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Dear employer,
Please know that if you do someone's pay almost in half, you should definitely inform them.
Dear My Best Friend,
Please understand that I am not sadden because you are dating my ex-girlfriend, it's quite the opposite. I am extremely happy for you both. I am sad, because you both decided to lie to me about it, even when I asked you directly.
Dear young girls,
Please don't think that anyone's telling you you can't go into science. Just because there's more boys doesn't mean you can't do just as well, if not better. Go and bridge that gap! Break down those walls! You go, girl! Kick some butt!
Dear society (generally middle aged people),
Just because I am young, it doesn't mean I'm a bad driver. In fact, I drive over 10 hours a day for a living, pulling weights you've never towed before, in all sorts of conditions, without benefits of things like hill start assist or reversing cameras. Do not tell me I'm not experienced as you, just because you were driving when I was born. Do not tell me I am a bigger danger on the road, just because you're vehicle is newer.
Dear supposed friends,
Please try and realise that life does not revolve around you.
Dear college kids,
Please be wary of crosswalks, I really don't want to hit you and pay my tuition as well as yours.
Dear USA,
Only hearing about your presidential candidates through memes is... interesting
Dear Han,
I shot first you little sh*t
Dear crush,
Please notice the amount of butterflies you put in my stomach when you talk to me
Dear Mom,
Please stop trying to change my mind when my mind is not yet made up. I don't know if I want to get married. I don't know if I want to have kids. I'm on the fence. Please wait until I've decided something before trying to change my decision. Give me some time to figure things out.
Dear classmate,
Yep, I'm totally avoiding you. I helped you out on the homework twice, and now you seem to think I only exist to explain each and every problem for you.
Dear bras,
How is it possible that the band's loose enough to yank the bra up over my boobs but I'm still getting stabbed in the sternum!?
Dear religious people,
Even if you force everybody to follow your religious laws, it doesn't make them religious or save them! If people want to follow religious rules, they will follow them willingly. And your salvation does not depend on what others choose to do.
Dear Baby Seal,
So you just walked right into a club?
Dear Men,
I finally found a way to describe what cramps feel like. You know those really horrid gas cramps you get that make you double over in pain? Imagine that for a whole day to two days.