Dear Mom,
I am stating my opinion and side of the story. It is called, "self-advocating" not sassing.
Dear World,
In the next 100 years, the word 'politician' will become one of the most offensive insults ever.
Dear School systems,
If my friend who is always on top of her work and a straight A student is considering staying home from school just to catch up with all the work, somethings wrong.
Dear doctor,
I came to you for help medicating my anxiety disorder. If I could just "forget about" the anxiety, like you suggested, why in the world would I be coming to you for medication?
Dear people trying to make abortion illegal,
Please stop complaining until you are willing to adopt the unwanted babies.
Dear People,
Instead of still being annoyed at Miley Cyrus, can we please talk about how Justin Beiber drank and willingly got behind a vehicle and raced on civilian streets? And how there are people out there who still support him?
Dear girl with the crop top and jeans with multiple holes,
I'm sorry that my first thought was trashy. You could be one of the nicest people around. But I'm not sorry for thinking your clothes were inappropriate when we have wind chills of -15 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dear parents,
Please know that just because I'm 13 doesn't mean I can't make my own religious choices. You might want what's best for me, but that doesn't mean you should force me to keep attending all your Hindu services. I've made it clear that I don't believe in God (in any shape or form). If I can accept you being religious then why can't you accept my non-belief?
Dear people that write "bestfriend",
Hello. My name is Señor Spacebar. You killed proper syntax.
Dear biological father,
Remember when you told my mother I wouldn't graduate high school without a father figure? I graduated at the top of my class without you.
Dear roommate having sex in our room while I'm trying to sleep,
have you no shame?
Dear assistant stage manager,
Please don't talk behind her back about a freshman messing up the lights during a show when in your first year you almost severely injured someone by cueing someone else at the wrong time.
Dear teen mom at my school,
Your baby is adorable and I am so proud of you for sticking with this no matter the ridicule, hardships, and difficulties you knew you would face. I think you'll be a great mom, and your boyfriend will be a great dad. So what if it just happened a little earlier in life?
Dear Geometry Student,
Please try this problem again. I'm pretty sure none of my sides measure -39 units.
Dear Ice Age,
Thank you for putting hidden references to things in the movie.