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Dear college kids,
Please be wary of crosswalks, I really don't want to hit you and pay my tuition as well as yours.
Dear Neighbor Mom,
Please bring your screaming child out into the shared hallway of our apartments so it can shout it's feelings to the whole living earth. It's shouts sound like a million shrieking cats.
Dear ignorant neighbor,
Please stop taking your dog inside every time I let mine out. Yes, he's big. Yes, he's got a block head. Yes, his ears are cropped. And yes, he is a full blood pit bull. BUT he is no more dangerous than any other dog! Quit listening to biased media!!!!
Dear Americans,
Please stop believing that there is only two options this election.
Dear Conservative Christian School,
I never considered self harm until this year because of all the stress it causes me trying to follow all of your rules.
Dear Trump protesters,
Protesting is fine. Taking away someone else's platform to speak just because you disagree with him is not fine. Shutting down events and shouting down people with ideas you don't like is not the way to have a reasoned and robust political discourse. I don't like Trump any more than you do, but you are not doing your side any favors with your behavior.
Dear person who said "You're only in first year you don't know anything" when I said I had a lot of work,
Please tell that to my three assignments, two essays, two tests, and three books that I have over the next two weeks.
Dear new seasonal guy who thinks only women have to vacuum,
Please enjoy the next three months of your seasonal job being on the night shift. Where at the end of every shift someone has to vacuum, that someone now being you.
Dear learner driver under instruction - please be patient,
No. You are an idiot for taking a new driver into rush hour traffic, holding up traffic as you explain dangers and have them fail to move quickly. Not only is traffic backing up, it puts too much stress on the driver. And I don't blame the driver, but the idiot instructor who wants to practice in high traffic areas.
Dear supposed friends,
Please try and realise that life does not revolve around you.
Dear Donald Trump,
Please STOP
Dear crush,
Please notice the amount of butterflies you put in my stomach when you talk to me
Dear Wife,
Please forgive me for being a shitty husband. Depression is a bitch and you deserve better, but on the upside you seem to have figured that out too. I'm sorry I wasted 10 years of your life.
Dear Athiest that believes Christians don't listen to reason,
Please do not try to demean someone just by their faith. Yes, I believe in God. However, I also believe in evolution. Why? Science. There's nothing within scientific research that says God doesn't exist. There are, however multiple archeological sites that refer to various events and people referred to in the Bible. Please, before calling my faith out, try putting your money where your mouth is.
Dear university,
I get that you want to charge us for printing. I get that its a prepay system. But please be more lenient. Giving a low balance warning at $5 is quite high, and nothing after means we may forget that we fell below $5. And then when we get below $0, you don't let us print, but with no message as to why. Always when we really need to print something right now. Surely you can implement a billing system or even an IOU option for when we're desperate?