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Dear Extremists of all types,
Please go somewhere else to wage your wars
Dear facebook friend,
Yes I did just read your post about "testing if your friends read your posts". No I will not reply to confirm it. I don't interact with every post I see, nor will I be manipulated into doing so.
Dear parents,
I want to tell you about this amazing boy I have been dating for almost a year now, but it's long distance and you don't believe in those. I want you to support me just once.
Dear People-who-don't-care-about-spelling,
Please learn the difference between there, they're and their; belief and believe; to and too; lose and loose; your and you're; sight and site...
Dear person who said "You're only in first year you don't know anything" when I said I had a lot of work,
Please tell that to my three assignments, two essays, two tests, and three books that I have over the next two weeks.
Dear Political activist canvasing my neighborhood,
Please understand that while I care about the issues facing our community and would like to make my voice heard, walking into my home unanounced even though the door was unlocked is inapropriate. Proceeding to take offence after I ask you politely to leave is even more unacceptable, especially considering... that I have raging Diarrhea right now.
Dear pregnant best friend,
Please know that I absolutely do not hate you. I am however, jealous of you. And as happy as I am for you, I'm sad for me. I hope you could find a way to understand.
Dear parents,
Thank you for letting me read the Harry Potter books. Now I know how Sirius felt when he was home with his parents.
Dear Wife,
Please forgive me for being a shitty husband. Depression is a bitch and you deserve better, but on the upside you seem to have figured that out too. I'm sorry I wasted 10 years of your life.
Dear Trump protesters,
Protesting is fine. Taking away someone else's platform to speak just because you disagree with him is not fine. Shutting down events and shouting down people with ideas you don't like is not the way to have a reasoned and robust political discourse. I don't like Trump any more than you do, but you are not doing your side any favors with your behavior.
Dear Parents,
Please I got divorced. I am fine. I AM HAPPY.
Dear Millennials,
Please do reaserch on candidates before judging. Just because Tumblr says Donald Trump is stupid doesn't mean he's a bad option.
Dear math teacher.,
Please stop grading my work. It's for my benefit, and even though you give partial credit for wrong answers, you're counting off on problems I got right because I didn't do my work perfectly.
Dear sister,
Stop trying to set me up with your ex-boyfriends, it's insulting. It doesn't matter what you think of my choices. I don't care if you think I'll be single my whole life if I don't lose my virginity before marriage. You sleep with every boy you date and about a month later you've broken up. Marriages usually last longer than a month, so my first time will be with a man I'll be with for longer than you've been with any of your boyfriends.
Dear Friends,
Please Don't call me a dick friend for going out with my girlfriend and not you. I have other people in my life