Dear Son,
Please bring your secret boyfriend over for dinner
Dear fellow Christians,
Please remember that Jesus' main teaching was love. He ate with sinners. God loves everyone no matter what.
Dear Suzanne Collins,
Please write a prequel to your popular series, The Hunger Games. This prequel should involve the first Hunger Games and how the nation crumbled and came to such a low so as to allow a dictator to separate citizens into districts and demand they send their children into an arena and fight to the death.
Dear Jewish girl in my class,
We understand you don't celebrate Christmas (I don't either), but when our teacher made the mistake of saying "Have a great Christmas break!" and you told her to say "Have a nice holiday break" instead, I found that kind of rude. She didn't say it to offend you, me, or any other student in the class. Sometimes people make a mistake, you could've let it pass.
Dear pro-life,
Things that decrease abortion rates: More accessible condoms, birth control and Plan Bs, and a better sex education. Things that do not decrease abortions: Calling people murderers and throwing tomatoes at them..
Dear people who want a fat princess,
Why? To boost childhood obesity? Or an adults self esteem?
Dear Smokers,
I'm personally very against smoking. For ME. I don't care what you do. What DOES bother me is when smokers want special treatment. When people seriously ask if they will get extra work breaks because they're smokers, that's not fighting descrimination, that's expecting a reward. You're right: it's YOUR choice, and you should live with ALL of the consequences, even the ones that affect you in the present.
Dear everyone,
I don't care what your race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender is; if you are a decent person and respect me, I'll respect you. However, if you try to shove your beliefs down my throat or tell me that mine are wrong, we have a problem.
Dear People,
Instead of still being annoyed at Miley Cyrus, can we please talk about how Justin Beiber drank and willingly got behind a vehicle and raced on civilian streets? And how there are people out there who still support him?
Dear People crying "slut-shaming",
When I tell someone they're not dressed appropriately for wherever we are, it's not about their sex life. It's about them not respecting the setting enough to dress appropriately. They can have as much sex as they want, regardless of their gender or the gender of their partner(s), as long as they don't do it in front of me. But they really shouldn't wear revealing or sloppy clothing while teaching Sunday School, etc., and I am not sorry for calling them on it.
Dear World,
Please realise that feminism is not about being man-hating or having hairy legs. It's about equal rights, choices, and opportunities between all genders.
Dear women at church.,
Please understand that I am not trying to be rude when I say this. When a kid is forced to go to church when they would rather be doing something else, they're going to look at it like a chore. When I first started going to church, I saw three adult women scolding a teenage girl for missing a few services. I pulled her aside afterward and begged her not to let them discourage her from coming back. It was obvious she was embaraced and insulted. She was about to cry, and because of my understanding she is now an active member of the church, and loves going.
Dear stranger who helped us when our car got stuck in the snow,
Thank you so much. If you hadn't helped us, we would have never gone to my grandparent's, so my mom wouldn't not have been there to call 911 when my grandfather had a heart attack. Thank you so much, you saved his life.
Dear overly religious people,
Personally I would never want to worship a god who tells me to hate anybody. My god just wants love. No matter the form it comes in.
Dear Everyone,
Yesterday would have been my friend Nick's twentieth birthday, if the bullies hadn't been so mean. He wouldn't have been so sad that he wanted to leave this life. So do me a favor, okay? Just do something nice today.