Dear world,
Please realize that just because I'm Christian doesn't mean I'm homophobic. Yes I believe it is wrong, however I also believe that unless you too claim to be Christian, then I have no right to judge you. I won't judge you, so please don't judge me
Dear basketball teammates,
It doesn't matter if I have confidence in myself unless you have confidence in me. It takes you to give me the ball, and me to take the shot. I may not play much, but I'm still a player on this team too.
Dear Ninjas,
I'm still better at hiding than you.
Dear lady in my apartment downstairs ,
Stop screaming at your 7 year old son
Dear people complaining about their jobs,
Please try to be thankful that you at least have a job. Millions of people would love to have your "problem."
Dear baristas,
Do you purposefully make our drinks worse if we're rude to you?
Dear fellow movie goers,
I in no way feel bad about ruining the end of the movie.
Dear high schoolers at dances,
Wait you mean you don't do a Samba to this song?
Dear chemistry tutor,
Please understand that you are my favourite person in the known universe.
Dear Professor,,
Please note that if 50% of the class fails and the other 50% just barely passes, something must be wrong with your grading or the questions you pose.
Dear High School girls,
If you have to cover your ass with your hand when you're walking upstairs, then your skirt is too short.
Dear Ash,
You shouldn't use that here
Dear people questioning vegetarians motives,
Please know that many vegetarians have a multitude of reasons for their choice but to explain it all usually takes too long. Saying that it's because they don't like killing is oversimplifying the reasons..
Dear American education system,
Why do we have to read Of Mice and Men? What was I supposed to learn from it? How to strangle puppies? Women? How to euthanize the mentally ill? Frankly, more than anything, I was deeply disturbed. As a person battling with depression, an avid animal lover, and supporter of someone with suicidal tendencies, this is not healthy. There is no benefit. And all I can think of is anyone struggling reading this book, and finally giving up. Because, in the end, what good is friendship and dreams? I do not appreciate being forced to read this.
Dear friends,
Please excuse my outward grumpiness. It was an act and I'm happy you played matchmaker.