Dear (some) feminists,
Please stop using the term "male privilege" so inconsiderately. There are a LOT of compelling male issues; guys don't have it that great either.
Dear English Teachers,
Here's a novel idea: allow your students to vote for books/plays/films they want to study. Include synopses and trigger warnings.
Dear family,
I understand money is tight right now but I can't see out of one eye because the multitude of sties. Can we please settle the finacial disputes and go see a doctor?
Dear anyone who suffers in silence,
When people spread happiness, they get happiness. Do not feel as if you friends/family will become sad when you share your problems with them. They can help solve it - and even if they can't (unlikely), they'll support you and know just how much you trust them. Believe it or not, we can tell when our close ones are sad.
Dear Owners,
You never see us picking up your poop! who's the pet again?
Dear society,
Please how can you call me annoying when you've never spoken to me
Dear Grocery Store,
Please open more cash registers when it's busy.
Dear squishy civilian,
When we tell you to leave, and you say "I'm not going to leave without you", you are not helping! We can fight much better when you are off somewhere safe, and not in the way.
Dear pro choicers ,
Please stop expecting that because I have a vagina that it means I'm pro choice. My mother had an abortion before she had me. I always wanted a big brother but hen I found that out, I hated her.
Dear acronyms,
Please tell me how it went from BRB to YOLOSOSMENOGIGYSAE
Dear people who are curious as to how milk was discovered,
I'm guessing the farmer saw the calves drinking it and decided to try it for himself.
Dear Juliet,
Oh, so this stranger you don't know, the one you made out with at a party earlier, randomly shows up IN YOUR GARDEN in the middle of the night, UNDER YOUR WINDOW? And then you agreed to MARRY HIM?
Dear Best Friend,
I'm going to be checking up on you a lot more often now. Please just know that I'm not doing it to be annoying, I'm doing it because I care about you and I'm deeply concerned.
Dear any boy who wishes to win my heart,
Please don't ever give me flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, or love songs. I will just get embarrassed and hide.
Dear world,
Please realize that just because I'm Christian doesn't mean I'm homophobic. Yes I believe it is wrong, however I also believe that unless you too claim to be Christian, then I have no right to judge you. I won't judge you, so please don't judge me