Dear fellow atheists,,
Please stop being assholes. Seriously. You bitch and moan about being "oppressed" if religious people make even slight references to their faith, yet you think it's okay for you to blatantly disrespect and insult others' beliefs?
Dear roommate,
Please take responsibility for my things being misplaced. You were the only one around when they went missing, and you admitted to cleaning, which equates to moving shit around. It's not cute to play the victim.
To the two students at my school who went on strike,
No one else is allowed to wear hats either. It's for security reasons
Dear person criticizing 10 year olds in Victoria's Secret, ,
When I was 10, I was wearing B cups.
Dear reflective self,
Personal confession: I am African American and throughtout my entire life experience I will be the first to admit that I find Black people to be the most challenging people to deal with. Even with the existence of racism and other social ills, being raised around and dealing with Black people is still no cake walk. We carry a distinct attitude and energy about ourselves. I am proud to be Black but this doesn't mean that I don't see the truth about us. I used to date outside my race just to find something different from Black people. In a way, I found it refreshing. I am proud to say that now I do have a Black boyfriend who doesn't bring me all the burdensome experiences and qualities that I know Black people can bring.
Dear websites ,
Please revise you're password system so I don't need a number,dash,symbol,gang sign to sign on
Dear "Best friend",
I told you about my depression, but you constntly talk about how people like Robin Williams had "nothing to be sad about." So I never brought it up again. Yet any time we talk about what we're having for lunch you never fail to remind me you are gluten-free and expect me to feel sorry for you and APOLOGIZE for the fact I can eat an oreo cookie. I don't want sympathy, I want you to stop trying to make me feel like your problem is worse than mine even though the two can't be compared.
Dear okay-looking guy in my college class,
Please stop answering biology questions so confidently in a room filled with mostly idiots.
Dear people refusing to wear deodorant,
Society isn't oppressing you. You just smell bad.
Dear Dog,
Please relax. I know the fireworks and thunder are scary but... I promise the world isn't ending... especially when it's 3 AM and it's been silent for 3 hours...
Dear Mom,
Liking girls does not make me a freak. I'm still the kid who loves short shorts, Spirited Away, and romantic candlelit dinners. Just not with a guy.
Dear best guy friend,
I know neither of us like each other, but thank you for saying that "you're so awesome and I don't understand why you don't have.a boyfriend" when I got insecure.
Dear Old Spice,
Please stop making your commercials for housewives... I will wear the deoderant I want and no amount of Old Spice will make me a pro athlete or someone you despise less.
Dear Snapchat,
Please give me the option to replay what I sent to someone so I can remember what I said or know what they screenshoted
Dear Dad,
Please stop accusing me with smirks for all the noise going on in my bedroom while my boyfriend was over