Dear "All Asians look the same",
So I look like Jessica Jung?
Dear drivers,
There is a special place in hell for those of you who choose to drive with your high beams on during the DAY.
Dear warlords,
Please stop it. I am terrified.
Dear World,
Please Don't judge Australians based on our current idiot prime minister.
Dear 2014,
Is this the year that pop artists suddenly went through an ass-craze?
Dear Isabel,
Please understand how head over heels i am in love with you still
Dear "Driving around town with the girl I love",
I see you and I'm like... You know what I'm like.
Dear teens who like to be nostalgic about their childhood,
My childhood wasn't fun, or wonderful. It was fine, but there wasn't anything special about it.
Dear self-proclaimed geeks and nerds,
I was popular in high school. I pulled good grades. I did not bully people. However, because people liked me and I was never single for long, many of the "nerds" made a point to talk badly about my friends and call us horrible names. Then, when we would complain, they would call us the bullies. Most of the time, unless you are someone's friend, they don't care what you do, what you like, and what social status you think you have. The world is not always out to get out. Maybe, if you acted the way you want to be treated, people might be nicer to you.
Dear mom,
Yes i am talking back to you, that's how a conversation works.
Dear Father Who Stiffed Me Last Night,
I watched your kids 3 from 5pm to 3am last night so you could go to that wedding. We discussed my rate per hour. You really though you could bully me into not charging you? And you thought when I wouldn't leave without my pay it would be a good idea to slap me in the hotel lobby?
Dear grandma,
Please understand that just because my boyfriend is Indian it doesn't mean he's going to try to take me away to India and make me a Hindu, he was born and raised in America. Besides, maybe I would like to go India. It is not for you to decide and I would appreciate it if you kept your racist opinions to yourself. I love him. That's all that matters.
Dear Cough-drop companies,
Please make more, better tasting flavors.
Dear Honors and AP Teachers,
Please understand that students DO have a life outside of school
Dear people who say "Bae",
You do realize that Bae means poop, right?