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Dear Mom,
Please know you're beautiful even with no hair, and that I love you. You're the strongest woman I've ever met. Lets go kick cancer in the ass.
Dear Boy,
I thought you said that music was your life and I was the melody? Did you skip a beat because suddenly I'm not with you.
Dear best friend,
Please pick up the takeout on your way to my place. I've got Doctor Who, drinks, and popcorn. My couch awaits.
Dear universe,
Please give my best friend a break. No teenager deserves cancer, especially when his mom died from it 3 years ago.
Dear Life,
I could use some lemons right now. I'm want to bake a cake.
Dear Religious People,
I apologize to you for the athiests who treat you like shit. We aren't all like that. I am an athiest, and I vow to NEVER try to stop you from believing in God or think you're of lesser intelligence. I may have different beliefs (or lack thereof) than you, but I respect you as much as any other human being.
Dear Parents,
Please don't tell me things that I don't want to know. Such as that my Great Grandma died my bed.
Dear everyone judging me for attempting to loose weight,
Please realize that I'm loosing weight for myself in order to live a healthier life. I'm not trying to become "hotter" for guys.
Dear dog,
I still love you even if you're diabetic. It just makes it harder for me to watch you get older.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Please don't be upset when I tell you that I think I'm bipolar.
Dear America,
Please vote for Donald Trump.
Dear cats,
Please get your butt out of my face.
Dear friends telling me I look great and don't need to diet to be beautiful.,
Please stop. I know I look good, but my looks don't have a whole lot to do with why I decided to lose weight.
Dear Best Friend,
Please know that even though I haven't seen you in months, I still miss you everyday
Dear Bumble Bee that just landed on my leg,
It's ok, I wont hurt you, I'm not scared of bees. You're a living thing just like everything else and you deserve to have a rest, I'll just wait till you fly away.