Dear maybe we need a refresher on the word "equality",
Maybe we need a refresher on how hard it was for white males to gain their rights and power.
Dear roommate,
When you ask me to walk your dog because you are still with your coteachers doing your Friday ritual, do bring home a boy you are toying with later. It makes it seem like you care more about sex then your dog.
Dear world,
Please realize that getting married isn't the be-all and end-all of every person's life. Sure, someday in the future it may happen, but focusing solely on finding a husband seems to lead to way too much stress for my taste.
Dear older brother,
Please stop treating my bipolar friend like trash. I'm sorry you don't get along, but that's because you called her a cunt for standing up for me when you were threatening me.
Dear Feminist roommates,
Please stop lumping all males into one group of "douche bags". I know plenty of great guys who you continually insult in front of me because you think all men are out to have sex and suppress women and are just all around jerks and have no morals or respect.
Dear friend who thinks he know's the secret to fixing me,
Not thinking about it isn't going to stop my anxiety, depression, and eaten disorder. So stop suggesting it.
Dear people complaining about the undo button,
There is a redo button.
Dear Husband,
I love that you're willing and capable of cooking for me...but please reconsider the thought process, "I'm going to put everything my wife finds impalatable into one dish so she HAS to eat it!"
Dear new 20 year olds,
Congratulations!!! You just surpassed teen pregnancy!
Dear roomates,
Please stop standing right outside the bathroom door when I'm occupying it. Theres a 1 inch gap between the floor and the door, making it very awkward
Dear people capable of Sign Language,
Can you please tell me how or if you sign peoples' names?
Dear People reading this,
I'm avoiding three study guides, a packet about verbs, nouns, parts of speech, exedra, and a paper on Roman History.
Dear cat,
Please stop sitting directly on top of my laptop. I know it's warm, but I have work I need to do.
Dear milkshakes,
Please follow through with your promise.
Dear people who think that I am too specific about the type of men I will date,
Please note that you will soon be recieving a kettlebell through your windshield if you tell me this one more time.