Dear world,
Please learn that there is a BIG difference between "retarded" and "stupid" and when this difference is ignored, people's feelings get hurt.
Dear Dad,
Thank you for singing Mom the song that you sang her on your wedding day 17 years ago. That made both of our days.
Dear homework,,
I always win
Dear Sink Fairy,
Please be real. Wave your magic wand over those who put the dishes in the sink in the first place. Then you wouldn't have to visit so often.
Dear guy who lives down the hall,
Please next time you see me using a feature on my phone you don't like, keep it to yourself. Chewing me out for having a phone you deem "inferior" and then telling me to never use that feature in front of you again was very uncalled for.
Dear AP World teacher,
Please stop complimenting me on my study schedule, and how you wish more students were as "diligent" as me. When you asked how my grades had gotten so high so quickly after them being so low, and I told you how I had started scheduling time for panic attacks while studying. You should not take this as a good thing
Dear skinny girls,,
Just because I weigh 110 pounds and you weigh 85 doesn't mean I'm fat.
Dear Potty-Training Nephew,
If you have to go to the bathroom, please notify an adult... especially if you are going to be sitting on laps.
Dear math teacher,
Why do you make fun of me in class when I don't understand something?
Dear customer,
If you dont' want tomatoes on your burger, just ask us not to put them on. If you tell us you are allergic to tomatoes, then yes, we are going to remove both the tomatoes and the ketchup, because, guess what, ketchup is made from tomatoes.
Dear Santa,
I thought we agreed on December
Dear people with a Confederate flag on their car, guys lost the Civil War. And this is upstate New York. So maybe you should take that down...
Dear woman next door who screams every night,
Please stop screaming, or atleast inform me if you're being abused or just having wild sex.
Dear girl who walked into a room full of hot boys in the cupcake P.J.s grandma got you,,
You were more gorgeous like that than you would have been in make up
Dear teachers,
When it's supposed to snow the next day, it is not acceptable to say 'Since we're having a snow day, here's a project to do over it!'.