Dear supply teachers,
Please realise we are telling the truth when we say our names. They are unfortunately real.
Dear Fanny Packs,
I'm sorry that society judges you on your appearance instead of the good that you do.
Dear cat owning friends,
Please don't take it personally when I want to spend a few minutes with your kitty. I miss mine.
Dear "weird people",
It's fine to be proud of your weirdness and enjoy things that are a little out there, but listening to Disney music and preferring to read over playing sports doesn't make you superior
Dear females of the Duggar family,
Please realize that there is so much more to being a woman than lying on your back and having babies.
Dear babydaddy,
Please stop assuming that I had a baby to stay with you (despite of the fact that I moved away). You are doing him a disservice by holding on to that. He's a perfect little boy, whom you should be proud of. You won't be the only person who regrets that you're taking him for granted.
Dear world,
People don't have to "come out" as being straight. So why should I be expected to announce my sexual preferences to everyone?
Dear "triggered",
No you're not. If you are mildly or even exteremely uncomfortable, that doesn't make it a trigger. Don't call it that, you don't need attention. #uncomfortable idea trigger
Dear patient,
You may identify as male, but you are still biologically female, so no, I'm not being bigoted when I can't sign you up for a prostate exam. The system will literally not allow me to.
Dear Society,
Please understand that if we are talking about equal rights for everyone, religious rights are included. Just because we aren't supporting something doesn't mean that we despise the people that do.
Dear girl who almost crashed into my car that all of my family was in and then flipped my dad off at the stoplight because he honked,
Please realize that my dad almost died two weeks ago when another young driver totaled his car by running a red light.
Dear child who used welfare for its correct purpose,
We are not upset about helping you. It is the druggies who will do nothing but take the free stuff because it is easier than working
Dear Clark Gable,
Do you have a son? Age twenty something, maybe?
Dear Brain,
Please leave me alone. I just want to be happy here.
Dear best friend!,
Please forgive me about your black eye! I told you don't sneak up on me!