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Dear Mom,
Please I know you know I’m lesbian and you know who I like, but please stop looking at me with suspicion whenever I suggest we have a sleepover. It’s not like I’d do anything unless she did first.
Dear fellow friend with depression,
I am more than happy to listen to you and be a shoulder to lean on, but please do not try to belittle my suffering and tell me how much better I have it than you do. I was more than happy to be supportive, but don't make it into a misery competition, because I'll win. We both know what the other deals with, and you know I deal with a lot more undeserved shit, so I don't appropriate you turning my help into a chance to belittle me.
Dear One Size Fits All,
You definitely don't fit me.
Dear people who don't like feminism,
Like it or not, finding out I'm a feminist is not an opportunity for you to call me a "feminazi". My great grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust after their home was burned down. I am a proud, 3rd generation Jewish American feminist and comparing me to the group that murdered my family and millions of others is completely unacceptable. You say feminists are crazy and turn around and compare us to fucking Nazis... check yourself
Dear Boyfriend:,
Please remember that I have body image issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD and still have to overcome these things about myself. So, how can you love me?
Dear People of the USA,
Please You've got to know that the electoral college is actually on it's way out... Like... one state has already changed the way voting goes so that the actual people's vote is what gets represented ( not this whole, oh so and so won our state by like 2% so every vote goes for so and so). Seriously, vote for who you want, not what everyone else is saying the only viable option is. "Only one of the two will win" is only a thing because everyone believes it's a thing.
Dear God,
Please let me know if I'm suppose to love him..
Dear Male Co-worker,
Please stop! Stop asking me to go for walks and go to lunch!!! I'm so tired of making excuses and telling you "no thank you"!! I'm married, You are married and it makes me uncomfortable every time!! I don't mind being friendly but you are annoying! Take an f'ing hint already!
Dear people who don't understand what feminism means,
Please understand that we don't hate men!! We just want equal rights (ie. equal pay, etc). We are also not all the same, so please don't generalize and make stereotypes about us. We just want what is right.
Dear Usa,
Please Undestad that it baffles me that you take pride in stories of people paying it forward, or helping the "underdog" to the point where you literally make movies about it. Yet refuse to do so on a wider scale by using tax dollars for health benefits etc...
Dear School Teachers,
You expect me to do four hours of homework every night then act surprised when I break down.
Dear NRA and other gun supporters,
Please stop using Venezuela as an example of what happens when you regulate firearms. The country has corrupt police run by corrupt politicians, crippling poverty from a broken economy with massive inflation, and is a haven for criminal organisations like drug cartels. It is in no way comparable to the US. Regulation also does not mean an outright ban.
Dear 15-year-olds these days,
When I was your age, I was raising babies, not Pokemon! Get your life together, you old maids.
Dear boyfriend,
Please stop trying to convince me to go against what my mother taught me.
Dear soon to be boyfriend,
Please be patient with me. My ex ignored me for video games and I'm scared you going to ignore me for another muse too.