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Dear parents,
Please do not try and push your special-needs kids into my honors class. They may be very gifted in certain areas, but they are unable to keep up with the pace of my class, and would do much better in classes where they can get more personalized instruction.
Dear suspicious character down our cul-de-sac,
Bullshit you are using "unsecured Wi-Fi". There is none down our street, and you will get garbage reception anyway. Besides, even if you could, how did you find it? Do you just drive around quiet streets, pulling over and taking a look? You could go to McDonalds or something or use theirs, or stop being a cheapskate and buy your own.
Dear Apple,
Please explain to me why we are turning mobile phones into tablets and tablets into laptops
Dear stranger walking with your friends slowly on the sidewalk,
THANK YOU for kindly noticing that you and your group of friends are talking up the whole sidewalk and for gently pulling your friend closer to you to make room for me to pass so I'm not stuck behind you
Dear PDAing,
If your PDA is handholding and a couple of quick kisses, okay. That's fine. If your PDA is about a grope and a cloth away from becoming a full on sex show, then yes, I am going to say something. If I wanted to watch people having sex in public, I would go to a venue designed for that. Not to my local shopping area or my local food court or anywhere where kids are legally present.
Dear God,
how do i overcome porn addiction
Dear boyfriend,
Thank you for teaching me to love my body--imperfections and all.
Dear the boy playing the waiting game,
Is it really that hard to respond to a text? Just pick up your phone and type.
Dear World,
Teachers are human too.
Dear T-swift,
Please start writing songs about being in love and happy with that, with no bad ending or catch.
Dear people,
Please dont talk to me while my earphones are in.
Dear narrow-minded folks,
If only closed minds came with closed mouths.
Dear girl that calls me every night,
Please realize I don't care how far apart we are I still want to be with only you.
Dear France,
Nous Sommes Unis.
Dear Dad,
You decided to not be involved in my life for twenty years, but now want to be apart of it once you realized my major can lead to a prestigious and well-paying career?