Dear girl in my class,
Are you kidding me? We're discussing examples of sterotypes and pointing out how untrue they are.
Dear person who invented the high five,
What did the other person do when you spontaneously decided to slap hands?
Dear French Exchange Student,
Thank you for becoming more than just an Exchange Student. Thank you for becoming a sister.
Dear Curvy Girls,
Please realize that we are real people that deserve respect, too. We were born thin just like you were born curvy.
Dear self-harmers,
I know everyday is a struggle. I know you hate your body. I know you hide your scars and the fact that you're broken. But trust me, recovery is possible.
Dear Republicans,
I spent 12 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a doctor and pay 40% in federal taxes and you want to cut healthcare, yet billionaires only pay 15%? Go f*ck yourselves too.
Dear Gamer Gate,
If it's truly about ethics in game journalism, then distance yourself from the harassment towards women. Renounce the name Gamer Gate and denounce the "vocal minority" and any involvement in death threats or bullying. Start a new movement with a new name based solely on your cause and be ruthless about weeding out the hateful people. That's the only way you'll make progress.
Dear Patriotic People,
Please think about why you're proud of something you probably contributed practically nothing to.
Dear world,
Women and girls can wear whatever they want. It's their right. And as long as it is consensual, safe and no emotional damage is done, they can have as much sexual activity as they want. It doesn't affect you.
Dear classmates,
Please stop acting like the world is ending when I start talking.
Dear M&M's,
You might have blue, but do you have purple? Thats what we thought...
Dear "Why Didn't They Ride the Eagles to Mount Doom?",
The Eagles only help Gandalf because Gandalf saved their leader, Gwaihir, from a poisoned orc arrow. So, in addition to question of how a big, giant eagle would go about carrying an itty-bitty magical ring, whose effects on an animal are entirely unknown, don't you think it'd be a bit of a dick move for Gandalf to ask Gwaihir to fly over a bunch of orc archers who probably have poisoned arrows? Would it be easier? Maybe. Would it be possible? Debatable. Would it be ethical? ...That's also questionable.
Dear spiders,
Last time I checked, you curl up when it's below a certain temperature. It's below 20 degrees.
Dear Psycholgy Class,
Please realize that everyone has different music taste. Get over it.
Dear guys of the world,
Just because I'm asexual doesn't mean I'm not lonely. I still want a romantic relationship.