Dear teenage girls,
Excessive amounts of overwhelming, flowery perfume smell JUST AS BAD as overwhelming, sweaty B.O.
Dear mom and dad who say they don't like my older boyfriend,
Please stop treating him like a creep. He treats me better than ALL of my exes and actually cares about me.
Dear Cousin,
We know that you like to dress a little more provocatively than our otherwise conservative family, and we're happy to leave you to your decisions normally, but seriously? A hot pink sleeveless midriff that basically functions as a bra and daisy dukes? It's our grandma's funeral. Have a little respect.
Dear menstrual cycle monthly,
I would like to unsubscribe from you.
Dear people who have a birthday today,
Dear High School Bullies,
Please don't message me on Facebook years after high school finished to apologize for treating me like shit. That doesn't fix the past. But teaching your kids to be accepting of others can fix the future.
Dear "corporal punishment is the only way",
Please realize that children are different and therefore respond to punishments different. I was hit as a child and I behaved terribly throughout my child and needed therapy for my anger issues in adolescence.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for putting my 21 year old cat down without telling me.
Dear "aren't you a little old to be a Girl Scout?",
Yes. yes I am.
Dear boyfriend,
Please realize that though you don't compliment me often or always say sweet things,I love it and appreciate it all that much more when you do.
Dear Joy,
You may be 'just a horse' to anyone else, but to me you are so much more. You taught me to be confident and hold my head high because I'm not powerless. You melt my stress away just by being around you. My anxiety has been lowered so much more since I've been riding and even though you are getting on in year, I want you to know how much you mean to me and always will.
Dear best friend's dad,
Your daughter is crying because you are are playing a power struggle using her and her 8 year old sister against your ex-wife; not because of "teenage girls and their drama". You should not limit or monitor her phone calls to her mom.
Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
Please don't text me on my birthday anymore. Stop telling me I was the best thing that every happened to you. It has been over three years since you cheated and put your hands on me.
Dear world,
what happened to all men (and women) created equal? equal rights should be a thing for everyone, not just to those who fit the "norm" of todays world.
Dear Americans,
We have a saying that goes, "If someone talks to you on the streets, he's either drunk, insane, or American."