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Dear extremely religious family,
Please stop giving me books that teach about the evils of homosexuality, telling me that your love me more than I can imagine but you simply hate my "sin", and please stop telling me "inspirational" stories about people in the LGBT+ community who turned straight. I know you have good intentions in mind but it's not helping.
Dear friends,
if you are going to organise a group event and leave me out of it, please don't post photos up off how much fun you had without me
Dear friends of another race than me,
Please stop with the offensive jokes. Just because I don't say anything doesn't make it right.
Dear transgender cashier,
First off, you present as a woman. You have a feminine face, long hair, a feminine body, etc. Nothing about your appearance as it is now is masculine. That said, if you had simply corrected me by telling me that "actually, I'm a man" or "I identify as male", I would have corrected myself and we could have gone on our separate ways. Instead, you decided to rant about me misgendering you and tried to deny me service. I'm sorry you had a bad day or whatever, but I do not regret getting your manager involved.
Dear Guy that lead me on and claimed he had no idea,
Please forgive me for developing feelings for you. It was kind of hard not to when you said all those nice things to me and made me feel like someone actually thought I was pretty and not just some random girl.
Dear "friends",
Please stop with the self harm jokes. You never know what people around you could be struggling with.
Dear sister,
Please stop placing all of your responsibility on me. I'm sick and tired of having to do everything that you don't want to do.
Dear music store customers,
If you want to try out a guitar, feel free to ask and our staff will be happy to help you out. But please, no Stairway to Heaven, Nothing Else Matters, Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, Sweet Child O Mine, Crazy Train, Back in Black or any other ridiculously overplayed riffs and licks.
Dear People complaining about group work,
Please stop. There's a decent chance you'll end up with a job in which you have to work with others. Coworkers can be just as bad to work with as other students.
Dear World,
Please know i have lost children, do NOT tell me everything will be okay. Do NOT say everything happens for a reason. Do NOT try to relate unless you've lost a human child (NOT a dog NOT a family member) EDUCATE YOURSELVES.
Dear Girl I really like,
Please stop using my feelings to let you feel good about yourself.
Dear people who spread Islamophobia,
Please read a book. Or talk to an actual Muslim sometime.
Dear barn cat/feline Hitler,
I appreciate your killer instincts, but my doorstep is not the best place for your critter genocide mass-grave. Try the other SEVERAL ACRES AROUND US
Dear Girlfriend,
I've decided to marry you. I decided this summer but I'm going to wait to ask until we're both near the end of college before I ask.
Dear People Who Capitalize Every Letter,
Please Stop. It Makes You Sound Stupid Instead Of Emphasizing Your Point.