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Dear girls,
Please stop complaining about how bad your periods are. At one point or another you're going to have to accept the fact that this is going to happen for 30 to 40 more years. Get over it.
Dear (some) black people,
It really isn't the white people's fault; try working hard.
Dear government taxes,
What's the point in getting a higher paid job when you will just take over 30% of my increase?
Dear Bronys that go see my Mom for their doctor,
Please stop going to her, she comes home everyday very confused about humanity.
Dear new mothers,
Please get your infant child away from me.
Dear gay friends who criticize me for being Christian,
You ask me not to judge you for your life choices, so please don't judge me for mine
Dear U.S. School System,
Please make it a high school graduation requirement to pass the citizenship test.
Dear boyfriend,
I seriously hate your mother.
Dear Muslims,
Please stay strong and remember you aren't in this alone. We know how it feels to be targeted by hate groups and such, we've built their railroads and dams for them and then they says we "should go back to where we came from" before attacking us and hurling insults. Then once we started getting use to the US, they come back and start calling us Communists because the people across the pond who happen to look like us are Communists. Stay strong and hopeful, I promise you that not everyone in America is a racist, misinformed bigot :)
Dear Mom,
Please stop keeping unhealthy food in the house. Yes, I understand that willpower is important. But it is really hard to have it when there is tempting food right under your nose, all the time.
Dear Ex-Girlfriend,
Please let me comfort you right now. The child in your stomach is mine too.
Dear Cupcakes,
The fact that you cover yourselves with icing really says something about your self-esteem.
Dear people complaining about the new Pokemon,
Please realize that the intended audience are kids as young as 6, or maybe a bit younger. Your opinion doesn't matter as much as you think it does.
Dear people who ask why doctors ask if your pregnant or sexually active when you have a broken bone no matter how young you are,
Please realize that if you have a broken bone, then they will need to most likely do an X-Ray. If you are pregnant, then an X-Ray might cause harm to the baby, no matter what limb it is, because the Ray is short for Radiation, which can cause damage to the genetic code of cells if concentrated enough or done repeatedly enough times, so a baby would have even more of a chance of genetic damage. If you are sexually active, there's a chance that you could be pregnant and you wouldn't know it quite yet, so they would check for that before giving you an X-Ray. The lead apron they give you doesn't always get rid of all of the radiation. If your doctor isn't asking this question, and you are a woman, and you need an X-Ray, that is malpractice, and they run the risk of losing their job.
Dear other military significant others who submit regularly to this site,
Seriously it's not a pissing contest. Telling some girl to be thankful her boyfriend's not deployed isn't going to lessen your pain. It's not impossible to deal with a deployment either. It sucks, but it's part of this life and we all just have to deal with it. Instead of trying to tear someone down just because they're at a different stage in their life with their husband's career, or trying to negate someone's pain just because you feel yours is worse, we should be lifting each other up and supporting each other.