Dear Mom,
Couldn't you at least say you were happy for us before yelling at me?
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for putting my 21 year old cat down without telling me.
Dear random guys on the street,
Please stop cat-calling, staring, flirting, and groping me.
Dear Cousin,
We know that you like to dress a little more provocatively than our otherwise conservative family, and we're happy to leave you to your decisions normally, but seriously? A hot pink sleeveless midriff that basically functions as a bra and daisy dukes? It's our grandma's funeral. Have a little respect.
Dear parents,
Please stop telling everyone how well my siblings are doing in school and how disappointed you are in me when their grades are lower than mine.
Dear best friend's dad,
Your daughter is crying because you are are playing a power struggle using her and her 8 year old sister against your ex-wife; not because of "teenage girls and their drama". You should not limit or monitor her phone calls to her mom.
Dear boyfriend's family,
Please stop telling me that you like me because I make him happy, then tell him everything I did wrong the second I leave. I'm not perfect, I'm going to make mistakes, but I'm really trying and I wish you could appreciate that. I know you're going to make him choose soon, and it'll break my heart when he chooses his family, as he should. I hope he finds that perfect girl, I really do, but I'm afraid no one will live up to your standards, and you'll make him miserable the rest of his life. Please just stop.
Dear school officials,
Please don't make me choose between sitting in a special seat because of my disability... or sitting next to the classmate that stalked and abused me. That's really not a choice, unless you happen to be Faust.
Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
Please don't text me on my birthday anymore. Stop telling me I was the best thing that every happened to you. It has been over three years since you cheated and put your hands on me.
Dear Mom,
So, because you can't complain about my straight-A grades, my use (or lack thereof) of drugs/alcohol, or my future plans of going to college on a scholarship, you decide to complain about how much time I'm spending at church..?
Dear Best Friend From When We Were Little,
Please understand that I am hurt when you totally ignore me all the time for the "popular" people
Dear school,
You had us take a survey in which we had say our ethnicity. Apparently, I wasn't Indian, because you meant Native American, or Asian, because you meant oriental.
Dear world,
Am I the only one who hates the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, but loves the cereal part?
Dear Doctor,
Please stop giving me a judgemental look for being on the pill. I'm on it for strictly superficial reasons, alas. (Besides isn't it a part of your job description to NOT judge?)
Dear woman who screamed at her child in the walmart parking lot,
Please understand that your three year old daughter was trying to help you by putting the groceries in the car. You should have given her something small to put away, and encourage her to help, instead of making her cry when she tore the bag of cat litter on the cart. When she's seventeen, and you need her to help carry groceries, she's not going to want to.