Dear Women,
You can either have us open doors for you and pay the entire tab for dates, or have us respect you as equals and earn what we do. Most of us really don't care which one it is. But, you can only have one. Please choose, and stick with that choice.
Dear black people,
You haven't had it all that bad really.
Dear Bill Nye,
Thanks for ruining some awesome school memories with your know-it-all, smirking views on religion.
Dear Mom,
I'm a growing girl who plays a bajillion sports and has an extremely hight metabolism.
Dear People who only preach about "equality" for a certain group,
If the LGBT community can have Gay,Lesbian,Bi, or Trans parades, then I want to be able to have a Straight parade or no sexual orientation gets to have one. If the Black community gets a whole month dedicated to their history then there should also be a White, Hispanic, and also Asian History Months or no race gets one. If women want to be treated as equals to men then they also need to take on the responsibilities and consequences it comes with and not get favored in places like courts.
Dear America,
Why is it that on St. Patrick's Day everyone can be "Irish for a day" but no one wants to be "Black for a day" even during Black History Month? I think this goes to show 2 things: most White people are dedicated to doing things that are either historically appealing to or invented by Caucasians and Black people want to be everything except Black.
Dear checkout clerk,
Let me break this down: You asked for some photo ID for me to buy some wine. That is good, that is your job. I showed you my driver's license. That is good, because it is a government issued ID. You refused it, because the driver's license expired yesterday and my new one hasn't come in the mail yet. That is not OK. My birthday did not suddenly change when my license expired, the photo is still very obviusly me, and it should honestly be a good thing that I am not driving with alcohol, my friend is driving me.
Dear bank employee,
Wait, what? My ID expired yesterday, so you can't cash this check? What, did I suddenly not become me when the ID expired? It is still very obviously my picture, and the only reason you need to see it is to confirm that I am who I say I am.
Dear rest of the world complaining about the USA still using the imperial measurement system.,
60 minutes to an hour. 24 hours to a day. 7 days to a week. Please explain where the base-10 time system is.
Dear soccer trainer who I hate,
I hate you a little less now that you got drunk out of your mind and started to sing, dance, and spill beer everywhere. The best part was when you took of your jacket and shirt.
Dear females of the Duggar family,
Please realize that there is so much more to being a woman than lying on your back and having babies.
Dear 'popular' people,
Please stop wearing our clothing because you suddenly think its "cool".
Dear guy who obviously likes me and all of our friends know it,
Hurry up and ask me out already!! I happen to like you too.
Dear feminists,
No means no, right? Then why is it when women refuse to identify as feminists you think it's okay to bully and harass them to make them change their minds? Why doesn't no mean no?
Dear badly dressed friend,
Please understand that I don't want to hurt your feelings. Nevertheless, I can't wait to see you drop the diaper-look pants (accounting firm t-shirt inside), mega-sneakers and uber-nerdy big-ass glasses. By the way, are you colorblind?