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Dear young teens,
Please stop talking and acting like you're grown. wait till you're 18 AND THEN mess up your life.
Dear voting Americans,
Please realize that a write-in for Bernie is essentially a vote for Trump
Dear school,
Please teach us something important, like how to survive in the real world.
Dear Kid Next To Me In Math Class,
Please Don't make me watch over you to see if you did a problem right. I have my own work to do and I'm not the teacher.
Dear sister,
Stop trying to set me up with your ex-boyfriends, it's insulting. It doesn't matter what you think of my choices. I don't care if you think I'll be single my whole life if I don't lose my virginity before marriage. You sleep with every boy you date and about a month later you've broken up. Marriages usually last longer than a month, so my first time will be with a man I'll be with for longer than you've been with any of your boyfriends.
Dear People-who-don't-care-about-spelling,
Please learn the difference between there, they're and their; belief and believe; to and too; lose and loose; your and you're; sight and site...
Dear math teacher.,
Please stop grading my work. It's for my benefit, and even though you give partial credit for wrong answers, you're counting off on problems I got right because I didn't do my work perfectly.
Dear America,
Please elect Trump, we've been trying to destroy your country and culture for years, we can't believe you'll do that yourself for free.
Dear people who think that all Catholic priests are evil.,
Please stop. There are TONS of amazing, inspiring, and very religious priests out there. Stop judging and get over it.
Dear mom who says I do nothing,
Please realize that I am doing something: Trying to fight off the wish to die. And you're not helping.
Dear those who condescendingly call me picky,
Please shut the hell up! I am not picky I am cautious. I will not settle. I deserve the person who suits me, not the person who fits in at the right time. While your relationships are doomed to fail because you decided that you couldn't stand to get married after the age of 26, I will be happy. Even if that means never finding the one. What is wrong with the single life? Just because you are afraid to be alone doesn't mean I am!
Dear japanese teachers,
Please go easy on me when you mark my oral exam. My pronunciation sucks, and even in my native language I don't respond quickly.
Dear people at the beach,
I understand that the beach is for everybody and not everybody shares our passion for photography. But if you do see photographers on a clear, calm night, there might be a chance they are trying to capture the milky way, meteors, an aurora, a planet etc. So please don't leave your headlights on at full beam, or point your torches at us. It ruins photos.
Dear co-workers,
I made fun of Christianity. You laughed along with me. I made fun of Islam and Hinduism, and you said I couldn't say things like that because I'd offend people of those religions. Is Christianity not a religion any more then?
Dear ignorant neighbor,
Please stop taking your dog inside every time I let mine out. Yes, he's big. Yes, he's got a block head. Yes, his ears are cropped. And yes, he is a full blood pit bull. BUT he is no more dangerous than any other dog! Quit listening to biased media!!!!