Dear anyone,
No one knows but it's been almost a year since I last self harmed.
Dear cashier,
Yes, I am just buying my two girls ice cream, and no, my son doesn't get any. He has been throwing a tantrum this entire day, while both of my daughters have been well behaved, so they get rewarded with ice cream, and he doesn't. Please do not try and undercut my authority by giving him a cone anyway.
Dear Marine Corps,
If the best argument against integrating women into the infantry that you have is that the men are going to sexually assault the women, that probably means that there's something wrong with the infantry that thinks that women are there for them to sexually assault, not the women being integrated.
Dear Parents,
Please Put down the damn phones, and watch your kid play the game. I'm tired of having kids look up after a good play and only seeing your zombie face staring at the screen. It's a horrible feeling for them.
Dear people who say "I'm not a feminist because I believe in gender equality. I am an egalitarian.",
That's what feminism is! It's not about man hating or gender superiority. It's about bring equal rights to all people, regardless of gender. Also, men can also be feminists, there were in fact men at the Seneca Falls meeting.
Dear Emma Watson,
I absolutely adore you even more and I loved your speech.
Dear Fashion designers,
Please make real pockets on girls pants. Im tired of being told to just carry a purse.
Dear "gay people will ruin the sanctity of marriage",
If you need to compare your marriage to those of others for it to have meaning, then you are the one with a weak marriage.
Dear suicidal kids teens and adults,
Please live until tomorrow. And when you do, read this message again.
Dear dad,
Didn't think I'd hit you back this time,did you?
Dear gay friend,
We were good friends before you realised I was Christian, why are you acting strange around me now?
Dear boys who don't get periods,
For the first two days of it, I spend all day with severe cramps, diarrhea, a bad headache, and nausea. The next three days I have moderate cramps, heavy flow, and occasional headaches. The lining of our uterus is shedding itself and coming out of our genitals and we are expected to deal with it for 4-6 days for a month every year from the time we are around 13 to early fifties.
Dear gay-bashers,
Sorry, but we're here to stay. :)
Dear everyone,
I just need to get this off my chest. I am a man who was raped by a woman who is not going to prison because she’s female and I’m male; therefore, I must have enjoyed it. My rape is either completely ignored or, when it is acknowledged, made fun of. I am called a “fag” because men are supposed to always want sex, according to society and feminists. “Only men are rapists and only women are victims.” Why are you still allowing that lie to be perpetuated? Even now, I hide my identity out of fear of being mocked, ridiculed, and attacked by both men and women.
Dear idiot,
Really? You literally just said "I don't know any people with X chromosomes who play XBox"? You do realize that every single person on the planet has at least one X chromosome, right? It's actually essential to life/