Dear society,
Why does saying "proud to be black"is ok, but saying "proud to be white" is racism?
Dear Sexist Jerks,
No my 'daddy' didn't buy me my Porsche, my job in neurology did.
Dear period cramps,
I hate you. Go die.
Dear world,
Please stop judging me for having a housekeeper. My parents work long hours and can afford it, so why shouldn't they pay someone to clean for them? They're able to relax, and the housekeeper gets a well-paying job.
Dear Worldwide customers of Retail outlets including Fast Food.,
Please note, that the people behind the register or counter have absolutely nothing to do with prices of merchandise.
Dear obese people,
The concepts of "thin privilege" and "fatphobia" are ridiculous. Discrimination based on weight is different from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Weight is something you can actually control, it's not an inherent part of you. And it's perfectly reasonable to judge people based on their lifestyle choices.
Dear Facebook,
Please stop auto-starting videos as I am scrolling past.
Dear Scholarships,
How is it ok to say that having scholarships for people of different races is ok, but when a pure white scholarship is created it is racist?
Dear gun advocates,
I'm not here to say ban all guns. In fact, I'm not trying to say anything about the right to gun ownership. But giving a 9 year old a uzi? Shouldn't there be a line somewhere?
Dear embarrassed customer,
You're 19, I'm not judging you for buying candles, flowers, and condoms. I am, however, judging the 18 year old mother who is 8 months pregnant with a 2 year old in the cart buying a 6 pack of beers, 2 vodka bottles, 2 cigarettes packs, and some condoms.
Dear Bullies,
The girl you called fat? She's comfortable with how she looks and weighs. The girl you tripped? Convinced all of her friends that you're a total jerk. The girl you called ugly? She doesn't care what you think. The girl you made fun of because she had a lot of scars? She made you listen for an hour about how she got all of them. The girl you made fun of because he was crying? She punched you right in the face. Me? Yeah, that was all me.
Dear overzealous political correctness pushers,
There is honestly nothing I can say that won’t offend you, so I'm done trying. It's your choice to be offended and the world doesn't exist to cater to your needs. By claiming we shouldn't talk about anything deemed "offensive," you're censoring some really important conversations that need to be had.
Dear world,
Please realize that just because I'm Christian doesn't mean I'm homophobic. Yes I believe it is wrong, however I also believe that unless you too claim to be Christian, then I have no right to judge you. I won't judge you, so please don't judge me
Dear "kills 99.9% of germs" cleaning products,
I regularly ate food off the floor when I was a kid. I get sick once a year. My hyper-neurotic, germophobic sister gets sick once a month.
Dear experienced RN,
Please stop telling me I'll become as jaded as you, that I'll stop caring, and that there's no way I'll be able to stay nice and sweet. Don't talk down to me because I choose to see the good in people, that I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, and that I choose to work my ass off to make them feel better. You can condescend all you want, I'm holding onto my naivete as long as I can. Because when I get to be like you, it'll be time to quit.