Dear obnoxious girl,
When I said that I have/used to have Asperger's, the appropriate response was not, "oh, THAT'S why you're so annoying!"
Dear fake friends,
Please don't make a fake Facebook just to terrorize one of your "friends." You never know what she could do.
Dear Kids Waiting Up Christmas Eve For Santa,
Any other night, a fat guy in red climbing down your chimney and laughing, would scare the hell out of you.
Dear really quiet guy I like,,
Thank you for complementing me.
Dear pocahontas ,
No, I've never talked to a bobcat before... You might want to see a doctor about that one.
Dear TV,
I turn you on.
Dear Mario Bros.,
I'm back from my 20 year vacation and feel really bad about the whole peach thing. Please accept my dearest ....... WHO THE HELL IS BOWSER, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CASTLE?
Dear freshmen,,
Tweeting where you're hiding from the cops...genius
Dear Harry potter 7,
Please know that I cried uncontrollably for hours after finishing you. I felt as if I had suffered from withdrawal.
Dear everyone,
I love the fact that we're getting support for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, and what have you. But let's not forget about our transgender folk over here.
Dear Life,
Please get exciting already.
Dear politicians,
Please stop trying to prevent guns in schools with gun laws
Dear world,
I realise I might get a lot of hate for this... but please read with an open mind. The only reason I knew what discrimination and racism was is because they taught it to us in detail at school. Nobody is born thinking, "Oh, they're XXXXX so I hate them already!" Maybe if we stopped teaching it at such a young age, it would become nothing more than old stories to the future generations. If we stop arguing/complaining, maybe it wouldn't be such a huge problem...
Dear Customer,
I understand that the bags are weak, but you don't have to act as if they're made of tissue paper! I mean, triple bagging? That wasn't even heavy enough to justify double bagging!
Dear people who think all kids born '98+ are lost causes,
Actually, some of us don't have boyfriends or girlfriends, babysat for our phones, read and write every day, and know how to spell and use the parts of speech correctly. I know being bit in 1999 doesn't make me a 90s kid, but I still function properly.