Dear Rude people,
Please realize that you are being a bully when you make fun of someone for not knowing something (History, Geography Etc). How can someone know those things without being taught it at some point? You are the reason some people are afraid to ask questions
Dear guy in the corvette who almost hit me while i was running,
Please enjoy the water bottle i threw at you
Dear people who say that girls have to 'earn respect by not being sluts',
Please just stop. Girls, just like everyone else, deserve respect no matter how they want to dress. Who they sleep with is their choice, not yours. No deserves to feel like a lower life form because they get laid more often then YOU think is right or good or 'normal.'
Dear world,
Please quit staring and gaping at me when I eat something healthy. I'm very fond of fruits and veggies, and have been since I was a kid.
Dear dormmate,
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but no one needs to watch movies that loudly at three thirty in the morning.
Dear "Long distance relationships don't work",
Please don't say that in front of military girlfriends/boyfriends, fiances, and spouses.
Dear man on the street,
Please reconsider the claim that you're "making my day" by spewing sexist slurs as I pass. I am worth so much more than my body. I am beauty, I am ancestry, I am faults and flaws and hunger. I am both woman and person, and I am not here for your pleasure.
Dear Fellow Classmates,
Please realize that I'm not gay because I'm in marching band, I'm gay because I prefer men over women.
Dear, Waiter @ Apple Bee's,
Thank you for singing material girl when it came on the radio you officially made my night
Dear Folks who wear make-up,
All in favor of changing the name from make-up to war-paint, say aye.
Dear 15-year-olds these days,
When I was your age, I was raising babies, not Pokemon! Get your life together, you old maids.
Dear everyone,
Unless your S/O has cheated on you, or you have definite reason to suspect he or she is, you NEVER have any right to check their phone, email, or social media.
Dear "woman against feminism",
Please don't call yourselves anti-feminist if you vote, drive or have received an education.
Dear girls who "just love this new perfume!",
We should be able to smell it... Not taste it
Dear Mozzy the Cat,
Please feel free to sit on my face as a sign that it's time for your breakfast, I don't need to breathe anyway.