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Dear Mom,
Please try being in my corner for once rather than just assuming that judgemental assholes who don't even know me are right and I'm a bad person.
Dear intern,
so, this is your first year working part-time at my job, you don't do very well and your school wants to kick you out because you can't meet their expectations. Yet you expect me to follow your rules. The ones we clearly disagree on and are in no way logical. You can't even say "please" and "thank you" in a job where you're supposed to educate children, just because you don't like me and my opinions.
Dear friends of my boyfriend,
Please start talking to him again. It's not his fault your crush liked him instead of you. I hate seeing him miss you and you putting him down over and over.
Dear Ex-Best Friend,
Please talk to me again. If you knew I was in love with you and it didn't bother you before, why does it bother you so much now that I confessed? More importantly, after all the times you told me we'd be friends forever, could you just decide that I wasn't worth your time?
Dear Summer School Students,
Please realize this is my summer too... and I'm choosing to be here with you. So the least you could do is not tell me to fuck off.
Dear mom and dad,
I'm right here. Please get to know me before im gone. I know everything about you, why dont you want to get to know me?
Dear Sister,
Please realize that your boyfriend is not going to change. You've given him multiple chances, but he continues to treat you like shit. You have a five-year-old son who is starting to think it's okay to treat girls the way your boyfriend treats you.
Dear Karate Instructor,
Please do not interrupt me to say the same things I was about to the students
Dear Boy Who Kissed Me On The Last Day of School,
Please actually talk to me, I don't know what happened but at least give us a chance instead of just leaving our relationship as one sloppy kiss in front of all your friends.
Dear Now Ex-Boyfriend,
Please understand that I actually had faith in us, and 24 hours is not long enough to get over a two year relationship.
Dear School Teachers,
You expect me to do four hours of homework every night then act surprised when I break down.
Dear college which I attend at great financial cost,
if you require a course to graduate, either also require the prerequisite courses upfront so I know I need to take them or don't require prerecs.
Dear people who think LGBT people are always tolerant,
Sadly, they aren't. When I was a teenager I questioned my sexuality and thought I was a lesbian before realising I wasn't. Since then, I've met some LGBT people who think I'm a lesbian but pretending to be straight, and they won't listen when I try to tell them I'm not, and some of the most misogynistic people I've ever met are gay men. But most of the straight people I've met think that every LGBT person ever is perfect and tolerant of everyone, and saying otherwise is "homophobic".
Dear Mum,
Please leave me be with my oversized shirts and skinny jeans and lack of makeup or motivation. And while you're at it, stop picking on me so much for not being a 'normal' girl.
Dear Mum,
I know I have mild acne, I know I can be lazy and procrastinate but please stop yelling at me for it. It's already hard enough for me to be figuring out who I am and how I fit in, let alone you pointing out all my insecurities and flaws.