Dear spoilt rich kids,
Please stop complaining about the laptops that are provided to you through our school. You have one. That's more than most people in the world have.
Dear Friends,
Please stop saying "just roll with the punches"
Dear Residents,
Please stop locking yourselves out of your rooms. Your adults bring your key with you!
Dear People who want Cheap Accessable flying cars,
It is hard enough for you to drive on two dimensions. Imagine how how many accidents there would be in three. Plus, think of where the cars would land when they crash.
Dear Westboro Baptist,
There are homosexual Christians in the world. If God, AKA 'our controller', really had anything against what they do, he probably would have done something about it by now.
Dear Mom,
Please stop telling me to eat healthy and to get more exercise. It hurts my feelings when you call me fat.
Dear stomach,
Could you find another way to tell me eating pop tarts and donuts and drinking slurpees and sodas is a bad idea?
Dear Australia,
We understand that not everyone can help, and even though a lot of people are being rude and saying just 'thinking' does us no good, please know we DO appreciate the emotional support too!!! It means a lot to us that so many people care, so thank you!~
Dear girl who flirts with my boyfriend,
Yeah, I get it, you two were friends before I started dating him. Doesn't give you an excuse to try and make a move on him when I'm right there. I can be vicious.
Dear Internet users,
Buffering, yeah that was me.
Dear reality,
Unless you learn some tricks from the books I read, I refuse to spend more time with you.
Dear slut shamers,
Please explain your logic to me. I often hear you saying that girls who wear short skirts and/or low-cut tops are sluts. If that was the case, I would become a slut in no more than a few seconds by simple changing clothes.
Dear friend,
Please forgive me for telling the guidance counselors on you. I was only trying to help you. I'm scared for you. It hurts me more than you can know when I see the scars from the cuts on your arms.
Dear Cinderella,
Please understand that employing rats to make clothing is frowned upon in all kingdoms.
Dear best friend who happens to be Asian,
I like you, but people say we'd be an awkward couple. Are you seriously going to listen to them?