Dear Methamphetamine,
Please stop haunting my thoughts, showing up in my dreams, and tarnishing my relationships. You've taken away enough of my life. I'm not giving in so you might as well give up with this psychological warfare.
Dear Americans pissed at the "American stereotype",
Wow. It must be so insulting to have people make a mockery of your culture.
Dear scientists,
Please hurry up with making uterus transplants safe. I'd love to give up mine, especially to make an infertile woman happy.
Dear World,
Just because I'm Christian doesn't mean I hate gays. Some of us are the biggest fighters for their rights.
Dear those uninformed,
Please understand that the Bible is figurative. The "seven days" was billions of years, dinosaurs existed, and the Bible corresponds/agrees with Evolution.
Dear anti-gay people,
Remember when the black community had to fight for their right & the people who were against it look really stupid now? Well in 50 years, that's how youre gonna look in the textbooks.
Dear Disney,
Please stop with all the Tinkerbell stuff. The original character was not a good role model. In fact, she was vain and kind of a bitch.
Dear those who say "respect your elders",
Please stop with that until you tell them to respect us as well. It works both ways.
Dear job seeker,
If you do not meet our minimum requirements, and are not willing to do so, you will not get a job. No, the fact that you are female, or Hispanic does not change anything, and it is not discrimination for us to hire someone else.
Dear Westboro Baptist Church,
Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy against you, saying "These people draw near to me with their mouths, and worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."
Dear gay rights activists,
Please stop with your propaganda. Yes, we've heard you LOUD and CLEAR. Tell me this, why is it ok for you to bully me about my sexual orientation? Why is ok for you to call me names and tell me I'm a horrible person because your orientation goes against my religious beliefs? I'm not mean or rude to you, I just don't agree with your choices, but I do respect you as a person. It would be nice if you'd return the favor. We have bigger issues in our country than who you decide to spend life with.
Dear best friend,
Thank you for not acting like I'm a freak or ignoring me after I tried to kill myself and subsequently spent a week in a psychiatric health ward. Everyone else has avoided me like the plague. Without you I probably wouldn't have been able to go to someone to say I had taken all of those pills. You're probably the reason I am alive right now.
Dear gynecologist,
I know damn fine that I won't ever want have children. So quit telling me how the pill or the three-month injection could affect my fertility and give me the contraception method I've decided to use. It's my body, so it's my decision. I do not have the duty to bear one child after the other just because I'm female.
Dear author of a book i just read,
So you're trying to tell me that in a world of vampires, a human girl pretended to be a vampire successfully for 17 years? You do realize that girls BLEED every month, right?
Dear "I like girls better wearing sweats and not wearing make-up",
I've never worn make-up and don't own a single pair of jeans. Why don't I have a boyfriend?