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Dear world,
There is no such thing as an "open relationship". A relationship is, by its definition, exclusive to two people. Attempting to bring more people into it will inevitably cause heartbreak. My parents had an "open relationship", and I watched my mother cry herself to sleep every night my father brought home another woman, and my father get drunk every time my mother spent the night with another man.
Dear "coexistent" and "tolerant" people,
How come those two principles stand true until I say I'm a Christian, then all of a sudden I'm attacked for my beliefs? They may be different from yours but that isn't supposed to matter right?
Dear People-who-don't-care-about-spelling,
Please learn the difference between there, they're and their; belief and believe; to and too; lose and loose; your and you're; sight and site...
Dear Athiest that believes Christians don't listen to reason,
Please do not try to demean someone just by their faith. Yes, I believe in God. However, I also believe in evolution. Why? Science. There's nothing within scientific research that says God doesn't exist. There are, however multiple archeological sites that refer to various events and people referred to in the Bible. Please, before calling my faith out, try putting your money where your mouth is.
Dear pregnant best friend,
Please know that I absolutely do not hate you. I am however, jealous of you. And as happy as I am for you, I'm sad for me. I hope you could find a way to understand.
Dear Trump protesters,
Protesting is fine. Taking away someone else's platform to speak just because you disagree with him is not fine. Shutting down events and shouting down people with ideas you don't like is not the way to have a reasoned and robust political discourse. I don't like Trump any more than you do, but you are not doing your side any favors with your behavior.
Dear Public,
In other news, Hillary still isn't in prison.
Dear protesters,
Yes you do have free speech. But that only means you cannot be punished or censored for your opinion. It does not mean you can say whatever, wherever, whenever. So when the police ask you to move off the road to stop blocking traffic, listen to them or you will be arrested. But not for your speech
Dear Girl who has been SO nice to me even though I don't deserve it,
Please Thank you so much for saving my binder from random people, giving me a nickel when I was five cents short for lunch, and countless other things. I wish the world was filled with people like you. I hope you have a wonderful life, you really deserve it.
Dear cute guy friend in my advisory,
Thanks for calling me beautiful today. it really mattered because you didn't say I was pretty, cute, or hot; you said I was BEAUTIFUL and when I smiled and said thank you you said you really thought that, you were sincere about it. I felt that one go straight to my heart, thanks for being totally awesome.
Dear USA,
Only hearing about your presidential candidates through memes is... interesting
Dear sister,
Stop trying to set me up with your ex-boyfriends, it's insulting. It doesn't matter what you think of my choices. I don't care if you think I'll be single my whole life if I don't lose my virginity before marriage. You sleep with every boy you date and about a month later you've broken up. Marriages usually last longer than a month, so my first time will be with a man I'll be with for longer than you've been with any of your boyfriends.
Dear Anti-Vaxxers,
If you quit your job, they'll never be able to fire you
Dear people who think that all Catholic priests are evil.,
Please stop. There are TONS of amazing, inspiring, and very religious priests out there. Stop judging and get over it.
Dear Feminists & the general masses,
Why does this myth that domestic violence is a crime perpetrated solely by men against women still exist? I'm especially confused why feminism, as an ideology is the biggest proponents of this myth; I thought you were trying to dismantle the stereotypes of men as agents and women as objects.