Dear men mocking women for going everywhere in group,
And if we go alone, we risk being blamed for our own rape or even murder. What's your point?
Dear Everyone,
Yesterday would have been my friend Nick's twentieth birthday, if the bullies hadn't been so mean. He wouldn't have been so sad that he wanted to leave this life. So do me a favor, okay? Just do something nice today.
Dear women at church.,
Please understand that I am not trying to be rude when I say this. When a kid is forced to go to church when they would rather be doing something else, they're going to look at it like a chore. When I first started going to church, I saw three adult women scolding a teenage girl for missing a few services. I pulled her aside afterward and begged her not to let them discourage her from coming back. It was obvious she was embaraced and insulted. She was about to cry, and because of my understanding she is now an active member of the church, and loves going.
Dear overly religious people,
Personally I would never want to worship a god who tells me to hate anybody. My god just wants love. No matter the form it comes in.
Dear People of the World,
Please understand that equal does not mean the same. Men and women are equal, not the same. Mentally ill should be treated equally, not the same. Physically disabled should recieve equal treatment, but not the same.
Dear people who say Cinderella would have been helpless without her Fairy Godmother,
Where would Aladdin be if the Genie didn't exist?
Dear person who thinks weed doesn't kill anything,
It kills relationships. It kills goals. It kills the desire for anything but weed.
Dear voters of the United States,
Be so kind as to remember that our nation does not have an official religion, and separation of church and state is a big deal. Feel free to practice your religion as you see fit, but please leave it out of my national policy.
Dear "I'm saving myself for marriage",
Good for you! Now stop looking down on me because I'm not.
Dear smokers who feel threatened,
You have the right to do whatever you want to your lungs. You do NOT, however, have the right to do whatever you want to mine. Could you please smoke somewhere else?
Dear classmate who just told a rape joke,
There's 25 people in this room. Statistically, you've just reminded 5 people of the possibly worst thing that has ever happened to them, for the sake of your own amusement. Congrats on being the asshole of the day!
Dear America,
Please realize that my grandfather turned down playing in the NBA because he would earn more money being a teacher.
Dear College Football Player in my Class:,
Please tell me more about how your pulled hamstring has you sitting out the rest of the season. Try having BOTH pulled, shin splints, falling arches and a dislocated rib. Oh, and I love how you tell me how my craft is nothing compared to yours. Dancing is the second most stressful activity a person can do to their body. The first is Rugby, not football.
Dear Colleges and Scholarship Committees,
Here is a radical idea, lets make Scholarships based on Scholastic Achievement, not race, gender or financial standing anything else. I spent four years working my ASS off in classes I didn't want to take so I could pay for college.
Dear College Professor,
When the average grade in your class is less than 50%, it probably isn't our fault for "not learning the material"