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Dear World,
Please finally understand this. Stop pointing fingers at each other. Start changing yourself. Consider everyone around you equal. Every person you encounter along your way has a family, a life, people they care about and people that care about them. We are all human beings and do only deserve to be judged by our actions. And nothing else.
Dear Husband,
If you want me to learn to do something that you like doing, you should have to learn to do something that I like doing that requires a similar skill level.
Dear middle schoolers,
How on EARTH are some of you pregnant?
Dear PDAing,
If your PDA is handholding and a couple of quick kisses, okay. That's fine. If your PDA is about a grope and a cloth away from becoming a full on sex show, then yes, I am going to say something. If I wanted to watch people having sex in public, I would go to a venue designed for that. Not to my local shopping area or my local food court or anywhere where kids are legally present.
Dear Microsoft,
Please stop telling me how many million people have upgraded to the latest version of Windows, and please stop confronting me with an ad for it. The Windows I have at the moment is fine and I don't need or want a new version. If you must keep upgrading things, stop trying to force the upgrades on people.
Dear Boyfriend,
Please exist
Dear sanctimonious people who pride themselves on not using E-Books,
Please realize that while I do love physical books, E-books are cheaper and more portable. Plus if I were to buy each book on my E-reader in it's physical form, I'd have to make my house of bookshelves to git them all.
Dear Cheating Ex-Wife,
Please stop trying so hard. Really, it's pathetic you think you still have a chance. It's been 4 years since your divorce, and you aren't even half the woman I am. So please stop embarrassing yourself, he's only tolerating you because he loves his daughter.
Dear people,
Please dont talk to me while my earphones are in.
Dear Girl that asked if the British won the Civil War,
Please take the time to read a book about the men who fought to uphold the Union.
Dear boyfriend/girlfriend,
(insert whatever you don't have the courage to say to their face, because that's all I ever see on this site anymore so it's getting really boring)
Dear David,
If you are out there, I was interested. I didint know you even saw me like that. But if I could get a second chance, I promise that I will make it worth your while for all my days I walk upon this earth; in this lifetime and the next. I love you, wherever you are...
Dear 13 year old little sister,
you watch my 90's kid cartoons with me, help me with my blanket forts, have harry potter magic duels with me, assist me in eating the cookie dough, and have star wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry potter movie marathons with me. I have taught you well.
Dear Medical Terminology Prof,
Please refrain from staring down the only girl in your classroom when discussing male reproduction and masturbation in addition to a multitude of crass jokes in order to "make the pretty girl smile". It doesn't work like that.
Dear nurse,
I'm not modest, I just wasn't expecting you to suddenly open the front of my hospital gown without any warning.