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Dear Teacher who felt it was right to chastise the girl in the wheelchair,
Please Who said this; "You shouldn't get too close to people with that wheelchair." The person was a teacher and I was a student and continued to chew me out on the elevator the ride up to my teacher's floor. Seriously, lady, find some respect. I was two feet away from you. You were talking with someone, standing IN FRONT of the elevator, and continued to carry on with your business even though I was LATE, AND, you didn't move! So excuse me for getting a little closer in hopes I wouldn't be tardy for middle school.
Dear Dad,
Please note this first that I love you. I can't even explain how much do I! But, it seems like you have never understood that. You have never been a dad like other dads. You could only be a living money machine, so much inexpressive & just a instructor in the family, However, your acts sometimes have proven that you love me, you loved us so much & then later, you seemed somebody very unknown. Dad, I can even count & say how many time I have called you dad in a year. Sometimes, I become very depressed because of all these, I act very heartless & stay in my own world. Because I realize, I love the idea of a persons being dad, I love the dreams I have with you but, I don't love you. Dad, I am disappointed with life, especially you now.
Dear people who think LGBT people are always tolerant,
Sadly, they aren't. When I was a teenager I questioned my sexuality and thought I was a lesbian before realising I wasn't. Since then, I've met some LGBT people who think I'm a lesbian but pretending to be straight, and they won't listen when I try to tell them I'm not, and some of the most misogynistic people I've ever met are gay men. But most of the straight people I've met think that every LGBT person ever is perfect and tolerant of everyone, and saying otherwise is "homophobic".
Dear The World,
Please answer an important question. Is it wrong to hate a certain race?
Please continue posting messages that show me I am not the only one with my feelings, opinions, and problems. It helps to know I am not alone.
Dear Pokemon Go Creators,
Thanks for creating a game that brought my child hood back to life.
Dear Readers,
Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to go down on you. And you're gonna love it. But it's only going to be long enough for you to start enjoying it, then I'm going to come back up and screw you, big time.
Dear father,
You were not dear at all, but i'd like to remember you as if you were. That is why i wrote "Dear father,".
Dear "father",
Please stop playing this weird popularity game. You don't need to trash talk someone so you'll look good. Try being a good person instead. Quit lying and get into therapy to manage your anger.
Dear Sister,
Please realize that your boyfriend is not going to change. You've given him multiple chances, but he continues to treat you like shit. You have a five-year-old son who is starting to think it's okay to treat girls the way your boyfriend treats you.
Dear Now Ex-Boyfriend,
Please understand that I actually had faith in us, and 24 hours is not long enough to get over a two year relationship.
Dear world,
I wear stripes so that I am not spotted.
Dear Neighbors,
Please turn off your oven. It's been beeping every twenty seconds for the past several hours. I don't know how you miss it, seeing as I can hear it just fine. It's driving me nuts.
Dear teenagers,
Romeo and Juliet had sex, and then they DIED.