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Dear sex drive,
Please appear. At 28 I should be able to know the joys of sex. Instead I know the joys of letting my boyfriends down since you won't appear. I need you to come forward. You are costing me a lot.
Dear NRA and other gun supporters,
Please stop using Venezuela as an example of what happens when you regulate firearms. The country has corrupt police run by corrupt politicians, crippling poverty from a broken economy with massive inflation, and is a haven for criminal organisations like drug cartels. It is in no way comparable to the US. Regulation also does not mean an outright ban.
Dear Impatient Customer,
Please stop getting upset when I ask you multiple questions at the register, including if you want to add on anything or for your phone and email to receive coupons. Corporate says we have to ask. I have no say in the matter.
Dear ex-friend leading on my best friend,
Please stop leading him on. You don't own him and you never will. And you know that you will break his heart again.
Dear 12 year old,
Please stop using words such as "Cringe" "Savage" "Cancer" "Toxic" and 'literally' in the wrong form.
Dear companies,
Please stop offering "buy 1, get 1 free" or "buy 2 for the price of $__". Not all of us have partners, and not everybody takes out one friend for coffee or dinner just because they have a coupon. You realise that some of us are poor and single, and so a "receive _% off your purchase price" makes far more sense.
Dear abusive ex-childhood friend,
Please stop appearing in my nightmares every night. We haven't spoken in almost 6years and I'm really tired of seeing your face and the faces of your family whenever I go to bed. Seriously, leave me the fuck alone.
Dear people who don't understand what feminism means,
Please understand that we don't hate men!! We just want equal rights (ie. equal pay, etc). We are also not all the same, so please don't generalize and make stereotypes about us. We just want what is right.
Dear DBPB community,
Please give me advice. I met this guy at work orientation. He s new to the city and wanted me to show him around. He was kinda creepy. I being the idiot that I am, gave him my phone number.I think normally this wouldn't be a problem but am I sixteen (I look much older) he seemed to be about 25 and I really don't want to meet with him. How can I politely tell him no and that I don't ever want to talk to him again? Or should I just ignore him? That being said, I don't work with him or even in the same part of town and it's unlikely that well ever see each other again.
Dear Ex-Girlfriend,
Please look at me. Your dating one of my best friends and I am okay with that. We are bound to meet in social gatherings, so please help me fix this weird gap. Because I don't want his awkwardness to hurt your current relationship that would simply hurt me even more.
Dear Mom,
Please I know you know I’m lesbian and you know who I like, but please stop looking at me with suspicion whenever I suggest we have a sleepover. It’s not like I’d do anything unless she did first.
Dear dad,
Please understand - I love you. I love you a lot. You're very supportive and for the most part, you do this parenting thing just right; but whenever you have to deal with my anger, you turn away. You huff and say we'll have this discussion "when I'm calmer". Emotion tinging my voice is not the same thing as me not being calm - it means I am upset and even though I hold my anger in check, it is VERY strong and I cannot stop it from coloring my voice a little. Because of your refusal to deal with someone being upset, I now have 10+ years of anger towards you that I cannot ever vocalize, because you'll just do the same thing. I hope for both our sakes that I find a way to express this to you.
Dear Everyone Getting Salty About Vegans,
Please realize that not all vegans are trying to force their opinions on you!!! Stop stereotyping, PLEASE.
Dear siblings,
Please teach me how to be as loved as you are. Mom loves you. Dad loves you. People love you. I can't pretend that its their fault for raising me wrong because they raised you two, too.
Dear father,
You were not dear at all, but i'd like to remember you as if you were. That is why i wrote "Dear father,".