Dear Boyfriend,
I don't care that you "can't feel as much" with the condom on. You're wearing it or we're not having sex.
Dear Somewhat Prejudiced Mother,
When we were living in the deep south, you let me go visit the gay couple across the street to see if their dog could come out to play. When you found out that one of my friends is transgender, you just asked me in private what pronouns to use, and have said nothing about it to him or anyone else. When I brought home friends who practice religions you were raised to hate, you made them feel welcome, and you said nothing when I brought home a boy with a different skin color, even though you thought I was planning to ask him out. Thank you for teaching me about tolerance.
Dear "pro-life" people,
Women have the right to bodily autonomy. No one should be forced to use their body to support others; individuals aren't forced to donate blood or organs, no matter how desperately their donations may be needed. That's because the right to control the use of one's body is one of the most fundamental of rights, and you're not taking that away from us.
Dear Cancer,
Unhand my mother, you bitch.
Dear "no excuse for pregnancy",
WHY ARENT YOU TELLING THIS TO THE BOYS TOO HUH? DID YOU EVER TAKE SEX ED? It takes mommy AND daddy parts to impregnate someone, and not all forms of birth control work all the time, even when used correctly. So go eff yourself
Dear victim-blamers of the celebrity photo leak,
Please tell me, should I not own anything valuable if I don't want to get robbed? Not own a house if I don't want someone to burn it down? I can always be safer, but my private life and property should be respected. Focus on punishing the criminals who broke the law, not the busy professionals probably just trying to maintain a sexual relationship with their partners while they were apart (as is their right). They're people like us, and no one deserves this horror.
Dear Christians who think homosexuality is wrong,
I don't know why I'm gay. It might be genetics, or unconscious psychology, or the will of God, but it certainly wasn't my decision. You say your God values kindness and forgiveness; if that's true, why would he punish my love, in which I had no choice, and reward you for being judgemental and hateful? Yes, you're allowed to not like homosexuality. But I'm allowed to think you're mistaken.
Dear everyone,
I am a college graduate. I'm currently working two dead-end jobs to try and cover student loans, car payment, insurance, rent and utilities. I'm trying my best to make $50 of food last until my next paycheck, and it's still not working. At this rate, I am still $200 short every month, and I don't know how to meet that gap. All the while, my one job has managers that are afraid of me for some reason (and continue to ride my ass because of it) and cuts my hours, and the other one is very clique-y, making me the outsider. I'm living in a house with people whose primary goals in life seem to be high and drunk as often as possible, and thus despise me since I'm just trying to make ends meet (and can't really be drunk and high all the time). To top it all off, I am 2,000 miles from my closest source of help, meaning if anything goes wrong, I am pretty much on my own. Please don't act like I don't know how tough life can be, simply because I'm white and male.
Dear guy who just attempted to rape me ,
Just because I'm a 5 foot nothing, teenage girl doesn't mean I can't take care of myself .
Dear World,
Three years ago, I had surgery on both legs to attempt to correct plantar fasciitis. Yesterday, I ran a half marathon.
Dear boys,
Thanks for saying I look better without makeup. Now, if I have permission, I'm going to continue to wear a lot of makeup because I like it. Thanks.
Dear Marine I met in Maryland,
You probably don't remember me,but you bought me chocolates last Valentine's Day when I mentioned my boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan. Your little act of kindness inspired me to be more compassionate towards strangers. We both really appreciate what you did for me because I was having a hard time without him. I also thought you should know I married that man when he came home safely and we have been together and happy ever since. Thank you again.
Dear parents,
Thank you for always telling me throughout my life that you would pay for my college education. I see a lot of young people absolutely drowning in student loan debt and I'm glad that thanks to you, that won't be me in ten years.
Dear people saying skinny is ugly,
Please remember, weight issues go both ways.
Dear BFF,
Keep your baby, give it up for adoption, or have an abortion