Dear "Friend-Zoned" Guys,
Please stop acting like you're entitled to a female's affection just because you're "nice" to her.
Dear society,
You know it's rape culture when I could serve a longer sentence for pirating music than these two rapists from the Steubenville case are going to serve.
Dear society,
Please start respecting teenagers as people. And if you could start teaching us how to pay taxes and how to get insurance and how to be an adult instead of expecting us to already know, that'd be great.
Dear society,
Just because I like dressing casually and not wearing make-up, I hang out with guys, and I prefer a beer at a sports bar over a spa day, does not mean I am a lesbian or 'should have been a man'. All it means is that I am a straight girl who likes those things.
Dear "Pro-Life" people,
Please realize that the woman who needs to get an abortion has a life while a fetus inside her doesn't.
Dear Americans,
It's so interesting to see which issues get national attention and which get completely ignored. Did you know that Native American women face the highest rates of sexual and physical violence of any group in the US? More than one third of Native Americans live in poverty. Schools run by the Bureau of Indian Education have some of the worst funding and performance rates in the country. The discrimination against black people is an incredibly important issue that needs to be addressed. But I just wonder why all these people on social media are so motivated to talk about that, yet I have not EVER seen even ONE SINGLE post about the issues faced by Native Americans.
Dear People Complaining That We're Pushing Jesus On Kids At Our Easter Egg Hunt,
You DID come to a CHURCH-HOSTED Easter egg hunt...
Dear "It's all in your head!",
Actually, you're completely right. Depression is a chemical imbalance of my brain, which is in my skull, so it IS inside my head. That just doesn't make it any less real.
Dear gay couples,
Please keep fighting and stay strong. Don't ever change or give up.
Dear other women/other feminists/people,
Please stop using this concept of a "real woman." In our efforts to feel good about our bodies, we shame skinny girls simply because they are skinny. Isn't this the same thing we tried to stop before?
Dear boy I met at a club who continued to dance with me even while I was falling all over you took drinks away from me and made sure I found my friends before you left me,
Thank you for being a decent human being and not the typical asshole.
Dear People,
Please stop judging me. I am a 21 year old female who loves anime/manga. I have a gay male friend who is one of the most important people in my life. My favourite band is Muse. I love Harry Potter, LoTR and The Hunger Games. I watch Friends and Gilmore Girls obsessively. I just graduated with first class honours in BA English Language and Linguistics. I want to travel the world. I AM MUSLIM.
Dear what if you had been aborted,
I was a mistake. My parents already had two kids and didn't want a third, but because they were pro-life, they had me. Because of this, we had to move to a larger home in a worse neighborhood, and it turns out we only have enough money to send 2 kids to college. My parents fight about money all the time, and my oldest sister has a hard time making new friends, though she had a few where they used to live. If that's not enough, I'm the only one in the household with depression, anxiety, and anger issues, some genetics from my grandfather. My medication is a lot of money, which hurts our household even more.
Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
No, I'm not going to beat you up or kill you. My dad, brother, and friends won't come to harm you either. I'm not bitter or angry, just a little disappointed. We tried, it didn't work, so it's over, and that's okay.
Dear customer,
If you smashed a TV in a store, you would be expected to pay for it. Why are you surprised that we are making you pay for a size 2 dress that you ripped while trying to force your size 8 body into?