Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
Please don't text me on my birthday anymore. Stop telling me I was the best thing that every happened to you. It has been over three years since you cheated and put your hands on me.
Dear world,
what happened to all men (and women) created equal? equal rights should be a thing for everyone, not just to those who fit the "norm" of todays world.
Dear Americans,
We have a saying that goes, "If someone talks to you on the streets, he's either drunk, insane, or American."
Dear everyone at my school,
Please stop judging me for what I look like and things I've done in the past. I want to be different but you're all pushing me down so much that I can't.
Dear Crush,
Please don't be afraid to ask me out.
Dear Loch Ness Monster,
Please I'd like some waffle fries and a coke... For free!
Dear People who get upset when asked for ID when using checks,
We ask for your ID because IT'S THE LAW. You're not that special.
Dear world,
Am I the only one who hates the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, but loves the cereal part?
Dear Doctor,
Please stop giving me a judgemental look for being on the pill. I'm on it for strictly superficial reasons, alas. (Besides isn't it a part of your job description to NOT judge?)
Dear man with a flower in his hair who passed me on the sidewalk 8 years ago,
Please never change. I admit, I wrongly judged you when I saw you coming, and even laughed. But when you passed me, you said, "Have a nice day." You were completely genuine- to me, a stranger! I was so moved. You brought tears to my eyes and my outlook has changed since then. I don't think I'll ever forget you, and I wish I could see you again so I could thank you.
Dear Secret Santa that gave me and my little sisters ipod touches leapfrog tablets and so much more,
Please know how extremely grateful I am for people like you.
Dear leg hair,
Please stop immediatly gowing a second after we shave you.
Dear Best Friend From When We Were Little,
Please understand that I am hurt when you totally ignore me all the time for the "popular" people
Dear fellow college students,
Please realize that not all Northerners are somehow immune from the cold weather and shouldn't be complaining about it.
Dear Mom,
Couldn't you at least say you were happy for us before yelling at me?