Dear Guys who honk at me from their cars,
What is the point of that? Even if I appreciated that kind of attention (which I don't) there's no way for me to respond to it before your drive off.
Dear Cherry turnover,
I'm not even hungry, but I know that if I don't eat you now I won't get any. So I'm just going to stuff my face now.
Dear woman at the supermarket the other day,
It is neither your business nor your right to chasten others about charity with snarky comments and stupid giggles when you have no clue about what goes on in their life. Maybe I donate lots to charity, more than just two dollars: time.
Dear Fellow Teenagers,
We don't need to text every second of every day, and 99% if a text is an emoji or a word like okay, yeah, or yup it is acceptable for it the be the end of the conversation. It isn't that I don't like you or don't want to talk to you, I just don't want to text you every second of my life long past when we've run out of anything to say.
Dear Customers,
Your bra and other undergarments are not pockets. Please excuse the disgusted look on my face as I douse your money in lysol.
Dear parents,
Did you not realize what my initials would be?
Dear Summer,
Stay. Don't freaking leave me, I'm not ready for school.
Dear People who fake needing 'medical marijuana' just so you can get high,
I do hope that you never, ever, ever know the agony of intractable, uncontrollable, chronic pain ~ for which certain forms of cannabis can be of great help as a last resort
Dear Kraft,
Please stop telling me that one box of your Mac and cheese has three servings in it.
Dear ignorant classmate,
So... Remind me again why it's a problem that I like both men and women.
Dear Insomniac of a Neighbor,
Why in God's name do you think it's a good idea to mow your lawn at 1 am?
Dear 9 year old sister,
Next time we're at the community center, please try not to say "Mommy, what's a cone-dom?" so loudly.
Dear men,
Please aim at the toilet... Not the wall.
Dear geeky guy who texts me,
Please don't stop texting me, it makes me smile 20x more plus you're cute
Dear keyboard,
Please move the : and the ; buttons farther apart.