Dear Robin Williams,
You meant so much to everyone. I hope you are at peace now.
Dear Everyone,
There's nothing wrong with having sex!! There's nothing wrong with not having sex!! Just chill out and eat some nachos and do whatever you want, man,
Dear Man who Ran in my Neighborhood for the Past 4 Years,
I've seen you run by my house nearly every day, dedicated and determined. Everyone laughed at you because you used to be triple your size. But now you're healthier than the majority of the people.
Dear Male Teacher,
Thanks for realizing that I put my hand in my backpack, grabbed something, put it up my sleeve, putting my hand up, and immediately saying, "You can go."
Dear Somewhat Prejudiced Mother,
When we were living in the deep south, you let me go visit the gay couple across the street to see if their dog could come out to play. When you found out that one of my friends is transgender, you just asked me in private what pronouns to use, and have said nothing about it to him or anyone else. When I brought home friends who practice religions you were raised to hate, you made them feel welcome, and you said nothing when I brought home a boy with a different skin color, even though you thought I was planning to ask him out. Thank you for teaching me about tolerance.
Dear "you're not allowed to be sad because other people have it worse",
You're not allowed to be happy because other people have it better.
Dear God,
Please give back Robin Williams. He was too young to go.
Dear U.S. army,
I got a medal for killing two men, but a discharge for loving one?
Dear World,
Please understand: Autism doesn't need a cure. That is IMPOSSIBLE. You can't Cure someone of who they are. Incontinence needs a cure. Self-harmful stims need an alternative. Lack of access to a way to communicate needs helping. certain behaviors need a cure. But you cannot remove most of someone's soul. Autism isn't a thing we have you can excise; it is How We Are. Please accept us and help us, don't try to make us into something we will never be. Lift us up, don't try to transform us. A bird will never be a fish, even if you clip its wings and put it in water. We just want to fly. Help us to fly.
Dear Bible-thumping mother,
Please realize that if you try to keep me from eating pork because "the Bible says it's bad," then you have to follow ALL the laws of Leviticus. Those include not wearing fabrics made from more than one material (like that lovely cotton/poly blend you're wearing at the moment), not cutting your hair or shaving (how much did you spend at the salon on that trim yesterday?), and not letting different kinds of cattle graze together (I can count three breeds hanging out on our ranch right now). So, for the love of all that's holy, shut up and let me eat my bacon.
Dear every other adult,
Please cut students some slack. They don't get the luxury of a 9-5 paid job, where they can do whatever they want in their free time. Students pay to spend 9-5 studying, only to come home to work on assignments or more study, and their weekends on a part time job. They aren't lazy, irresponsible, selfish moaners, they just want some free time.
Dear Molly,
Watching over Fred like you have been watching over Harry all these years.
Dear everyone,
I am a college graduate. I'm currently working two dead-end jobs to try and cover student loans, car payment, insurance, rent and utilities. I'm trying my best to make $50 of food last until my next paycheck, and it's still not working. At this rate, I am still $200 short every month, and I don't know how to meet that gap. All the while, my one job has managers that are afraid of me for some reason (and continue to ride my ass because of it) and cuts my hours, and the other one is very clique-y, making me the outsider. I'm living in a house with people whose primary goals in life seem to be high and drunk as often as possible, and thus despise me since I'm just trying to make ends meet (and can't really be drunk and high all the time). To top it all off, I am 2,000 miles from my closest source of help, meaning if anything goes wrong, I am pretty much on my own. Please don't act like I don't know how tough life can be, simply because I'm white and male.
Dear people who slut-shame,
Sex is fun. Get over yourselves.
Dear people who wonder how models splash their faces with water,
We don't actually use water. They add the water in during editing.