Dear Life,
Please get exciting already.
Dear politicians,
Please stop trying to prevent guns in schools with gun laws
Dear world,
I realise I might get a lot of hate for this... but please read with an open mind. The only reason I knew what discrimination and racism was is because they taught it to us in detail at school. Nobody is born thinking, "Oh, they're XXXXX so I hate them already!" Maybe if we stopped teaching it at such a young age, it would become nothing more than old stories to the future generations. If we stop arguing/complaining, maybe it wouldn't be such a huge problem...
Dear Customer,
I understand that the bags are weak, but you don't have to act as if they're made of tissue paper! I mean, triple bagging? That wasn't even heavy enough to justify double bagging!
Dear people who think all kids born '98+ are lost causes,
Actually, some of us don't have boyfriends or girlfriends, babysat for our phones, read and write every day, and know how to spell and use the parts of speech correctly. I know being bit in 1999 doesn't make me a 90s kid, but I still function properly.
Dear stupid tailgater ,
Please get off my ass or I will go 10 under the speed limit.
Dear judgmental virgin girls in my school ,
Please, we've been together for years, talk regularly about marriage and kids, and I wear the promise ring he gave me
Dear Obama haters who think he's both a Marxist and a Muslim,
Marxism teaches that religion is the opiate of the people. Islam is a religion. Marxism and Islam conflict.
Dear pirates who kidnapped me for ransom,
Please know I enjoyed my time with you, am glad you took my advice of more than doubling my ransom (what you demanded hardly matched my worth), respect you for holding up your bargain upon being paid the aforementioned ransom, and hope there are no hard feelings with me honoring my promise to return to execute each and every one of you
Dear 6 year old brother,,
Please never lose your innocence. The way you look at the world as if it is a beautiful place without fault or malevolence never fails to make me smile.
Dear smokers at the bus stop,
Thank you for putting them out
Dear people who call me a hipster,
Please stop calling me one, I wear beanies because I am a little bitch when it comes to the cold.
Dear Ladies sitting next to me at Panera,
Please don't talk about me. I know I don't look the best, but I have my reasons.
Dear Technology,
You mean to tell me we've come up with nuclear bombs yet we can't find a way to get rid of the painfully awkward lag on news channels when going to someone "on the scene"?
Dear world,
Please learn that there is a BIG difference between "retarded" and "stupid" and when this difference is ignored, people's feelings get hurt.