Dear family,
Please what part of literally no one is willing to hire me do you not understand
Dear mum,
Just because I don't go to parties every weekend, just because I like spending time with my family rather than friends, just because I'm shy, doesn't mean I lack a social life. All it means is that I'm safe at home, love my family as much as my friends, and prefer not talking to strangers like you taught me.
Dear friend who says that I can sit in between you guys ,
Thanks for making me switch half way through the movie and then making out with him and ignoring me the rest of the time
Dear Billy,
Please know that there were over a thousand people at your funeral. People stood in the sanctuary for two hours, just so they could say goodbye to you one last time. Your father's eulogy was one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. It's amazing to think how many lives you've touched, even though you were only 19. You are so loved, and you will always be missed.
Dear "Friends",,
Please stop calling me a loser for deciding to save myself until marriage.
Dear Daniel Radcliffe,
When you got the part of Harry Potter did they tell you that you were the chosen one??
Dear streaker at my high school graduation,
Thanks for pissing a lot of people off and more importantly scarring little children because of the sight. Why don't you grow up and think about others before you make stupid decisions?
Dear Parents,
No don't worry about it. I love getting yelled at the moment I get home about something that happened while I was at work.
Dear College math teacher,
Understand that I've learned all the things that you've taught back in ninth grade. so dont freak out at me for simply trying to catch up on my other work in your class
Dear people who think being a blonde white American girl automatically makes me racist,
that explains my black parents, Japanese best friend, and Guatemalan boyfriend, huh?
Dear alarm clock,
Every single weekday, you are way too quiet and I sleep through you, relying on other alarms to wake me up. Yet you happen to be loud enough on Saturday to wake me up at 6:30?
Dear McDonald's customers,
If you come through my drive-through and you have an order that's $20 or more, and you give me handfulls upon handfulls of small change, please know that every employee is talking about how much they hate you and we are probably spitting in your food as you're giggling to yourself about us having to count it.
Dear people who pay for soldiers' meals at restaurants,
Why is it that you only do it when the restaurant is really crowded and busy?
Dear Christmas,
Someday, everyone will forget about you too.
Dear Roommate,
Kindly respect that I do not acknowledge Christmas before Thanksgiving.