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Dear university,
I get that you want to charge us for printing. I get that its a prepay system. But please be more lenient. Giving a low balance warning at $5 is quite high, and nothing after means we may forget that we fell below $5. And then when we get below $0, you don't let us print, but with no message as to why. Always when we really need to print something right now. Surely you can implement a billing system or even an IOU option for when we're desperate?
Dear Sister,
I can't come to your party today for a work of fiction has left me emotionally crippled. I know you would understand.
Dear mother,
Stop telling me to have sex. I don't have or want a boyfriend and I don't want to have sex. Telling me no boy will date me if I'm a virgin was uncalled for. So was calling me a freak when I pointed out the only biological purpose of sex is to have children, and I don't want children at the moment.
Dear pregnant best friend,
Please know that I absolutely do not hate you. I am however, jealous of you. And as happy as I am for you, I'm sad for me. I hope you could find a way to understand.
Dear ex-boyfriend,
We agreed before we started dating that we wouldn't have sex and wouldn't have an open relationship. And now I find that you've been sleeping with my sister and at least one other girl since less than a week after we started dating? And you think I should be okay with this?
Dear ISIS,
Please stop being such LOSERS
Dear maths teacher,
Please realise that we aren't college students who can understand and write every thing down in 0.02 seconds. Wish you knew that...
Dear religious people,
Even if you force everybody to follow your religious laws, it doesn't make them religious or save them! If people want to follow religious rules, they will follow them willingly. And your salvation does not depend on what others choose to do.
Dear parents,
Thank you for letting me read the Harry Potter books. Now I know how Sirius felt when he was home with his parents.
Dear boy who picked on me in middle school,
Why didn't you tell me how you felt when we were 13?
Dear lady who asked me what I'm wearing,
Uhhhhh, Khakis?
Dear guy I could have hooked up with,
Thank you for realising I was drunk and trying anything on would have been a bad idea. Too many guys would have taken advantage (and have), so it was nice not to be manipulated into doing something I'd regret. Also, sorry if i made a complete fool out of myself...
Dear cute guy friend in my advisory,
Thanks for calling me beautiful today. it really mattered because you didn't say I was pretty, cute, or hot; you said I was BEAUTIFUL and when I smiled and said thank you you said you really thought that, you were sincere about it. I felt that one go straight to my heart, thanks for being totally awesome.
Dear Extremists of all types,
Please go somewhere else to wage your wars
Dear dear blank please blank,
Please let your site crash so I can finally get back to doing my homework.