stranger, and I myself have only met you a few times. Back off.
Dear English teacher,
I hope you get fired after all the complaints are sent in.
Dear Mother-in-law,
Please stop inviting others into the hospital room.. He it not YOUR baby to show off, I love your family, but hate crowds anyway, and you know it.
Dear Ladies sitting next to me at Panera,
Please don't talk about me. I know I don't look the best, but I have my reasons.
Dear Mom,
Please don't tell me I'm getting a belly. I already know that, and it kills me.
Dear guy who lives down the hall,
Please next time you see me using a feature on my phone you don't like, keep it to yourself. Chewing me out for having a phone you deem "inferior" and then telling me to never use that feature in front of you again was very uncalled for.
Dear teacher who yelled at me and my guy friend for hugging when we saw each other in class,
He talked about killing himself yesterday. I'm just glad to see him alive.
Dear girl with her chat status set to "And I will give the world to you",
Let me get this straight: I've known you for five years, we've been the best of friends and bought each other birthday and Christmas presents. You flirted with me (don't deny it). I finally ask you out and write you a poem (which I poured my heart into) and you turn me down, tell me we weren't really great friends anyway, and then refuse to even meet up to talk... And now you've known this other guy for like 2 weeks and THAT is your chat status?
Dear Mom,
There is a reason I don't bring my brother with me when I hang out with my friends. If you would listen you might understand that he is violent, racist, and punched my boyfriend. I am sick and tired of being told to suck it up, when you won't even listen. Yeah, a website won't fix this problem, but maybe if you saw this you would shut up and actually listen to me for once.
Dear mother,
Please don't compare gay people to pedophiles. Homosexuality has been proven to be present in a person's DNA, while most pedophiles had actions done to them during childhood that caused them to be that way. Also, you are not harming anyone by being gay, while pedophiles hurt many people. They are not the same, and homosexuality should not be something to get angry about.
Dear boy,
Please don't pressure girls into sending you pictures.
Dear High School Administration,
You let the drama club produce a fall play in which a straight couple had sex behind a couch, but RENT is out of the question? Even though the version of RENT was a version meant to be performed in high schools.
Dear customer,
If you dont' want tomatoes on your burger, just ask us not to put them on. If you tell us you are allergic to tomatoes, then yes, we are going to remove both the tomatoes and the ketchup, because, guess what, ketchup is made from tomatoes.
Dear Physics Teacher,
Please don't yell at me in front of the whole class when I ask you a question. You may have helped a kid across the room with the same problem, but that doesn't constitute as teaching it to the whole class.
Dear 21 year old costumer,
Sir, my boobs do not tell you tonight's specials, please stop looking at them.