Dear People,
Please know that I have a "type." Everyone is allowed a "type." You don't have to date me if I'm not your "type." Just don't be rude about it.
Dear systematic white supremacy,
Please stop acting like you have given this world such greatness. stop acting as if this country wouldn't exist if you hadn't stole land and enslaved humans to build it. stop acting as if you weren't shown how to get here from those who had been coming here years before you knew of anything outside the caves you lived in. stop acting as if you didn't take advantage of the love and education the Ethiopians gave you to take over the world. please stop acting as if your not living off of the mistreatment of the native Americans. stop acting as if steal all that you saw to get the advantage that your still surviving on today. stop acting like everyone has the same opportunities as you have when you do allow those same opportunities to those you've put in poverty. stop acting like welfare and taxes wasn't designed to help your ethnicity group. stop acting like you hate people living off the system when it is y'all who live off the system. it is the only way for you all to live. stop acting as if you hate black peo
Dear Black People,
Please stop using Facebook, as they allow white racists to post death pictures of our black children that were murdered by white race soldiers, never closing their accounts or doing anything about it.
Dear classmates,
Please forgive me for being a Feminist Killjoy. I was under the impression that a class focusing on sexism, racism, and homophobia would draw people who care about those things.
Dear people who use mental diseases as adjectives,
Please stop doing it. If you haven't been officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist, then you're NOT suffering from OCD; you're NOT suffering from ADHD; you're NOT bipolar and you're NOT schizophrenic!
Dear Pro-Lifers,
If my Mother hadn't had an abortion when she was a teenager she would have had a whole other family, lived hundreds of miles from my Dad, and I would never have been born.
Dear Fellow Students,
Yes, in fact Texas IS in the United States.
Dear Dad,
Just because I am not currently working on something of semi-importance doesn't mean I have no drive or will. It just means I am too busy with far other important things to deal with this right now.
Dear America,
Please recognize that we have one of two obligations as a major military power and one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Either we put our big boy pants on pull out our big guns and blast Bashir Assad to smoking bits or we start accepting the brunt of the Syrian refugee crysis.
Dear jock who thinks he's smarter than me,
I work as an academic tutor for the athletics department. Trust me, I know better.
Dear customers,
Please stop telling me how to do my job.
Dear School Board,
You would think in a building full of educated people, you would know the differance between toilet paper and tissue paper.
Dear America,
Why do you colour your cheese dark yellow/orange when it is naturally white/pale yellow?
Dear world,
Bikini wearing is about attitude, not body.
Dear High School "Friends",
Please know that my university friends are amazing, caring, loyal. You aren't missed.