Dear guy trying to guess my age,
I can't decide which is worse: the fact that you mistook me for a middle schooler, or the fact that apparently all the girls my age are trying too hard to look 25 wherever you're from.
Dear Friend with benefits,
Please make up your mind about what we are.
Dear artists of all kind,
the earth without art is just 'eh'
Dear Amazing Friend,
Please don't make me wait another year for you to like me back.
Dear Roommate,
Please stop having sex at midnight on a Thursday. I am sick and have class at eight tomorrow, I just want to sleep.
Dear Precious Puppy,
Please know I love you and will never forget you. I'm sorry I didn't find in the tick in time; your favourite toy is buried with you.
Dear Car Driving up my bum,
Please I realise 40km is a slow speed but guess what? It's the current speed limit; trust me, I hate the speed as much as you do but there's nothing I can do. Oh, and this area is a known police-hangout.
Dear college,
If I can walk into the first day of a course, take the book, never attend a day save the midterm and the final, and still ace both tests leaving me with an A+, there's something wrong.
Dear Society,
Arguing about things like who can or cannot be a victim of racism or if reverse racism is legitimate or not isn't going to get us anywhere. Instead lets all just agree to disagree and start basing our opinions of people on how they act rather than the actions of their ancestors or the color of their skin.
Dear Cocaine Addiction,
Please let me go. We have been good friends now for 6 years. No one knows about our relationship except you and I. We have had our good times and bad times...but I have given you my time, money, and my youth. It's time for me to part with you...or die trying.
Dear boy,
Please never stop catching my glances. It's the only thing I look forward to.
Dear boyfriend,
Please realize that you don't even understand the meaning of "hard".
Dear my dad's girlfriend who's staying with us,
Please stop blaming every wrong thing you do on your mental problems.
Dear parents,
Please understand that I'm graduating a year early, get to work early, have time for my girlfriend and chores.
Dear Mom,
Please don't ask me to tell you me course load for next year "again" when I haven't told it to you at all yet.