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Dear facebook friend,
Yes I did just read your post about "testing if your friends read your posts". No I will not reply to confirm it. I don't interact with every post I see, nor will I be manipulated into doing so.
Dear people at the beach,
I understand that the beach is for everybody and not everybody shares our passion for photography. But if you do see photographers on a clear, calm night, there might be a chance they are trying to capture the milky way, meteors, an aurora, a planet etc. So please don't leave your headlights on at full beam, or point your torches at us. It ruins photos.
Dear Conservative Christian School,
I never considered self harm until this year because of all the stress it causes me trying to follow all of your rules.
Dear insecure and depressed friend,
Please know that when your other friend tells you who to hang out with, gets mad at you for no reason, and doesn't respect you at all, she is not a "good friend." You are an amazing person and deserve better people in you life.
Dear partner,
Thank you for taking a chance on me, I know I have bad days a lot, I'm so glad I saw your post about your art, and that we ended up Skyping. I had my suicide planned for not even a month later, you saved me.
Dear society (generally middle aged people),
Just because I am young, it doesn't mean I'm a bad driver. In fact, I drive over 10 hours a day for a living, pulling weights you've never towed before, in all sorts of conditions, without benefits of things like hill start assist or reversing cameras. Do not tell me I'm not experienced as you, just because you were driving when I was born. Do not tell me I am a bigger danger on the road, just because you're vehicle is newer.
Dear wind,
Why do you always appear when I am wearing a skirt or a dress? I didn't wear them to have to hold onto them until I got inside a building. And it's way too hot to wear maxiskirts/dresses
Dear Suite-mates,
Please close the door when you're using the bathroom
Dear really hot guy in my Spanish class,
I know I wear glasses but please notice me (unlike all the other football players).
Dear learner driver under instruction - please be patient,
No. You are an idiot for taking a new driver into rush hour traffic, holding up traffic as you explain dangers and have them fail to move quickly. Not only is traffic backing up, it puts too much stress on the driver. And I don't blame the driver, but the idiot instructor who wants to practice in high traffic areas.
Dear school,
Please teach us something important, like how to survive in the real world.
Dear writer's group,
Please continue to laugh. when you laughed when I read my story it was the best compliment I could have ever hoped to have received. you have encouraged me to keep writing.
Dear ignorant neighbor,
Please stop taking your dog inside every time I let mine out. Yes, he's big. Yes, he's got a block head. Yes, his ears are cropped. And yes, he is a full blood pit bull. BUT he is no more dangerous than any other dog! Quit listening to biased media!!!!
Dear Women,
Please remember that there is also pressure from the other sex, the media, and society in general to look muscular, tall, and to lose our virginity as well. This can affect men in the same way even if it is not as common.
Dear soon to be exes,
Please, If you want to break up, just end it or go to counseling together. Don't linger on with the thought of breaking up w/ your significant other and leave them later as it will cause more pain for them in the long run.