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Dear fellow Earthlings,
Chuck Norris is too overrated. If he's really so awesome, he would show up at my house and slam my face onto the keyboahg7w vctydwscto87kdjsh370dffssssssssssss
Dear Academy of Science,
Please know that I ended up breaking my foot running inside the house to open the letter from your school.
Dear judgemental people glaring at me in the pharmacy line,
Yes, I am on contraceptives. No, I am not a whore; I am still a virgin. These pills help control my severe PMDD.
Dear guys at the supermarket,
I realize my coat covers everything until my mid thighs. Also, I heard your disappointed sighs when I bent over and you saw me wearing hotpants.
Dear people who think everyone will learn to be tolerant,
They won't. People will always shun or distrust people who are different. It's instinct.
Dear Society,
Why do we still label/judge someone on their sexual interest/sexuality? We’re all people. Why do we discuss or need to know what someone does between the sheets?
Dear voters,
If you don't like a result, try voting against it next time instead of thinking you won't make a difference. If you did vote, you just have to accept that democracy means up to 50% of the population might be disappointed. You can't please everybody all the time. Its not the end of the world.
Dear people who don't like feminism,
Like it or not, finding out I'm a feminist is not an opportunity for you to call me a "feminazi". My great grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust after their home was burned down. I am a proud, 3rd generation Jewish American feminist and comparing me to the group that murdered my family and millions of others is completely unacceptable. You say feminists are crazy and turn around and compare us to fucking Nazis... check yourself
Dear Well-meaning Americans,
Please cut it out with the "white people can't experience racism" stuff. You think an Irish traveler can't experience racism? Or a Polish person? Similarly racism is not only something white people do; do you think there's no racism at all between, for example, Asian people and black people? You want to redefine racism so that institutional racism is the only kind that matters, as if a racially aggravated assault hurts less or is less awful depending on the colour of the fist throwing the punches, and that's ridiculous. The American experience of racism is not the only one.
Dear lunatics,
Please stop killing people in the name of my religion. It's stupid and explicitly contradicted by the Qur'an
Dear Dad,
I'm sorry I missed your call. I'm sorry I haven't called you back. I know these weekly calls are your way of being involved in my life from three hours away. But I don't want to do it anymore, and I don't know how to tell you without hurting you. You're only my dad when you want to be, and you never seem to remember the times you disappeared in the past. You seem to be happy with your new family, so please just let me go. I was there for you all those years because no one else was, but you don't need me anymore and I need time to heal.
Dear soon to be boyfriend,
Please be patient with me. My ex ignored me for video games and I'm scared you going to ignore me for another muse too.
Dear Physics Professor,
Just because I talked back to you because you were wrong doesn't mean you have to fail me.
Dear people,
Please share your thoughts about Mormon Missionaries. Good or bad? Annoyance or motivation? etc...
Dear traffic lights,
Oh, you're changing to orange just as I'm arriving? That's really original. I wasn't expecting that at all.