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Dear IMDB,
Please stop saying all these modern movies are better because they made more money in the box office. The reason is that movie theatre tickets keep costing more and more!
Dear Biology teacher,
Please let it be acceptable to have a Hunger Games reference in my paper about deforestation
Dear Dog,
Please relax. I know the fireworks and thunder are scary but... I promise the world isn't ending... especially when it's 3 AM and it's been silent for 3 hours...
Dear Fellow African Americans,
Please stop saying hateful things because I choose to date a white guy. I'm not shaming my race, nor am I a letdown to my ancestors. They died to give me the right to choose a better life for myself, I'm happy. I work hard, and I found someone that LOVES me even when I'm not lovable. Who cares if he's white, green, purple or red?
Dear nose,
Please stop pretending you have to sneeze
Dear Momma,
Please understand when you're the editor and cartoonist for the college's newspaper, a respected saxophonist in the concert and jazz band, a tv filmer, an actress for the skit team for the college's Baptist group, all while holding a 3.7 GPA with my pre-Vet degree, that sometimes my hardest efforts won't always show on paper, and that I'm not lazy.
Dear readers,
Instead of saying LOL, I'm gunna say SALTS (smiled a little, then stopped). It's more truthful.
Dear boyfriend,
If your gonna brag about your mad video game skills, make sure your girlfriend doesn't live in a house full of guys
Dear Husbands and Dads of the world,
Please remember to tell your wives and kids how much you love them every day. Just imagine if something were to happen and you didn't have that option anymore.
Dear upper classmen,
Please stop telling freshmen how lucky they are because their school stress level is close to nothing.
Dear Penny,
What's your last name?!
Dear American drivers,
Please drive in the right lane when driving in Canada. I get you want to obey our speed limits, but blocking up traffic is annoying
Dear person criticizing 10 year olds in Victoria's Secret, ,
When I was 10, I was wearing B cups.
Dear TV shows and movies,
Is it just me who didn't have the "typical" high school experience- falling in love, drinking at every party, having tons of romance? Because despite your many differences, all of you include those plot points.
Dear guy who likes me,
Please, let's do this. What we have here is a miscommunication.