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Dear Energy Drink,
Thank you for making the graveyard shift possible.
Dear world,
For every one cruel heartless person in the world, there is at least 100 genuinely kind, compassionate people
Dear Cat,
Please never learn to talk.
Dear Internets,
Please stop making me view everything as a slide show
Dear westerners who cannot bear the seemingly prolonged winter,
Want to exchange?
Dear Dreamy Courtesy Clerk,
Please ask me on a date, I think you have the most amazing smile and you make coming to work worth wile. I would quit without you.
Dear poster who made the "Dear Psychology majors" comment,
Psychology focuses on the MIND while neuroscience focuses on the BRAIN. The brain and the mind are different. The mind gives soul to the brain. Without the mind the brain would just be a biologically functioning organ.
Dear roommate,
Please take responsibility for my things being misplaced. You were the only one around when they went missing, and you admitted to cleaning, which equates to moving shit around. It's not cute to play the victim.
Dear 'tired of white washed male dominant media',
Please realize that each timelord may be of a specific race. Or, maybe they just prefer the race they were born into-if you were born white, would you want to change to be asian? Vice versa? Maybe the doctor just sticks with what he's comfortable with. Stop being so biased.
Dear movies/TV shows with truth serum,
You do realise that the serum only prevents you from telling lies right? I don't recall anywhere in the description that makes the user blurt out things they would never say to anybody, no matter how truthful, against their will.
Dear Women,
You know why there are no more "nice guys"? Because when we were nice to you, you treated us like shit and went after the asshole. So guess what, we became assholes so that you would pay attention to us.
Dear husband,
Please understand the difference between an item that is dishwasher-safe and an item that will actually come CLEAN in the dishwasher. I spend wayyy too much time scrubbing at baked-on crud that has been further cemented by the hot dry cycle. I know you think you're helping, but just let me wash it properly the first time please.
Dear okay-looking guy in my college class,
Please stop answering biology questions so confidently in a room filled with mostly idiots.
Dear Justin Bieber,
Please shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dear Harper Lee,
Oh, you wrote TWO books now? Call me when you've written over 50.