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Dear fat,
Where in the name of all things did you come from? I'm too busy to eat anything more than a quick meal or two a day and I haven't touched soda in months.
Dear feminists,
Please stop getting mad at me covering up my skin. I am not a slut shamer, a victim-blamer, or a rape apologist. I just don't like showing that that much skin. You can show as much skin as you want. Just accept that I don't want to.
Dear parents,
I promise I wasn't switching windows just because you were coming in the room!
Dear Bronys that go see my Mom for their doctor,
Please stop going to her, she comes home everyday very confused about humanity.
Dear people who think chivalry means holding doors,
The other night, my car broke down on an empty gas station. A man stopped and offered to help, but being a mechanic myself, I told him I'd got it. Then, he noticed a suspicious-looking gang moving in our direction, and so he told me he'd stay until I was done. That, my dear friends, is true chivalry.
Dear Three Year Old Brother,
You can't tell me where to hide in a game of hide-and-go-seek especially when you are the seeker.
Dear chocolate ice cream,
Thank you for always being there for me.
Dear people hating on feminists,
Please understand those who are hating on men are not true feminists. The feminist movement is not about women being better than men or men being horrible people, its about the genders being equal. That's it. It means that women should be able to stay at home or work, and have the same rights. Feminism means a woman can wear a suit and no make up if she wants, or a dress and a face full of make up. It also means a man can do the same exact things. If a man wants to stay at home, he can without getting made fun of. I would even go so far as to see a man should be able to wear a dress and make up without being judged.
Dear government taxes,
What's the point in getting a higher paid job when you will just take over 30% of my increase?
Dear (some) black people,
It really isn't the white people's fault; try working hard.
Dear other military significant others who submit regularly to this site,
Seriously it's not a pissing contest. Telling some girl to be thankful her boyfriend's not deployed isn't going to lessen your pain. It's not impossible to deal with a deployment either. It sucks, but it's part of this life and we all just have to deal with it. Instead of trying to tear someone down just because they're at a different stage in their life with their husband's career, or trying to negate someone's pain just because you feel yours is worse, we should be lifting each other up and supporting each other.
Dear guys,
If you want to get a girl, your going to have to prove that you'll be better than the single life.
Dear Guys That Want to take a Girl on a Date but Don't Have the Cash for it.,
Please consider what my boyfriend did for our first date: He made lunch and we went to a cheap/free nature park for a picnic and to walk around. Best, and most cheap, first date I ever had
Dear Mapquest Users,
Please Stop... Just stop...
Dear girls,
Please stop complaining about how bad your periods are. At one point or another you're going to have to accept the fact that this is going to happen for 30 to 40 more years. Get over it.