Dear United States of America,
Please Let me compare, my counrty caused a lot of chaos in the world with its ideas. I brainwashed the masses with media propaganda that people who are against us are communist in disguise. I spilled a lot of blood on wars and with my policies. I forced myself to other peoples matters saying it was in the name of democracy. It seems we are not that much different.
Dear class mates,
I don't care that you have had sex. so please making fun of me for wanting to wait until marriage.
Dear friend,
I'm trying my hardest to call you by your new name, and use the right pronouns. Give me some time please.
Dear sneeze,
If you're gonna happen, happen.
Dear people who argue online,
Please realise that calling someone an ignorant imbecile, numbskull moron or retard makes you look like an angry child
Dear Blood Drives,
Please don't ask for blood while I am on my period.
Dear contacts,
Thanks for making me literally force my eyes open and place stinging pieces of plastic in my eyes every single morning.
Dear girls at my high school,
It amazes me that you all have the confidence to wear shorts to school. I see girls of all shapes and sizes wearing really cute shorts, whether they're tight or short or mesh or denim. Go you, showing your legs and being proud of yourselves. I'm jealous
Dear " I didn't have iPod/Phone/as a kid",
It's pretty easy to not have something that DIDN'T EXIST when you were a kid.
Dear you're perfect when you're sober,
It is not all okay in the morning. You’re dating an alcoholic. Either get him to AA or dump him. What he is doing is emotional and verbal abuse and what you’re doing is enabling him. It’s bad for him and it’s bad for you. I’m sure you love him, but this is a really toxic situation that you are in, get outside help.
Dear people who complain about minority scholarships,
I'm white, and I don't see why people are so upset about them. Minorities have been held back from achievement for decades, if not centuries! Schools are just trying to help them catch up...
Dear teacher,
Stop telling me that I should "cover up" so that boys will stop staring. According to that logic, I should stop crossing roads because some people drive too fast.
Dear older brother,
Please continue to never get angry at me for calling you and talking about stupid things even though you are busy at college.
Dear school,
You wonder why teen anxiety and stress levels are so high...
Dear (current) math teacher,
Thank you so much for restoring my faith in math. You a a fun, relatable teacher who knows how to make a class laugh. You always have our papers graded the next day, which your students are very thankful for. You may not see it yet, but we all appreciate what you do as a teacher.