Dear gun advocates,
I'm not here to say ban all guns. In fact, I'm not trying to say anything about the right to gun ownership. But giving a 9 year old a uzi? Shouldn't there be a line somewhere?
Dear Dad,
My herbology professor told me you went to Hogwarts together. I bet he was the coolest kid back then cause he sure is the coolest professor we have now.
Dear Scholarships,
How is it ok to say that having scholarships for people of different races is ok, but when a pure white scholarship is created it is racist?
Dear Doctor Who fans,
Please stop getting mad over Peter Capaldi being the new doctor. Sure, he isn't as young as Matt Smith or as humorous as David Tennant, but he is the Doctor, and if you gave him a chance, you'll surely find something that you like about him.
Dear Vegetarians,
Please explain how the gourmet yogurt flown in from Maine and packed in plastic is more environmentally friendly and ethical than the chickens I raised, killed, and cleaned up after myself.
Dear experienced RN,
Please stop telling me I'll become as jaded as you, that I'll stop caring, and that there's no way I'll be able to stay nice and sweet. Don't talk down to me because I choose to see the good in people, that I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, and that I choose to work my ass off to make them feel better. You can condescend all you want, I'm holding onto my naivete as long as I can. Because when I get to be like you, it'll be time to quit.
Dear atheist complaining to me about how religious people shove their beliefs in your face,
If we have to keep our religion out of your face, you have to keep your hate for religion out of our face.
Dear "kills 99.9% of germs" cleaning products,
I regularly ate food off the floor when I was a kid. I get sick once a year. My hyper-neurotic, germophobic sister gets sick once a month.
Dear everyone,
I just need to get this off my chest. I am a man who was raped by a woman who is not going to prison because she’s female and I’m male; therefore, I must have enjoyed it. My rape is either completely ignored or, when it is acknowledged, made fun of. I am called a “fag” because men are supposed to always want sex, according to society and feminists. “Only men are rapists and only women are victims.” Why are you still allowing that lie to be perpetuated? Even now, I hide my identity out of fear of being mocked, ridiculed, and attacked by both men and women.
Dear girls who caption their selfies with "I'm ugly",
It's a lot less desperate to just go up to a random person and say "tell me I'm pretty." If you actually thought you were ugly you wouldn't have posted that photo.
Dear Bullies,
The girl you called fat? She's comfortable with how she looks and weighs. The girl you tripped? Convinced all of her friends that you're a total jerk. The girl you called ugly? She doesn't care what you think. The girl you made fun of because she had a lot of scars? She made you listen for an hour about how she got all of them. The girl you made fun of because he was crying? She punched you right in the face. Me? Yeah, that was all me.
Dear engineer dad,
It's really hard to hear everyone's comments about me not taking math my senior year. I've heard so many remarks about not getting into college and working at McDonalds. So I just wanted to say thank you much for telling me today that I can be successful in whatever I choose to do and that it's okay not to take AP Calculus if I don't want to.
Dear random hot guy at a dance,
Thanks for accepting when I asked you to dance, squeezing my hand, being adorably klutzy, holding me close, spinning me, hugging me when the song ended, and making an average girl feel special.
Dear best friend,
I overheard you getting advice from your dad about how you should ask me to be your boyfriend. I'll say yes no matter what you do but please don't sing me a song in public. You're so hot but musical talent isn't something you possess. Leave that to me.
Dear everyone,
I don't need *modern* feminism because I don't want to be associated with an ideology that dismisses a woman's voice because she disagrees with and/or questions it or dismisses a man's voice simply because he's a man. If feminism is actually about equality, the current movement needs to start acting like it.