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Dear friends,
You're welcome to come over on short notice, however, when I tell you I have lots of homework and it needs to be a short visit, that means you shouldn't stay for 5 hours. It also DEFINITELY means that you shouldn't leave only when I tell you I need to go to bed, and ask when exactly I'm going to bed so you can try and squeeze in one more episode.
Dear world,
Please don't tell me something's wrong with me, or worse, deny that my feelings exist. Please don't tell me I'll be alone forever if I don't change or 'stop trying to be unique'. I'm starting to believe you, and it's lonely.
Dear father,
Please don't ignore your daughter while we're gone. Shes worried us going to college means she's going to be all alone. You can't just say you don't know how to treat a teenage girl and just ignore her. You treat her like a person. She likes football, video games, and chemistry. She never flips out or screams. She's rational and smart, but thinks her father doesn't love her. Go talk to her.
Dear 24 year old sister,
Please stop playing on the ps3 when we only have one television and you are using it literally the entire day. It's the weekend and we all want to have fun, and are also tired of watching you constantly play.
Dear Mom,
I'm going to come out to you soon as transgender. My wife still loves me, God still loves me, and I love me even more since I admitted it finally. Please don't hate me. Show me the same love you always showed your gay friend.
Dear Girl I've had a crush on since 5th grade,
Thank you for saying yes
Dear 'Friendzoned' people,
Please... Just stop. I've had to explain to seven girls now why I'm not mad that they rejected me. Stop blaming people when they aren't attracted to your ugly face.
Dear videogame companies,
Please stop rushing to develop new games.
Dear maths teacher,
Please realise that we aren't college students who can understand and write every thing down in 0.02 seconds. Wish you knew that...
Dear Time,
Please make more hours in the day so I can sleep AND get my work done.
Dear insecure and depressed friend,
Please know that when your other friend tells you who to hang out with, gets mad at you for no reason, and doesn't respect you at all, she is not a "good friend." You are an amazing person and deserve better people in you life.
Dear parents,
Please don't give up on me. I've seen what happens when the other kids get left in group homes.
Dear Women,
Please remember that there is also pressure from the other sex, the media, and society in general to look muscular, tall, and to lose our virginity as well. This can affect men in the same way even if it is not as common.
Dear person accusing me behind my back,
Please note that carefully restraining my son during a temper tantrum is NOT abuse. If I'm not much mistaken, it is rather more frowned upon to allow a child to hurt himself or others! You are only here a few hours per month. You have not seen him bash his head into the wall when angry, or try to bite himself or me, or kick me in the 8-months-pregnant belly. Don't shoot your mouth off without facts.
Dear Mom,
Please don't buy me any new clothes. I am not five anymore, and do not want a purple shirt with a rainbow butterfly on the front.