Dear #notallmen,
No, not all men, but yes all women. Because saying “I have a boyfriend” will make a guy back off, whereas saying “no” won’t. Because I was taught to give a guy a fake phone number rather then risk their reaction by turning them down. Because I was taught to yell FIRE if I was being assaulted, because other wise no one would come. Because my 13 year old sister was told to “take it as a compliment” when a 50 year old man grabbed her butt and said he wanted to make her scream. Because what men fear most about going to jail is what woman fear most about walking down the street after dark.
Dear World,
If a thief were to argue that the stolen item was just out in the open and they couldn't stop themselves from taking it, that would be considered a confession. Why is it a defense for rape cases?
Dear Future Child,
Please know that I want you to be happy and healthy. That's all. I don't care if you like boys or girls or neither, or if you're a boy or a girl or neither. I don't care if you go to an Ivy League school or work at the coffee shop down the street. I don't care if you want children or not. I don't care if you have mental or physical disabilities. I don't care if you make choices I might not always like. You are mine, and I will love you no matter what.
Dear party loyalists,
You shouldn't be voting based on party, you should be voting based on policy
Dear world,
"Feminists" want women to have equal rights to men. Equal. It's "misandrists" who are crazy men-haters and want female supremacy.
Dear books,
Ever since I was little, I've turned to you to help me get through my own pain. You made me cry when I was too ashamed to cry for myself, you made me laugh when I was too guilty to enjoy my own life, and you made me feel alive in a place that tried to stamp all the life out of me. You are the reason I know how to smile now that I'm in a place that actually wants to see me smile.
Dear world,
If men could get pregnant, there'd be abortion clinics on every corner.
Dear Society,
Lebron James better than Michael Jordan? Yeah, right. Let me know when Lebron saves the Looney Tunes from an alien race.
Dear boy in my class,
No, I did not slap you because I'm racist, I slapped you because you grabbed my ass without having my consent. That's called sexual harassment - no matter whether your skin is white, black, green, yellow or purple.
Dear Humans of New York photographer,
Thank you for showing me how each person has a unique story, and if you only take a moment to talk to a complete stranger, beautiful and unexpected things can happen.
Dear Twilight fans,
You have my sympathies. I don't claim to like the books, but we've all got guilty pleasures, and you don't deserve to become the internet's punching bag for yours.
Dear future wife,
Please know that when I get depressed I clean. So if you come home to a spotless house then I need a hug, now.
Dear males,
If you can scratch your hairy balls in public then we should be allowed to breast feed in public.
Dear High Maintenance Girlfriends,
Stop expecting your boyfriend to treat you like a queen if you're not going to treat him well in return. Relationships are two-way streets.
Dear reverse-racism,
Why do we even need the word "reverse" in there