Dear Robin Williams,
You meant so much to everyone. I hope you are at peace now.
Dear man on the street,
Please reconsider the claim that you're "making my day" by spewing sexist slurs as I pass. I am worth so much more than my body. I am beauty, I am ancestry, I am faults and flaws and hunger. I am both woman and person, and I am not here for your pleasure.
Dear Everyone,
There's nothing wrong with having sex!! There's nothing wrong with not having sex!! Just chill out and eat some nachos and do whatever you want, man,
Dear Man who Ran in my Neighborhood for the Past 4 Years,
I've seen you run by my house nearly every day, dedicated and determined. Everyone laughed at you because you used to be triple your size. But now you're healthier than the majority of the people.
Dear Folks who wear make-up,
All in favor of changing the name from make-up to war-paint, say aye.
Dear Male Teacher,
Thanks for realizing that I put my hand in my backpack, grabbed something, put it up my sleeve, putting my hand up, and immediately saying, "You can go."
Dear "you're not allowed to be sad because other people have it worse",
You're not allowed to be happy because other people have it better.
Dear people who say that girls have to 'earn respect by not being sluts',
Please just stop. Girls, just like everyone else, deserve respect no matter how they want to dress. Who they sleep with is their choice, not yours. No deserves to feel like a lower life form because they get laid more often then YOU think is right or good or 'normal.'
Dear World,
Please understand: Autism doesn't need a cure. That is IMPOSSIBLE. You can't Cure someone of who they are. Incontinence needs a cure. Self-harmful stims need an alternative. Lack of access to a way to communicate needs helping. certain behaviors need a cure. But you cannot remove most of someone's soul. Autism isn't a thing we have you can excise; it is How We Are. Please accept us and help us, don't try to make us into something we will never be. Lift us up, don't try to transform us. A bird will never be a fish, even if you clip its wings and put it in water. We just want to fly. Help us to fly.
Dear God,
Please give back Robin Williams. He was too young to go.
Dear overweight people,
If I don't have a right to comment on your body, you don't have a right to comment on mine. Deal?
Dear every other adult,
Please cut students some slack. They don't get the luxury of a 9-5 paid job, where they can do whatever they want in their free time. Students pay to spend 9-5 studying, only to come home to work on assignments or more study, and their weekends on a part time job. They aren't lazy, irresponsible, selfish moaners, they just want some free time.
Dear U.S. army,
I got a medal for killing two men, but a discharge for loving one?
Dear everyone,
We should just let gay people get married; marriage is a joke anyway. People marry for tax benefits or because they think they're in “love,” and 50% of marriages end in divorce anyway. Gay people can't possibly ruin the institution of marriage any more than the celebrities whose "marriages" lasted less than 24 hours.
Dear Molly,
Watching over Fred like you have been watching over Harry all these years.