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Dear Pizza Delivery Guy,
Please read the "delivery instructions" when I say dont ring the doorbell it means don't ring the doorbell! we just got the baby to sleep then you had to go and do the opposite of what we said to do
Dear next tattoo,
Please stop being so difficult to acquire. You've been planned for months, but every time I'm free and financially stable, something gets in the way.
Dear Father,
Please stop saying "Your generation does not [___]." Yes, my generation does. Just because I, as an individual, do not partake in whatever it is, that does not mean it's rare or taboo. You are making assumptions about a large group based on your outdated childhood and my non-representative actions. Your bias is so blatant yet you're so blind.
Dear dad,
Please understand - I love you. I love you a lot. You're very supportive and for the most part, you do this parenting thing just right; but whenever you have to deal with my anger, you turn away. You huff and say we'll have this discussion "when I'm calmer". Emotion tinging my voice is not the same thing as me not being calm - it means I am upset and even though I hold my anger in check, it is VERY strong and I cannot stop it from coloring my voice a little. Because of your refusal to deal with someone being upset, I now have 10+ years of anger towards you that I cannot ever vocalize, because you'll just do the same thing. I hope for both our sakes that I find a way to express this to you.
Dear Canada,
Please let me come live with you guys, America makes no sense.
Dear Guy complementing me,
Oh, my chest looks nice in this shirt? Well, your dick looks look nice in those jeans.
Dear racists,
Don't be racist. Hate everyone.
Dear Last Names,
If you were given to people based on what their jobs were, then where did I come from?
Dear classmates,
Please understand that I get nervous before I go on stage. Even if you think I am good at drama I get absolutely terrified too.
Dear DBPB community,
Please give me advice. I met this guy at work orientation. He s new to the city and wanted me to show him around. He was kinda creepy. I being the idiot that I am, gave him my phone number.I think normally this wouldn't be a problem but am I sixteen (I look much older) he seemed to be about 25 and I really don't want to meet with him. How can I politely tell him no and that I don't ever want to talk to him again? Or should I just ignore him? That being said, I don't work with him or even in the same part of town and it's unlikely that well ever see each other again.
Dear Karate Instructor,
Please do not interrupt me to say the same things I was about to the students
Dear friends of my boyfriend,
Please start talking to him again. It's not his fault your crush liked him instead of you. I hate seeing him miss you and you putting him down over and over.
Dear online auction bidders,
Why do you start bidding so early? All you do is throw up the purchase price well before the auction ends, and risk more people entering and throwing up the price even more
Dear Patrons at the pool I work at,
Please Please know that it is not acceptable to tell me what is unacceptable about my body. A bikini body is just simply a bikini on a body, not some outrageously, unattainable goal.
Dear siblings,
Please teach me how to be as loved as you are. Mom loves you. Dad loves you. People love you. I can't pretend that its their fault for raising me wrong because they raised you two, too.