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Dear people at the beach,
I understand that the beach is for everybody and not everybody shares our passion for photography. But if you do see photographers on a clear, calm night, there might be a chance they are trying to capture the milky way, meteors, an aurora, a planet etc. So please don't leave your headlights on at full beam, or point your torches at us. It ruins photos.
Dear Movie Loving Friend,
Please stop talking during the movie we're watching. I don't care about the trivia when I'm trying to follow what's going on.
Dear other drivers,
If you want to get into my lane, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD use your turn signal. Especially if I'm moving fast and you're not.
Dear students,
Please realize that the purpose of your CLASS is to learn. The purpose of your experiment should be something more specific.
Dear old bitch who crashed into me,
You can try use the "young person, probably on their phone"excuse to your insurance company, but this "young tech-obsessed teen" has a dash cam that caught you on your phone, and caught you crashing into me.
Dear "coexistent" and "tolerant" people,
How come those two principles stand true until I say I'm a Christian, then all of a sudden I'm attacked for my beliefs? They may be different from yours but that isn't supposed to matter right?
Dear Donald Trump,
Please STOP
Dear writer's group,
Please continue to laugh. when you laughed when I read my story it was the best compliment I could have ever hoped to have received. you have encouraged me to keep writing.
Dear Bigioted Asshat,
Please quit telling me that I'm going to hell for sticking with my friends after he came out as being gay.
Dear world,
Listening to music that makes light of violence and murder helps me cope with the bruises covering my body. I know it's garbage music, but it gets me through the day.
Dear Extremists of all types,
Please go somewhere else to wage your wars
Dear facebook friend,
Yes I did just read your post about "testing if your friends read your posts". No I will not reply to confirm it. I don't interact with every post I see, nor will I be manipulated into doing so.
Dear parents,
I want to tell you about this amazing boy I have been dating for almost a year now, but it's long distance and you don't believe in those. I want you to support me just once.
Dear People-who-don't-care-about-spelling,
Please learn the difference between there, they're and their; belief and believe; to and too; lose and loose; your and you're; sight and site...
Dear person who said "You're only in first year you don't know anything" when I said I had a lot of work,
Please tell that to my three assignments, two essays, two tests, and three books that I have over the next two weeks.