Dear Bible-thumping mother,
Please realize that if you try to keep me from eating pork because "the Bible says it's bad," then you have to follow ALL the laws of Leviticus. Those include not wearing fabrics made from more than one material (like that lovely cotton/poly blend you're wearing at the moment), not cutting your hair or shaving (how much did you spend at the salon on that trim yesterday?), and not letting different kinds of cattle graze together (I can count three breeds hanging out on our ranch right now). So, for the love of all that's holy, shut up and let me eat my bacon.
Dear "woman against feminism",
Please don't call yourselves anti-feminist if you vote, drive or have received an education.
Dear students,
Please be nicer to and about your teachers. They go into a nearly thankless and very difficult job with not nearly as much pay as they deserve just to help you get a decent education.
Dear society,
Please stop making fun of guys who express their feelings. It... hurts our feelings.
Dear people who wonder how models splash their faces with water,
We don't actually use water. They add the water in during editing.
Dear guys who slut-shame,
If you hate girls that sleep around, then don't sleep with them. End of story.
Dear individuals with hard challenges in life,
Please don't use your life to criticize the seemingly minor issues others face. My aunt almost died fleeing her home in Iraq, then became a doctor in England and went back to Iraq many times to help treat people. Despite all that she's seen, she sympathized with even my silliest problems as a child and instead used her life to teach me all people have the strength to get past every kind of challenge.
Dear "kawaii" girls,
Stop pretending you know my culture. Anime and manga are nothing compared to the history of atom bomb disease and seppuku. You don't get to say you're practically Japanese. You don't get to water down my heritage. You don't get to erase what it means for me to be Japanese. You don't have the right.
Dear Teens of 2014,
Please actually do the things you say on the internet in real life. If you say 'don't judge people', then don't judge people. If you say 'be original', for the sake of everything good, actually be original. If you are nice to strangers online, don't be rude in real life.... however, if you're a douche online, go ahead and be a douche in person instead so you can see where it gets you when you can't hide behind a screen.
Dear customers,
We don't care if you're buying tampons, condoms, lube, a cart full of junk food, 10 packages of cigarettes, or all of the above. We're not judging you, and chances are we'll forget what you even bought 5 minutes later.
Dear school,
Please stop telling us our future and worth as people are based on our grades and then getting confused when we're all ridiculously stressed and have low self-esteem.
Dear Fellow Classmates,
Please realize that I'm not gay because I'm in marching band, I'm gay because I prefer men over women.
Dear everyone,
I am a college graduate. I'm currently working two dead-end jobs to try and cover student loans, car payment, insurance, rent and utilities. I'm trying my best to make $50 of food last until my next paycheck, and it's still not working. At this rate, I am still $200 short every month, and I don't know how to meet that gap. All the while, my one job has managers that are afraid of me for some reason (and continue to ride my ass because of it) and cuts my hours, and the other one is very clique-y, making me the outsider. I'm living in a house with people whose primary goals in life seem to be high and drunk as often as possible, and thus despise me since I'm just trying to make ends meet (and can't really be drunk and high all the time). To top it all off, I am 2,000 miles from my closest source of help, meaning if anything goes wrong, I am pretty much on my own. Please don't act like I don't know how tough life can be, simply because I'm white and male.
Dear parents,
I am an A student. I don't drink, smoke, party, or sleep around. I do nice things for others and I'm kind. Please don't act like I'm a terrible kid because my bedroom isn't clean.
Dear women who complain that men are "oppressing" you by sitting with their legs open on public transportation,
They are trying not to squish their genitalia because it hurts and will close/move their legs without complaint if you ask them too. Women are just as bad when they put their purses/bags on the seat next to them and usually get an attitude when you ask them to move them, but you don't see men complaining about women "oppressing" them by taking up too much room.