Dear Father Who Stiffed Me Last Night,
I watched your kids 3 from 5pm to 3am last night so you could go to that wedding. We discussed my rate per hour. You really though you could bully me into not charging you? And you thought when I wouldn't leave without my pay it would be a good idea to slap me in the hotel lobby?
Dear People who's opinions I didn't ask for,
If you think 'paying to go running in a gym is stupid because you could do that outside' then kindly butt out. Last time I ran outside a man tackled me into the bushes and shoved his hand down my shorts.
Dear boy who stood up for me when I was getting bullied in 5th grade,
Bro, what happened?
Dear best friend,
No, it's not ok to go see a movie with my boyfriend when I'm gone. Thanks for asking though
Dear Mom,
Please stop telling me to eat healthy and to get more exercise. It hurts my feelings when you call me fat.
Dear dad yelling at me for putting my used female products in the trash can,
Where would you rather me put them instead?
Dear girl who flirts with my boyfriend,
Yeah, I get it, you two were friends before I started dating him. Doesn't give you an excuse to try and make a move on him when I'm right there. I can be vicious.
Dear Parents,
Please stop hating my girlfriend because she's a white Christian girl, not an Indian Muslim like us. I love her regardless of her race and religion. You should, too.
Dear drivers,
There is a special place in hell for those of you who choose to drive with your high beams on during the DAY.
Dear customers,
Please try to aim at the toilet bowl and not the seat
Dear parents,
Please realize that just because you weren't here when I did my chores, and therefore didn't see me do them, it doesn't mean I didn't do them, and just because I missed a few spots on the floor while sweeping doesn't mean I didn't sweep.
Dear grandma,
Please understand that just because my boyfriend is Indian it doesn't mean he's going to try to take me away to India and make me a Hindu, he was born and raised in America. Besides, maybe I would like to go India. It is not for you to decide and I would appreciate it if you kept your racist opinions to yourself. I love him. That's all that matters.
Dear self-proclaimed geeks and nerds,
I was popular in high school. I pulled good grades. I did not bully people. However, because people liked me and I was never single for long, many of the "nerds" made a point to talk badly about my friends and call us horrible names. Then, when we would complain, they would call us the bullies. Most of the time, unless you are someone's friend, they don't care what you do, what you like, and what social status you think you have. The world is not always out to get out. Maybe, if you acted the way you want to be treated, people might be nicer to you.
Dear "Are you a boy or a girl?",
Wanna check for yourself?
Dear teacher who always holds us over,
Please know that we do not care that we have twenty seconds of class left