Dear girl in my english discussion group,
Please let me do my job that I was assigned. I appreciate you trying to help me make connections between the book we are reading and other things, but I only need a few connections, not a hundred connections on the SAME subject. You chose to have your job just like I chose mine, its not my fault your job is just to draw stinken pictures while the rest of us actually have to write things down.
Dear School Dress Codes,
We are not sexual in any way. Why do we need to be covered up?
Dear America,
Please stop giving young girls role models who happen to be skin and bones. I know many people are overweight, but I think there should be more genuinely curvy role models out there for young girls such as Jennifer Lawrence who stays healthy but doesn't stress over being a size zero.
Dear anyone,
Cult(N): a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
Dear world,
So our entertainment is flinging birds at pigs, slicing fruit, snipping ropes and finding a crocodile's water?
Dear Christians who think homosexuality is wrong,
I don't know why I'm gay. It might be genetics, or unconscious psychology, or the will of God, but it certainly wasn't my decision. You say your God values kindness and forgiveness; if that's true, why would he punish my love, in which I had no choice, and reward you for being judgemental and hateful? Yes, you're allowed to not like homosexuality. But I'm allowed to think you're mistaken.
Dear People feeling upset,
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
Dear boys,
Please stop asking why girls go to the bathroom together Hermione went and got attacked by a troll
Dear guys smoking outside of the University of Minnesota's Physics and Nanotech Building,
A campus-wide smoking ban was just approved a few months ago, and you are clearly on campus. And even if you weren't, you just saw how I had to stop and pull out my inhaler because I was choking on the fumes.
Dear roommate,
I have no idea how someone can go for four days without bathing.
Dear "no excuse for pregnancy",
WHY ARENT YOU TELLING THIS TO THE BOYS TOO HUH? DID YOU EVER TAKE SEX ED? It takes mommy AND daddy parts to impregnate someone, and not all forms of birth control work all the time, even when used correctly. So go eff yourself
Dear ignorant pig male in my physics class,
No, men are not all around superior to women. I can hold my breath, swimming upside down without plugging my nose, for 2 lengths of a pool COMPLETELY under water. And i can point my toes. Can you?
Dear experienced RN,
Please stop telling me I'll become as jaded as you, that I'll stop caring, and that there's no way I'll be able to stay nice and sweet. Don't talk down to me because I choose to see the good in people, that I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, and that I choose to work my ass off to make them feel better. You can condescend all you want, I'm holding onto my naivete as long as I can. Because when I get to be like you, it'll be time to quit.
Dear People who have cars or bikes with loud motors ,
Please refrain from using that vehicle after 11pm
Dear people who can't spell,
Please, it is spelled definitely, D E F I N I T E L Y