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Dear boy who wondered why I never had a boyfriend,
Please understand that I read books, and I read about all these wonderful fairytales. All I wish is to have one happen to me.
Dear Mom,
Please stop freaking out over every little thing.
Dear mom,
Thank you for helping me raise money to move to Tennessee even though you still claim I am three. I know you don't want me to go, but I am ready for this.
Dear Americans who constantly trash the United States and say they hate the country,
Please either work towards making the country a better place for everyone or get out.
Dear family,
Please stop asking when I am having kids.
Dear Boyfriend,
Thank you for being amazing and taking care of me while I was drunk and not being a standard college boy and take advantage of a drunk girl
Dear Cupcake liner makers,
Can you please explain why you always put 50 cupcake liners in a package? You can make 12 cupcakes using 1 cupcake pan so after 4 pans I have 2 left over.
Dear Donald Trump,
Please stop. Just stop.
Dear John Smith,
Please explain why you're English and everyone on your ship is English but they all have English accents and you sound like you born when a Bald Eagle made a nest in the Stars and Stripes.
Dear women afraid of blood,
How is that even possible?
Dear Recruitment Agencies,
Please stop calling at 9:00am. You're dealing with the unemployed. If we don't answer the phone it's not because we didn't get to it in time, we're just enjoying what little benefits we have.
Dear Adulthood,
Please allow me to get a somewhat decent job so that the Bachelor degree that I just graduated with is not just a colossal waste of money!
Dear people who wonder why Hogwarts doesn't send rejection letters,
Because it would break the International Statute of Secrecy!
Dear Kindle haters,
Please don't tell me how much better books are than eReaders: I know. I recieved my Kindle as a gift, and it is simply cheaper and more convient to read and buy books. If I had endless amounts of money and the ability to go to the bookstore and buy books I would. It dosn't mean I am not a true literature lover or that I don't ever read "true" books, nor does it mean you are better than me because you do.
Dear Creepy man getting out of his car,
Please stop staring at me like you're going to break into my car and kidnap me.