Dear world,
Please understand, This is my country, wrong or right, if right to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right. That means I don't always agree with what the USA does, but I'll work to set things right, not deny my country and leave it in the hands of those that will continue with everything as is.
Dear ex-boyfriend,
Please change your mind and ask me out again...
Dear girls wanting Disney to make a certain type of princess so more people feel beautiful,
I'm white and healthy and I don't relate to any of the current princesses.
Dear People who think calling myself fat means I must think they're obese.,
Stop it. My dysmorphia affects only me, and my body is the only one I see disproportionally. You look just fine.
Dear the guy who said he'd never heard a girl say they're pretty.,
I think i'm beautiful. I think I'm fantastic. I am not skinny. I am chubby and I love my cupcakes in the morning. I rarely work out, and I feel great. I work on things that are important to me, and I've done a great job. That works a lot better than only worrying about your looks. I'm sorry girls don't believe in themselves as much as they ought.
Dear people who check behind their shower for murders,
Please realize that if you leave the shower curtain open, you can see the entire shower and you don't have to check.
Dear Emotions,
The boy I have to kiss in drama class does NOT need to be the boy for whom I fall into a deep, dank, and uncontrollable love for.
Dear America,
Kindly stop interfering in the business of other countries because you made yourself the "world's policeman".
Dear Liberals,
I spent 12 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a doctor and pay 40% in federal taxes and you want to tax me more, yet billionaires only pay 15%? Go f*ck yourselves
Dear History Teacher,
Please accept when you screwed up on a test. It's not fair for half the class not to get points they deserve.
Dear world,
I don't find Waldo. Waldo finds ME.
Dear Non-virgins,
Please stop looking at us with pity. It's just as insulting as curious looks at you.
Dear Pandora advertisers,
Why do I keep getting ads in Spanish to vote for the govener of Illinois?
Dear media,
the most recent school shooting was committed by a popular boy. It shouldn't take multiple people's deaths for you to realize and start talking about how not all of these tragedies are caused by "loners" and not everyone who seems quiet or distant is planning to go on a murder spree.
Dear know-it-alls,
I know Subway can have as much sugar, fat and sodium as places like McDonalds. Thing is, I don't eat there for health/dieting reasons.