Dear world,
Yeah, I disagree with gay marriage. No, I don't think my personal belief should stop them from getting married.
Dear World,
Please understand that yes, I shave my legs, yes, I wear makeup, yes, I wear dresses and skirts all the time, yes, I wear a push-up bra, yes, I am straight, yes, I am a virgin, and HELL YES I'M A FEMINIST!
Dear kids these days,
You have cell phones and kindles? When I was your age, I talked to people at recess and read real books! This is because technological norms change from generation to generation, and that's a-okay. I know better than to use my nostalgia as an excuse to insult you.
Dear women against a male birth control pill,
You say "I don't trust men to take it." Well, why should they trust you to take yours? I love the idea. More and more men are realizing that they're screwed if they accidentally get a woman pregnant since they have no say in the outcome. If they don't want it and the woman decides to keep it, they're stuck paying child support for 18 years for something they didn't want in the first place. Besides, male/female birth control plus condom? You're triply safe.
Dear "Christians",
Pretty sure we are called to love EVERYONE, including homosexuals, because their sin is no greater than ours. Jesus died for all of us, not some of us. It's not your job to judge, it's His.
Dear boyfriend ,
Five years ago, when my younger brother came out as gay, he got threatened to be beaten up. When i told you, you went apesh*t, not because he was gay, but because someone threatened to touch him. Thanks to you he's now got through insomnia, bulimia, depression and confidence issues. Thank you for not only being there for me, but for being there for my brother, two weeks into our relationship
Dear smokers,
If you want to smoke, that's your choice. I won't attack you for that. But just like you have chosen to smoke, I have chosen not to. That's for a reason. And I'm not the only one. Thousands of people don't smoke for the same reasons as myself. I think we would all appreciate it if you could keep your smoke out of our way. The clean air isn't going to hurt you, but the contaminated air will hurt us. That's the difference. You can smoke, sure. But nothing gives you the right to force others to breathe in the same smoke.
Dear Methamphetamine,
Please stop haunting my thoughts, showing up in my dreams, and tarnishing my relationships. You've taken away enough of my life. I'm not giving in so you might as well give up with this psychological warfare.
Dear People working in the retail and service areas,
I am truly sorry for the shit you have to put up with every day, and the fact that you are greatly underpaid and under appreciated. Just putting that out there.
Dear Christian friends against gay marriage,
The bible may have said something about it being wrong, but it also said no shellfish or pork, no shaving, divorce is not allowed, and you cannot work on Saturdays.
Dear Anti-Vax group,
Please stop quoting scientific literature that was not peer reviewed. Almost all claims against vaccines are fabricated. Get educated you morons.
Dear Fellow High Schoolers,
Please stop saying my relationship of 3 years isn't real because we haven't had sex.
Dear public high school staff,
That girl's clothes barely cover her body, that couple is practically having sex in the hallway, this other girl ha slits up and down her arms, and a drug deal just went down behind me during class, and you just gave me detention for forgetting to take my hat off when I came inside.
Dear boyfriend,
When I said "Thanks for putting up with me," when I was in a bad mood, I wasn't expecting to hear "There is nothing I would rather do than 'put up' with you for the rest of my life."
Dear fiancee,
Thank you so much for taking me to your law school formal. Thank you more for introducing me to everyone as your fiancee! I know it's not always easy being a girl and dating one, too.