Dear teacher who yelled at me to spit my gum out,
It's in your hair now.
Dear Anti-gun Americans,
Please realize that the only reason your country exists is because everyday people had guns and were willing to use them.
Dear white feminists,
I am a black women against your type of feminism. Black men and women had equal roles in the household and we were on equal footing. Thanks to you and people like Gloria Steinem, the black family has been destroyed. Now we're plagued by single parents, kids having kids, and poverty. Solidarity is for white women; it's definitely not for me and it's definitely not for my community.
Dear coworker,
Don't try and get upset over my opinion on gay marriage. You are the one who called me out and demanded that I answer you, so don't try and act like I'm 'oppressing' you when I tell you it's a sin. Premarital sex is a sin too, but I don't 'oppress' any of the others about it when they talk about it.
Dear girls who don't get dressed up,
Sometimes it's good to feel pretty with your hair and make up done
Dear people who lose or restore their faith in Humanity,
Why are you putting your faith in imperfect people in the first place?
Dear Google,
If you want YouTube to be a social media site, allow and encourage discussion. Don't make it so easy for people to block entire comments sections because 'they don't want people to disagree with them'. Just like a public Facebook post allows everyone to post their own opinion, unless personally blocked for harrassment. Instead, allow people to challenge the "no comments" selection. They posted on a public forum, so lets keep it public and allow people to respond.
Dear Disnsy love story enthusiasts,
If you think Ariel was a great love story you need to watch something with a real tear jerking love jack and the cuckoo clock heart. Surprisingly a animation.
Dear "cool" kids going to prom,
I will have fun sitting at home. It beats speaking hundreds of dollars on attire and an overpriced ticket.
Dear teacher and fellow students,
No, I didn't study for the test. Yes, I am one of the 5 students in the whole school who just got a 100% on that test that I didn't study for.
Dear Harper Lee,
Oh, you wrote TWO books now? Call me when you've written over 50.
Dear "Someone who is tired of a whitewashed male dominant media",
The Doctor is always a scrawny white guy for probably the same reason that James Bond is always a charming, handsome white guy. It could just be that the producers have decided that that's what fits the Doctor's character best, so they're sticking with it. There are a lot of stories with a male protagonist, and Doctor Who is one of them.
Dear American drivers,
Please drive in the right lane when driving in Canada. I get you want to obey our speed limits, but blocking up traffic is annoying
Dear Guy I Like,
So you told your math class that you like me and expect me not to find out?
Dear "Mother",
Please stop acting like your better than me and that you "know what I'm going through". Last time I checked, you didn't have depression, insomnia, or ADHD. Side note- Maybe I wouldn't hate you so much if you used my pronouns and my goddamn name.