Dear Chinese People,
Please don't speak your communist ching chong language in public. We're in America, we're capitalist, and we speak English. I expect you to do the same. Thank You.
Dear fellow movie goers,
I in no way feel bad about ruining the end of the movie.
Dear pro choicers ,
Please stop expecting that because I have a vagina that it means I'm pro choice. My mother had an abortion before she had me. I always wanted a big brother but hen I found that out, I hated her.
Dear Mom,
The fact that you just said you would let me try my first shot on my 21st birthday.....
Dear girls who say they shouldn't have to cover their shoulders in school because it distracts boys,
Please realize that, like you, we also have a hormone called testosterone which does makes you destracting to us and it was proven if guys are around a girl they find attractive our IQ drops, also schools changed testing grammar and room decor and color to make girls test better.
Dear "I support gay rights why can't you?",
Oh I don't know, maybe because people all believe different things? Forcing your belief on those who disagree with it is just as bad as those trying to force their belief on you.
Dear American education system,
Why do we have to read Of Mice and Men? What was I supposed to learn from it? How to strangle puppies? Women? How to euthanize the mentally ill? Frankly, more than anything, I was deeply disturbed. As a person battling with depression, an avid animal lover, and supporter of someone with suicidal tendencies, this is not healthy. There is no benefit. And all I can think of is anyone struggling reading this book, and finally giving up. Because, in the end, what good is friendship and dreams? I do not appreciate being forced to read this.
Dear Girl at my School,
You say you are pansexual. You say you don't identify with any particular gender (because you have none) and that you don't have any sexual preference. And yet, you have only ever had boyfriends and you go to an all-girl's high school.
Dear Women,
Why must you always bend down in front of me and then accuse me of starring at you butt
Dear people who say they're kids at heart,
Please grow up. Being young at heart means you find wonder and fun in the world. Being a kid means you're immature and childish, and probably won't be able to keep a decent job
Dear person complaining about the "fat american stereotype",
Please realize its not that much of a stereotype
Dear Porn,
Although you look amazing and feel amazing sometimes, you make me feel shameful immediately. I am not alone. It is not normal to look at you. You destroy relationships and are killing my marriage. I hate that you're not illegal.
Dear society,
I'm a 17 year old girl who drinks, smokes, goes to parties, and has lost her virginity. Oh, and I'm a straight A student who got all 5s (highest score) on her Advanced Placement tests, a 2280 on her SAT, and is loyal to her family above all.
Dear jerk that keeps parking in my spot at work,
Please keep your car out of my spot. Oh and lace up your Nike's you have got to run to catch upp with the tow truck
Dear people who say they couldn't live without meat,
If you tried, you could too