Dear people who tell me I'm short,
No shit.
Dear boys,
Ogling at me is not flattering, it's creepy and I'm not interested anyways.
Dear Jackson Avery,
Please keep your shirt off, forever.
Dear everyone,
At one point in your childhood, your parents put you down and never picked you up again.
Dear Methamphetamine,
Please stop haunting my thoughts, showing up in my dreams, and tarnishing my relationships. You've taken away enough of my life. I'm not giving in so you might as well give up with this psychological warfare.
Dear Hollister,
I wear a size 13 in your store. Everywhere else, I'm a size 4.
Dear Dad,
Blue isn't natural, green makes me look like a witch, pink is too mature, and sparkly just looks dumb. I guess you don't like my fingernails no matter what color they're painted.
Dear gynecologist,
I know damn fine that I won't ever want have children. So quit telling me how the pill or the three-month injection could affect my fertility and give me the contraception method I've decided to use. It's my body, so it's my decision. I do not have the duty to bear one child after the other just because I'm female.
Dear women of the world,
It's my period, and it hurts. Pity please. Seriously, who annoyed Mother Nature so much she'd screw her own gender over so badly?
Dear women who complain about feminism,
Are you having a good time on the internet? You're Welcome
Dear Customers with WIC Checks,
Don't get angry with me because you can't get get an item you want. I have to go by exactly what the check says. So if it says lowfat milk, you get lowfat milk, not whole milk. I'm just the cashier, if you have a problem with that go to the people who hands out WIC Checks. By law, I have no choice or say so in the matter.
Dear "Islam preaches violence",
Please realize that a lot of holy/religious books mention violence but that they have to be read in context.
Dear Edward and Peter,
Please stop fighting. You are both terrible dates. We've decided to become lesbians.
Dear people without asthma,
Please be grateful that you don't have asthma. Seriously, it freaking sucks.
Dear Fellow Uterus Owners,
Let's clarify once and for all: cramps, headaches, migraines, nausea, etc are very real physical symptoms. Nobody is denying this. "PMS Craziness" is, therefore, not just 'women are crazy amirite', it is a perfectly natural and logical reaction to having to deal with petty bullshit while in physical pain. The fact that this is being pointed out is in fact a good thing, as it stops people from thinking that we are actually mentally impaired simply because of our fertility cycle. That is a myth, and an offensive one. Shutting it down is a good thing.