Dear teachers,
Please give us more than 13 seconds to pack our stuff up
Dear parents,
Just because I believe in gay rights doesn't mean that I'm gay.
Dear Crappy CEO,
Please enjoy your life when I quit. My job isn't as easy as it looks. One day you'll think, "I wish I had of been nicer to my employees."
Dear Europe,
How do you live without peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
Dear Society,
Please tell me why watching trashy TV (like the Real Housewives) makes me feel better about my life? I complain...too much. I REALLY hope I don't sound like these women though.
Dear individuals with hard challenges in life,
Please don't use your life to criticize the seemingly minor issues others face. My aunt almost died fleeing her home in Iraq, then became a doctor in England and went back to Iraq many times to help treat people. Despite all that she's seen, she sympathized with even my silliest problems as a child and instead used her life to teach me all people have the strength to get past every kind of challenge.
Dear Colleges,
Please tell me why an "A" is now an expected grade when it used to be F for failure, D for bad, C for average, B for Good, and A for damn near perfect?
Dear guy at work,
Please speak more often..
Dear business that said they are going to make me a job offer over a month ago,
Please do me the courtesy to return my email and voicemail regarding your offer--ignoring me is dirty and rude. Why on earth would ANYONE want to work for a company that doesn't even communicate?
Dear avid Disney fans,
The princesses didn't teach me bad habits. Lets face it you didn't understand anything they were doing.
Dear world,
I love naturally red hair. You get bonus points if you have freckles.
Dear World,
why is it okay for Adele to make an album about her breakups but people make fun of Taylor swift for doing it?
Dear best friends who thought they were being funny,
Please remember that just because im "innocent" doesn't mean i don't know what a vibrator is
Dear Dora ,
Please come home. We miss you. You haven't taken your medication in weeks. We should have never bought you that monkey
Dear Marine Corps,
Thank you for the four years of life experience and the travel opportunities. I've seen the world, been shot at and blown up, and matured immensely since I was 18.