Dearest People of the world,
Don't you think that we are going about the aborition issue the wrong way entirely? Barring religious belief whcih should be handled within specific religious groups or communities, shouldn't our main focus be on the education of our youth to sex? I'm not saying hand out condoms, but I am saying educate them and tell them the truth on what is what and what is going on in their bodies and help them understand their constantly changing minds. Make preventative measures for women more obtainable!!!! Women who are responsible enough to gather means of protecting themselves and those they decide to be with should not be made to feel bad about themselves in our society! They are just trying to PREVENT the issue that we as a society can't seem to even come to terms with - ABORTION! So Educate and facilitate, don't hate and discriminate.
Dear rapists,
No means no. She's not asking for it by dressing sexy. It's not her fault.
Dear girlfriend,
It's legal here now. We don't have to wait any longer. Will you?
Dear friend,
Never have I been so happy you failed.
Dear majority of people who enjoy a fandom,
Please realize that a majority of you wouldn't win the Hunger Games, nor is every person a Gryffindor. Let's get some facts down. Slytherins are not evil, and Gryffindor isn't the perfect Hogwarts House. Just because Harry was a Gryffindor doesn't mean everyone is and that all other houses suck. Hufflepuff isn't the worst house; there is no worse house. Just because someone chooses to pick up a Bow because of the Hunger Games doesn't make them a Katniss wanna-be. It should be good that people choose new hobbies that are healthy because they were inspired. Now stop hating on certain aspects of a fandom and go reread the series you clearly misinterpreted.
Dear Government,
Is it just me or does the land of the free seem to be getting less and less free?
Dear people who say I couldn't make it as a scientist because I'm Catholic,
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
Please continue telling me how I'm not a "real" Engineer & Nobody will take me seriously
Dear world,
I realise I might get a lot of hate for this... but please read with an open mind. The only reason I knew what discrimination and racism was is because they taught it to us in detail at school. Nobody is born thinking, "Oh, they're XXXXX so I hate them already!" Maybe if we stopped teaching it at such a young age, it would become nothing more than old stories to the future generations. If we stop arguing/complaining, maybe it wouldn't be such a huge problem...
Dear ignorant racist,
Please do not assume that the color of my skin is an indication that I have to work any less to succeed in this life than you do. My pale complexion has never paid my college tuition, nor has it saved my house from jeopardy of foreclosure. Anything and everything I want or need, I work hard to provide, so I suggest you stop your ranting and get to work.
Dear people who think that introvert=quiet,
Being an introvert doesn't mean that I'm shy, quiet, or even that I dislike being social. I love meeting new people and interacting in social situations. Introverts just need some time after social interactions to "regroup" and gain their energy back. All that means is that after a few hours at a party I need an hour alone to relax.
Dear Thanksgiving,
Please know that I will still call you Thanksgiving and not Black Thursday.
Dear Facebook friend,
Please remove your "social justice" goggles. The 5 year old you saw in the mall was not a female-to-male transgender. She was a tomboy. That used to be okay...
Dear America,
Please stop acting as if everyone who disagrees with your viewpoint is bigoted, racist, homophobic, evil, or going to burn in Hell. This nation is made up of different people with different point of views and we must learn to respect one another whether we agree or not. Also stop with the Polittically Correct nonsense. This isn't preschool anymore.
Dear PetSmart,
Thank you for giving me this awesome job! You started me out on a decent wage, offer benefits, work around my second job, and I get to spend all day playing with animals? This feels like heaven to me! The added puppy kisses from the puppy training class doesn't hurt either!