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Dear Donald Trump,
Please STOP
Dear nosy people,
A transwoman using the restroom doesn't bother me. What does bother me, however, are the people who want to look at everyone's junk to see what they have. Maybe you should mind your own business.
Dear young girls,
Please don't think that anyone's telling you you can't go into science. Just because there's more boys doesn't mean you can't do just as well, if not better. Go and bridge that gap! Break down those walls! You go, girl! Kick some butt!
Dear old bitch who crashed into me,
You can try use the "young person, probably on their phone"excuse to your insurance company, but this "young tech-obsessed teen" has a dash cam that caught you on your phone, and caught you crashing into me.
Dear facebook friend,
Yes I did just read your post about "testing if your friends read your posts". No I will not reply to confirm it. I don't interact with every post I see, nor will I be manipulated into doing so.
Dear girls,
If you like a guy, ask him him out. A lot of us are hopeless when it comes to picking up on subtle hints. Don't wait for us to make the first move if you think we'd be great together, just say something and let's get this started.
Dear religious people,
Even if you force everybody to follow your religious laws, it doesn't make them religious or save them! If people want to follow religious rules, they will follow them willingly. And your salvation does not depend on what others choose to do.
Dear Girlfriend,
Yes, you are cute. Even when you think you aren't..... you really are.
Dear co-workers,
I made fun of Christianity. You laughed along with me. I made fun of Islam and Hinduism, and you said I couldn't say things like that because I'd offend people of those religions. Is Christianity not a religion any more then?
Dear those who condescendingly call me picky,
Please shut the hell up! I am not picky I am cautious. I will not settle. I deserve the person who suits me, not the person who fits in at the right time. While your relationships are doomed to fail because you decided that you couldn't stand to get married after the age of 26, I will be happy. Even if that means never finding the one. What is wrong with the single life? Just because you are afraid to be alone doesn't mean I am!
Dear everyone (but particularly boys with girlfriends),
If your significant other sends you nudes, DONT EVER SHOW ANYONE ELSE. If someone is comfortable sending you pictures, you should not disrespect that trust and violate their privacy by showing anyone else. And if you post them on the Internet without their consent, then you are absolute scum and they deserve so much better than you.
Dear guy I could have hooked up with,
Thank you for realising I was drunk and trying anything on would have been a bad idea. Too many guys would have taken advantage (and have), so it was nice not to be manipulated into doing something I'd regret. Also, sorry if i made a complete fool out of myself...
Dear learner driver under instruction - please be patient,
No. You are an idiot for taking a new driver into rush hour traffic, holding up traffic as you explain dangers and have them fail to move quickly. Not only is traffic backing up, it puts too much stress on the driver. And I don't blame the driver, but the idiot instructor who wants to practice in high traffic areas.
Dear past self,
Don't listen to what Dad says. Gay is ok.
Dear Girlfriend embarrassed of your glasses,
Please know that you don't have to sacrifice your vision to look good. Honestly i think you're cutest when your hair is up and you wear your glasses.