Dear girl with the crop top and jeans with multiple holes,
I'm sorry that my first thought was trashy. You could be one of the nicest people around. But I'm not sorry for thinking your clothes were inappropriate when we have wind chills of -15 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dear parents,
Please know that just because I'm 13 doesn't mean I can't make my own religious choices. You might want what's best for me, but that doesn't mean you should force me to keep attending all your Hindu services. I've made it clear that I don't believe in God (in any shape or form). If I can accept you being religious then why can't you accept my non-belief?
Dear people that write "bestfriend",
Hello. My name is Señor Spacebar. You killed proper syntax.
Dear biological father,
Remember when you told my mother I wouldn't graduate high school without a father figure? I graduated at the top of my class without you.
Dear roommate having sex in our room while I'm trying to sleep,
have you no shame?
Dear assistant stage manager,
Please don't talk behind her back about a freshman messing up the lights during a show when in your first year you almost severely injured someone by cueing someone else at the wrong time.
Dear teen mom at my school,
Your baby is adorable and I am so proud of you for sticking with this no matter the ridicule, hardships, and difficulties you knew you would face. I think you'll be a great mom, and your boyfriend will be a great dad. So what if it just happened a little earlier in life?
Dear Geometry Student,
Please try this problem again. I'm pretty sure none of my sides measure -39 units.
Dear Ice Age,
Thank you for putting hidden references to things in the movie.
Dear mom,
Please know that you not doing anything is almost worse than dad beating me.
Dear hair,
Thank you for looking absolutely perfect this morning!
Dear fellow teammates,
If you insist on having "team sleepovers" yet insist on not inviting me, TAKE ME OUT OF THE GROUP MESSAGE!
Dear university,
I'm sincerely grateful to be able to have an education, but I really hate you sometimes.
Dear world,
It is best not to dwell on dreams.
Dear "socially awkward" girls in my class,
You are NOT socially awkward. You each have 20 friends plus, people follow you during lunch so they can talk with you, and you always have at least 5 people to pick from when the teacher tells us to pick partners. Stop saying you're antisocial or awkward or a forever alone. It's quite offensive.