Dear Fellow Females,
How the heck do I go about learning how to dress properly? I go into a store and get overwhelmed by too many choices.Why don't women have an easy standard for nice clothes like men do?
Dear boys,
Never ask a girl if she is PMSing
Dear guy who stands up for me when other guys call me 'fag',
Please don't turn around and start labeling everything you see 'gay'
Dear world,
Please try not to be offended when I giggle about the name..
Dear customer,
You're right, your needs are much more important than my own. But, the great thing is that all of the other customer's collective needs are far, far more important than yours could ever be. So, it doesn't matter how much of a tantrum you throw, I'm still kicking you out for disturbing the other patrons.
Dear boyfriend,
Please understand how much I appreciate our "workout" competition.
Dear officer,
Please tell me how my best friend who was passing safely and legally deserves a $50 ticket and threats of license suspension, but my ex who nearly killed us going twice the posted speed limit towards oncoming traffic got off with just an $80 ticket?
Dear Wrists,
Stop clicking.
Dear feminists,
No means no, right? Then why is it when women refuse to identify as feminists you think it's okay to bully and harass them to make them change their minds? Why doesn't no mean no?
Dear Parents,
Why is your screaming toddler at an R rated movie? Maybe use the common sense you were granted once in a while...
Dear humans,
Please stop going "so you don't feel love" and telling me that I "just haven't found the right person" when I tell you I'm aromantic. I just don't want to date, okay?
Dear anit-vaxxer parents,
Yes, I did have the flu jab. Yes I did catch the flu. No, that does not prove that vaccines are ineffective. Notice how I got sick on Friday and my symptoms were pretty much gone by Monday?
Dear World,
Please stop calling us Grammar Nazis. We haven't killed millions of people; we just correct spoken and written language.
Dear ex,
You didn't put me up against a wall, and you didn't hit me. But if a girl says no, then that's not an invitation to manipulate and emotionally blackmail her. I wish I saw that sooner.
Dear dads friends,
Please realize you give me the best stories to tell my friends.