Dear Spencer Brown,
Please stop being a religious douchebag. Look. No one cares about what you say. Muslim extremist take up a itty bitty tiny winy part of Islam. Please stop talking like every Muslim is horrible. I have never had a horrible experience with any Muslim person in my life. Actually they have been some of the nicest people I have ever met!
Dear strangers,
I respect everyone's religion, don't get me wrong, but it really bothers me when people come up to me on the streets to preach to me or try to "save" me. My beliefs are just as legitimate as yours, and just because I happen to not believe in a higher power does not mean I want to "find" Jesus. I respect everyone's decision to believe what the want to believe, but I wish everyone could do me the same courtesy.
Dear my best friend's mother and father,
If you lay another finger on her, I will make you feel what she does.
Dear friend who thinks he know's the secret to fixing me,
Not thinking about it isn't going to stop my anxiety, depression, and eaten disorder. So stop suggesting it.
Dearest People of the world,
Don't you think that we are going about the aborition issue the wrong way entirely? Barring religious belief whcih should be handled within specific religious groups or communities, shouldn't our main focus be on the education of our youth to sex? I'm not saying hand out condoms, but I am saying educate them and tell them the truth on what is what and what is going on in their bodies and help them understand their constantly changing minds. Make preventative measures for women more obtainable!!!! Women who are responsible enough to gather means of protecting themselves and those they decide to be with should not be made to feel bad about themselves in our society! They are just trying to PREVENT the issue that we as a society can't seem to even come to terms with - ABORTION! So Educate and facilitate, don't hate and discriminate.
Dear Girldfreind,
Thanks for letting me know everything you are too scarred to tell others, I will always be there for you
Dear girlfriend,
It's legal here now. We don't have to wait any longer. Will you?
Dear popular girl who bullied me in high school,
Thank you for liking my post on Facebook about me being down a dress size even though I'm still overweight. It meant more to me than you'll ever know.
Dear pneumonia,
Please remember that I am 25. You are about 50 years early.
Dear social media socialites,
Do you really need to update us on every living moment of your life? Yes, we know you go to the bathroom. Yes, we know you eat. Yes, we know you bathe and take showers (I hope). Yes, we know you have sex. Yes, we know you have to raise your kids.
Dear habitual hashtaggers,
You don't need to hashtag every word you say, just write a normal complete sentence.
Dear My Marine,
Please stay safe I love you more than ive ever loved anyone before. I honestly feel like I have found my soul mate. You promised me one day youll make me your wife. Please come home my love, I need you.
Dear everyone,
Please stop playing the "is that a girl or boy" game with my girlfriend. Her little sister had cancer and cut her hair so she wouldn't be afraid.
Dear "Are you in a relationship?",
Do my relationships with fictional characters, celebrities, and/or food count?
Dear girls who want a boyfriend wearing certain things,
Please stop judging a book by it's cover.