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Dear father,
You were not dear at all, but i'd like to remember you as if you were. That is why i wrote "Dear father,".
Dear Canada,
Please let me come live with you guys, America makes no sense.
Dear first anniversary,
Please understand if you don't get the normal fanfare. One year together and one year apart. It's another sweet day that I won't get to spend with him.
Dear abusive ex-childhood friend,
Please stop appearing in my nightmares every night. We haven't spoken in almost 6years and I'm really tired of seeing your face and the faces of your family whenever I go to bed. Seriously, leave me the fuck alone.
Dear friends asking for my WIFI password,
Please. It's not that I don't want you on there, I just want to put the password in myself...
Dear self,
Please figure out whether you like him or not. It is cruel to play with his feelings, even unintentionally
Dear everyone,
Please discuss: If you could travel anywhere (cost was not a limitation), where would you go? How long would you stay, and what would you see and experience there?
Dear People I Know,
Please stop asking why I don't look sick. It's called an invisible chronic illness for a reason
Dear siblings,
Please teach me how to be as loved as you are. Mom loves you. Dad loves you. People love you. I can't pretend that its their fault for raising me wrong because they raised you two, too.
Dear dreamers,
Please know that romance does exist. Today, my boyfriend told me that I was a better catch than any of his Pokemon.
Dear clerk,
No, we don't have thirteen months in Brazil. I just wrote the date they way we do.
Dear Mom,
Please try being in my corner for once rather than just assuming that judgemental assholes who don't even know me are right and I'm a bad person.
Dear male stalking my girlfriend,
Leave her alone. Leave her friends alone. Leave me alone. You're threatening to brutally hurt/murder us and the people we love and the only reason you can get away with it is because you're saying it on the internet.
Dear Patrons at the pool I work at,
Please Please know that it is not acceptable to tell me what is unacceptable about my body. A bikini body is just simply a bikini on a body, not some outrageously, unattainable goal.
Dear Mom With a Colorful History,
Thanks for telling me all the wild things you did at my age. At best, I know the dangers of your mistakes while felling more comfortable confiding in you. At worst, I've learned to never take my existence for granted.