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Dear countries letting Syrian refugees in,
Please, PLEASE find some way to make sure they genuinely need help and aren't just coming to cause trouble. Since refugees arrived in my town, the amount of rapes, thefts, murders and other sorts of crimes has shot up.
Dear teacher out on maternity leave,
Please don't come back.
Dear voting Americans,
Please realize that a write-in for Bernie is essentially a vote for Trump
Dear doctor,
You've told me repeatedly that my baby will have disabilities and advised me to have an abortion. Do you realize that what you're recommending is essentially eugenics?
Dear government providing benefits,
I am thankful for the unemployment benefit, and I guarantee you I'm not intending to scam you or just live on the benefit forever. I do want to be employed and independent. But I spent 5 years doing shitty (literally, even cleaning public toilets) jobs while studying, giving me the motivation to never do these jobs again. And when I cannot find a job in my field, I want to work jobs that can give me experience or promotions. I WILL NOT take a cleaning job, just because its the first job on offer. In fact, that will be my last resort.
Dear Vegans,
Please eat a snickers. You get really forceful and arrogant about your worldviews and personal choices when you're hungry. If you really want to win people over to your side then try being persuasive and convincing, not insulting and hostile.
Dear people who think that all Catholic priests are evil.,
Please stop. There are TONS of amazing, inspiring, and very religious priests out there. Stop judging and get over it.
Dear those who think rape isn't in the Ten Commandments,
One of the commandments is "thou shall not covet" this includes people bodies. We know that rape is never okay and that it's a terrible, terrible thing. So please stop saying that my God is not just. Please stop saying that my God is not a God of love and compassion. My God loves all.
Dear sister,
I'm glad your new husband shares your love of Egyptology, and I don't mind your having an Ancient Egypt-themed reception, but WHY did you have to have it in a marquee on the coldest, rainiest day of the year so far for it?
Dear couple at the store,
Please don't judge me for running into things while on my phone. My best friend is in Germany and the time zones only let us talk now.
Dear Vegan who clearly tells any soul that doesn't ask,
You are not morally superior to me because of the lack of meat/dairy you eat. Stop shoving your opinion down my throat. I don't believe in animal cruelty just because I drink dairy.
Dear Society,
Please stop stereotyping. It is very offensive to find that the stereotype of a "white girl" is ditzy trend-seeking idiot. Why do we look at the color of someone's skin and automatically make judgments right away? I shouldn't say "we", because it's not everyone, but stereotyping very popular. Always has been. Close your eyes if you have to, but make your own judgments after you've met and know a person.
Dear unsupportive family and friends,
Please stfu about how unlikely it is I can make a career out of music.
Dear high school health teacher,
Please consider taking one day out of the "horrors of gonorrhea" unit to explain the words transgendered, transexual, the difference between them, and how it's not that weird a thing anymore, so the other students stop asking me personal details about my brother's life. I'm seventeen and sick of doing your job.
Dear America,
Please put the u back in colour. You're tearing this family apart.