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Dear equestrian friend,
I don't think the expression "if you fall off, get back on the horse" was meant to be taken so literately and immediately.
Dear "J.K. Rowling's a Hufflepuff",
When asked, Rowling confessed she hoped she would be a Gyffindor because she values courage beyond almost anything.
Dear mom of four,
Please do not hold your kids' heads under water in the pool. I didn't realize parents had to be told this.
Dear Dad,
Please stop telling me all the reasons why I shouldn't do something, every time I come up with something new I want to do with my life.
Dear father-in-law,
There comes a point where more experience doesn't mean you do it better. I've been doing my own laundry for 15 years. Just because you've been doing it for 40 doesn't mean you know better than me.
Dear lecturer,
Please, please, please let me see my grades. It's been two weeks, and if I look and see "grade not released" once more, I think my head may explode.
Dear soldiers sailors and marines,
Please understand that just because I dont support defense spending and war it doesnt mean I dont support you for your nobility and sacrifice
Dear spanish/mexican/dominican republic,
Please first of all shut up. you are noisy. stop coming into an other wise quiet, clothing store, making all the noise you can talking to each other incessantly over the racks, your kids are screaming and made a mess out of the rack, have you no respect for anyone or anything, when you all finally left the store was thankfully brought back to some quiet dignity. Please stay in your own shopping area where everyone is like you.
Dear classmates,
Please forgive me for being a Feminist Killjoy. I was under the impression that a class focusing on sexism, racism, and homophobia would draw people who care about those things.
Dear normally polite well-mannered 5-year-old daughter,
You choose NOW to demonstrate your list of naughty words, scream and cry at the top of your lungs over a perceived slight and make unreasonable demands? Now? While mommy and daddy's friends are over?
Dear fast food restaurant customer with a complaint,
I understand you have a complaint about your food, but please let the staff member finish preparing a customer's order before barging in demanding their attention. Its a little rude to not wait in line, but to interrupt service to request the manager, who was serving somebody else, is really rude.
Dear Black People,
Please stop using Facebook, as they allow white racists to post death pictures of our black children that were murdered by white race soldiers, never closing their accounts or doing anything about it.
Dear roommates,
Headphones save lives.
Dear white people,
Please show some respect for pictures of deceased young black men on the Internet, that were killed by white race soldiers. They're someone's child regardless if you feel they deserved what happened to them.
Dear little kid at the grocery store,
Continue to adventure on in the world where the floor is lava!