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Dear everyone I went to primary school with,
You were all right. Me and my boy best friend didn't stay 'just friends'. We live together now
Dear depression,
Please stop making me ruin my own life. I'm tired.
Dear Girl I am in love with.,
I have raging diarrhea right now.
Dear mean girls,
I lost my sister because of your countless teasing sessions. I watched her arms go from smooth, to being cut. I found bruises when she was asleep. I know pain. Forgive me if I think I'm better than you.
Dear guy trying to talk to me,
I'm not trying to be rude, I am sure you are really nice, but I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to go to work.
Dear Honors English Teacher,
Please continue giving your classes munchknins the day before finals.
Dear Random guy with a gun,
Thanks for saving my life from that guy with a knife who tried to stab me in the ally way
Dear Global Themes Teacher,
Please NEVER change the seating chart!
Dear users of this fine website,
Please understand that, as a moderator, I allow certain posts through that are incredibly stupid or nonsensical at times. Why? Because I can't wait to see what the comments section for those posts will look like.
Dear guy in my project group,
Please continue to smile like I made your day just by walking into the room. When your face lights up like that, I can't help but smile too. You might just be the perfect person to help me heal.
Dear tongue twisters,
My small business has bloomed because of you. Thanks for the publicity
Dear friend getting chemotherapy,
I think about your death . I just needed to say that . I know that all your cancer cells are gone but the chances of relapse with your type of cancer is high . And that scares me so much .
Dear liver,
Please forgive me for last night
Dear high school football team,
Thanks for encouraging me even though you could all run circles around me. Thanks for cheering me on as I finished the mile last and rejoined the line. Thanks for helping me through my transformation from couch potato to lineman. I couldn't ask for a better team, and I promise not to let you down.
Dear Tail Gater,
The closer you get behind me the slower I will go. The car in front of me is doing the speed limit and I don't want to crash into them if they slam on the brakes.