Dear men who catcall,
FYI: "Hey, I know we're strangers and this is kind of weird, but I wanted to tell you that you look really good today!" is a compliment. "Yo bitch, fine ass you have right there!" is harassment. Feel free to take notes.
Dear people against "fat-shaming",
I agree, no one should be made fun of because of their body type, and it is important to tell people they don't have to be super thin to be beautiful. But telling unhealthily overweight people that they are perfect just the way they are and don't need to change anything is not helping the problem. Of course it's not okay to insult and degrade obese people, but you also shouldn't support their unhealthy lifestyle.
Dear guy who asked me out the other day in Big Lots,
Thank you for being a complete gentleman in your approach and inquiry, and for not being a dick when I told you I'm married. Your approach left me feeling complimented (rather than creeped out) all day. Keep it up because Lord knows it's hard for women to find a real gentleman these days. I hope you find a wonderful girl soon!
Dear people promoting equal rights,
You can't pick and choose which areas you want equality in. If a white person can't make jokes about black people, a black person can't make jokes about white people. If men have to sign up for the draft, women do too. If straight people can't stereotype gay people, then gay people can't stereotype straight people.
Dear man who made my day,
You paid the dollar I was short to get into my school's basketball game. What you didn't know was that my grandma had passed away that morning and I was trying to distract myself from the suicidal thoughts I was having.
Dear colleges,
Please stop letting girls who got pregnant at 16 go to college for free. You're encouraging bad behavior. Reward the people who were responsible and DIDN'T get pregnant in high school.
Dear black people,
I understand and respect that you don't want to be stereotyped or offended racially, nobody deserves that. So could you please stop thinking it's acceptable to do to white people?
Dear rich customer,
You are not "feeling the pinch" from the recession. "Feeling the pinch" is not skipping on a manicure for one week, selling your third car, or not getting to buy a new pair of designer boots each week. "Feeling the pinch" is deciding whether to be late on the rent or electric bill, because you can't pay both, or giving up meals for a couple days so your kids can eat until you get your paycheck.
Dear people who complained about the #periodstories trend on Twitter,,
It's not gross, sexual or perverted. It's a natural occurrence that happens every month, and if we have to suffer through it, we may as well be allowed to laugh about it.
Dear American society,
I hope you realize that in a couple hundred years from now, people are going to read about the homosexuality controversy in their history books and roll their eyes at our stupidity.
Dear sexist men,
Please realize that if you think men are better than or superior to women, you can go be with other men. You know, since we're so inferior.
Dear idiot honking his horn,
Please take a look at the sign posted over the intersection, and also posted in bold to our right. Can you read it for me? "No right turn on red." Yep, now, take your head out of your ass and look at what color the light is. Yep, red. Finally, if you can't put two and two together, please look at the solid line of traffic driving past us, due to the fact that it is rush hour. Put all of those together, and it adds up to "No, I will not turn right, no matter how hard you pound on your horn!"
Dear "Friendzoned" Guy,
Please stop treating friendship like a shitty consolation prize. Your attitude may be the reason she does not want you.
Dear public,
Please know that rape is not about sex, it is about power. Men don't rape women because they are horny. Rapists are inherently weak-minded and sick.
Dear world,
Please stop telling my girlfriend she isn't thin enough. It kills me to see her fighting with anorexia.