Dear creepy boy messaging me,
I'm trying to give you a chance. Don't ruin it by telling me that you'd recongize my ass anywhere.
Dear boyfriends parents,
Please stop hating me and telling your son to break up with me because I have pink and blue in my fringe
Dear skinny girls,,
Just because I weigh 110 pounds and you weigh 85 doesn't mean I'm fat.
Dear 'Friend',
If you would rather hang out with my sister than me, you don't have to pretend that isn't true. i know it is and I have seen it with everybody else. It happens everytime. Ever wondered what happened to my first best friend?
Dear everyone,
Men do not have reproductive rights. Women can choose to abort or give up a baby for adoption, and men cannot do anything about it. Women can abandon their baby under safe haven laws with no questions asked; men have no choice, even if they want that baby. Women can lecture you about how telling her not to have sex is offensive, but men get told to "keep it in their pants" and nobody says a word. Women get expect the state to force her partner to subsidize her choice to keep a baby he doesn't want, and men just have to "suck it up and pay up."
Dear patron,
You claim that your kids are darling little angels. The glass on the floor, bite marks on my arm, juice spilled on my shirt, and bruise on my shin prove that this is a lie.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Please stop telling me that you love me no matter what and then get mad at me when I make a simple mistake. I'm pretty sure making a B on ONE test won't knock my chances of getting into a good college.
Dear Parents,
No don't worry about it. I love getting yelled at the moment I get home about something that happened while I was at work.
Dear mom,
Please don't wake me up to tell me I have 20 more minutes to sleep
Dear "I'm not going to listen to you because you annoy the s-word out of me",
I politely asked you to please put in headphones when you were watching a video on your laptop. When you didn't I, explained that I was studying for a math test. That room is supposed to be quiet, with nothing above occasional whispered homework questions.
Dear teachers,
When it's supposed to snow the next day, it is not acceptable to say 'Since we're having a snow day, here's a project to do over it!'.
Dear Customer,
I understand that the bags are weak, but you don't have to act as if they're made of tissue paper! I mean, triple bagging? That wasn't even heavy enough to justify double bagging!
Dear Mom,
Stop making snide passive aggressive remarks about your grandson's sexual orientation. Just because you don't agree, doesn't mean you need to be rude about it
Dear AP World teacher,
Please stop complimenting me on my study schedule, and how you wish more students were as "diligent" as me. When you asked how my grades had gotten so high so quickly after them being so low, and I told you how I had started scheduling time for panic attacks while studying. You should not take this as a good thing
Dear Emergency Room Attending,
I get it, You're overworked and It's really busy!! But please stop shouting at me and calling me incompetent every time I need a second opinion on a consult! It's only my second week!