Dear teacher who yelled at me to spit my gum out,
It's in your hair now.
Dear Anti-gun Americans,
Please realize that the only reason your country exists is because everyday people had guns and were willing to use them.
Dear "Someone who is tired of a whitewashed male dominant media",
The Doctor is always a scrawny white guy for probably the same reason that James Bond is always a charming, handsome white guy. It could just be that the producers have decided that that's what fits the Doctor's character best, so they're sticking with it. There are a lot of stories with a male protagonist, and Doctor Who is one of them.
Dear world,
Please realize there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is the biological binary male or female, determined by genetics, genitalia, etc. Gender is what somebody chooses to identify as. There is a difference.
Dear God,
Please give us back Tupac and we'll give you Justin Bieber
Dear politicians,
When you make laws banning gay marriage, abortion, or other controversial topics, you are forcing your beliefs onto others. If you allow it, you let people decide based on their beliefs. However, if you ban it, you don't let anyone decide, including those who agree with it.
Dear Biology teacher,
Please let it be acceptable to have a Hunger Games reference in my paper about deforestation
Dear boyfriend,
If your gonna brag about your mad video game skills, make sure your girlfriend doesn't live in a house full of guys
Dear IMDB,
Please stop saying all these modern movies are better because they made more money in the box office. The reason is that movie theatre tickets keep costing more and more!
Dear public schools,
Please try to include more women in history lessons. Some all girl private schools know more about women in history than I ever will.
Dear Momma,
Please understand when you're the editor and cartoonist for the college's newspaper, a respected saxophonist in the concert and jazz band, a tv filmer, an actress for the skit team for the college's Baptist group, all while holding a 3.7 GPA with my pre-Vet degree, that sometimes my hardest efforts won't always show on paper, and that I'm not lazy.
Dear Dog,
Please relax. I know the fireworks and thunder are scary but... I promise the world isn't ending... especially when it's 3 AM and it's been silent for 3 hours...
Dear reflective self,
Personal confession: I am African American and throughtout my entire life experience I will be the first to admit that I find Black people to be the most challenging people to deal with. Even with the existence of racism and other social ills, being raised around and dealing with Black people is still no cake walk. We carry a distinct attitude and energy about ourselves. I am proud to be Black but this doesn't mean that I don't see the truth about us. I used to date outside my race just to find something different from Black people. In a way, I found it refreshing. I am proud to say that now I do have a Black boyfriend who doesn't bring me all the burdensome experiences and qualities that I know Black people can bring.
Dear websites ,
Please revise you're password system so I don't need a number,dash,symbol,gang sign to sign on
Dear upper classmen,
Please stop telling freshmen how lucky they are because their school stress level is close to nothing.