Dear People who say 'I wish we didn't have work on Mondays',
Then we would just have a Tuesday morning feeling.
Dear everyone,
I am a college graduate. I'm currently working two dead-end jobs to try and cover student loans, car payment, insurance, rent and utilities. I'm trying my best to make $50 of food last until my next paycheck, and it's still not working. At this rate, I am still $200 short every month, and I don't know how to meet that gap. All the while, my one job has managers that are afraid of me for some reason (and continue to ride my ass because of it) and cuts my hours, and the other one is very clique-y, making me the outsider. I'm living in a house with people whose primary goals in life seem to be high and drunk as often as possible, and thus despise me since I'm just trying to make ends meet (and can't really be drunk and high all the time). To top it all off, I am 2,000 miles from my closest source of help, meaning if anything goes wrong, I am pretty much on my own. Please don't act like I don't know how tough life can be, simply because I'm white and male.
Dear Friend,
Please stop telling me I'd look good with long hair and I should grow it out. It's one of the few things I have control over.
Dear world,
Yes, I am a dancer. No, I am not a stripper. No, I am not a ballerina.
Dear Geniuses,
Please stop being dead. Our generation needs saving.
Dear "Be Serious",
Last Time I tried that I was pushed through the veil by my cousin, leaving my troubled godson to fight the dark lord
Dear Old Gods,
Please stop trying to break into our dimention. It was funny the first time when Cuthullu tried it now its just getting... old.
Dear Everyone,
You remember blockbuster? And videotapes? It wasnt just a deranged fantasy i had when I was 6, right?
Dear Radio stations that play the same song from an artist over and over and not even the good one,
I hope you know that they have more than one song.
Dear Parents,
For the love of god, please DO NOT buy your child squeaky shoes. Stick to the light-up ones
Dear parents,
If your child is screaming their head off, please take them outside until they calm down. Don't hover for another half hour while they scream their head off.
Dear "Gluten Free" People,
Please know you're most likely an idiot. Unless you have Celiac Disease you can eat gluten.
Dear "I support gay rights why can't you?",
Oh I don't know, maybe because people all believe different things? Forcing your belief on those who disagree with it is just as bad as those trying to force their belief on you.
Dear everyone,
I need advice on how to go through a breakup, and I don't have any friends. We were together about a year, and he broke up with me yesterday. I'm devastated and I don't know what to do. Please help?
Dear website,
I was going to submit this as a comment, but I figured it'd be best posted here, for anonyminity. It's really sad how some many people don't realize that they have value in life. I know that had internalized that I was worthless for a long time, but after some life events forced me to realize that I couldn't find my self-worth in others (what I had always done) I turned to finding worth my purpose and who I am. It's been liberating. While I haven't severed all of the old thought processess where I let others determine my worth, I now see through that veil. I actually impact people. No matter how small that impact is, it's one action towards a better or worse world. You impact people too. Be you because who else can you be?