Dear River Song,
How come you made the Doctor, but you're married to him and the daughter of Amy and Rory?
Dear internet,
Isn't it funny that, besides the entire amusing post, you notice only the typo.
Dear Pet Parents,
Do you ever wonder what your pet has named you?
Dear skinny girls,,
Just because I weigh 110 pounds and you weigh 85 doesn't mean I'm fat.
Dear world,
Please learn that there is a BIG difference between "retarded" and "stupid" and when this difference is ignored, people's feelings get hurt.
Dear ignorant people,
Please realize that anorexia and bulimia sufferers aren't attention whores. They are people with a real mental disorder.
Dear teachers telling me "You'll just be their boss one day,",
Not likely.
Dear God,
Do I believe in you because I feel like I have to, or because it makes me feel better? How can you exist if there's no direct way to find out? Who are you? Do you even love me? What can even be credited as something you did when you're just an invisible deity? Who can I trust if you don't exist? I don't trust humans, and definitely not myself. Who are you, God?
Dear stranger,
I hope you get better. giving you my blood wasn't easy. My blood pressure dropped and I collapsed. I will still do it again
Dear Parents,
Like mum, and nana, I am struggling with depression. And I don't know how to tell you. You've seen the scars on my friends arms, the ones I stayed up on the phone to all night, making sure it stopped at the scars, but just because mine are scar-free doesn't mean I escaped unscathed. Yes, I'm doing well at uni. Not as well as I could do, but so much of my energy is wasted just getting up in the morning. Blame it on partying, if it makes you feel better. But when it comes down to it I intentionally turn my room into a mess because, no matter how bad it gets, what dark turn my mind takes, it will never forget how much you hate mess. And as long as my room is a pigsty I can't do anything to myself. I can convince myself the world would be better off without me, but I can't convince myself you'd be able to deal with the squalor I call home. And so I stay alive for another day, another week, long enough to catch another upswing, no matter how brief. And I still don't know how to tell you.
Dear People,
Please stop judging me. I am a 21 year old female who loves anime/manga. I have a gay male friend who is one of the most important people in my life. My favourite band is Muse. I love Harry Potter, LoTR and The Hunger Games. I watch Friends and Gilmore Girls obsessively. I just graduated with first class honours in BA English Language and Linguistics. I want to travel the world. I AM MUSLIM.
Dear band known as "fun.",
Please know that while I can't carry you there, I will CERTAINLY help you find your way back home.
Dear Heart,
We said no boy drama this year! We've had enough the other three years of high school! What are you doing?!?
Dear customer,
It is great that your brother/wife/roommate/blood donor works in a different store from this chain. That does not, and never will, entitle you to an employee discount here. Especially because you have nothing proving they actually do work there.
Dear people,
Saying that "only God can judge me" doesn't make what you're doing any more okay.