Dear fellow atheists,,
Please stop being assholes. Seriously. You bitch and moan about being "oppressed" if religious people make even slight references to their faith, yet you think it's okay for you to blatantly disrespect and insult others' beliefs?
Dear Fellow African Americans,
Please stop saying hateful things because I choose to date a white guy. I'm not shaming my race, nor am I a letdown to my ancestors. They died to give me the right to choose a better life for myself, I'm happy. I work hard, and I found someone that LOVES me even when I'm not lovable. Who cares if he's white, green, purple or red?
Dear Internets,
Please stop making me view everything as a slide show
Dear mom,
Supporting non-heterosexual peple doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. I don't need to hack off my leg to support people with missing limbs...
Dear tourist,
Hi! Yes, my name is Jose, and I understand that you don't speak Spanish. I'm currently actually speaking English to you in a mid-western accent, given that that is where I was born and raised. Maybe if you cleaned out the stupid from your ears, you would be able to understand that.
Dear YouTube,
Please stop including a 60-second commercial in front of a 20-second video.
Dear People saying Timon and Pumba are gay,
Having a best friend doesn't necessarily make you homosexual. Please stop bringing children's movies into the controversey of sexual oreinatation.
Dear politicians,
When you make laws banning gay marriage, abortion, or other controversial topics, you are forcing your beliefs onto others. If you allow it, you let people decide based on their beliefs. However, if you ban it, you don't let anyone decide, including those who agree with it.
Dear people refusing to wear deodorant,
Society isn't oppressing you. You just smell bad.
Dear Mom,
Liking girls does not make me a freak. I'm still the kid who loves short shorts, Spirited Away, and romantic candlelit dinners. Just not with a guy.
Dear girls,
Please stop wishing for boys to do anything for you. Don't expect them to realise your dreams. They shouldn't be the one doing everything for you, but you should just care for each other and have a good time. A boyfriend isn't suitable for you if you just consider them to be your slave who does everything for you. That's quite egocentric.
Dear TV shows and movies,
Is it just me who didn't have the "typical" high school experience- falling in love, drinking at every party, having tons of romance? Because despite your many differences, all of you include those plot points.
Dear reflective self,
Personal confession: I am African American and throughtout my entire life experience I will be the first to admit that I find Black people to be the most challenging people to deal with. Even with the existence of racism and other social ills, being raised around and dealing with Black people is still no cake walk. We carry a distinct attitude and energy about ourselves. I am proud to be Black but this doesn't mean that I don't see the truth about us. I used to date outside my race just to find something different from Black people. In a way, I found it refreshing. I am proud to say that now I do have a Black boyfriend who doesn't bring me all the burdensome experiences and qualities that I know Black people can bring.
Dear hearing people,
Please stop thinking I'm stupid because I use ASL, its a language, not miming or gesturing
Dear people who lose or restore their faith in Humanity,
Why are you putting your faith in imperfect people in the first place?