Dear obese people,
The concepts of "thin privilege" and "fatphobia" are ridiculous. Discrimination based on weight is different from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Weight is something you can actually control, it's not an inherent part of you. And it's perfectly reasonable to judge people based on their lifestyle choices.
Dear high school,
Please teach me how to vote, pay taxes, rent an apartment, and get a job.
Dear Scholarships,
How is it ok to say that having scholarships for people of different races is ok, but when a pure white scholarship is created it is racist?
Dear gun advocates,
I'm not here to say ban all guns. In fact, I'm not trying to say anything about the right to gun ownership. But giving a 9 year old a uzi? Shouldn't there be a line somewhere?
Dear Doctor Who fans,
Please stop getting mad over Peter Capaldi being the new doctor. Sure, he isn't as young as Matt Smith or as humorous as David Tennant, but he is the Doctor, and if you gave him a chance, you'll surely find something that you like about him.
Dear experienced RN,
Please stop telling me I'll become as jaded as you, that I'll stop caring, and that there's no way I'll be able to stay nice and sweet. Don't talk down to me because I choose to see the good in people, that I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, and that I choose to work my ass off to make them feel better. You can condescend all you want, I'm holding onto my naivete as long as I can. Because when I get to be like you, it'll be time to quit.
Dear "kills 99.9% of germs" cleaning products,
I regularly ate food off the floor when I was a kid. I get sick once a year. My hyper-neurotic, germophobic sister gets sick once a month.
Dear atheist complaining to me about how religious people shove their beliefs in your face,
If we have to keep our religion out of your face, you have to keep your hate for religion out of our face.
Dear Vegetarians,
Please explain how the gourmet yogurt flown in from Maine and packed in plastic is more environmentally friendly and ethical than the chickens I raised, killed, and cleaned up after myself.
Dear Bullies,
The girl you called fat? She's comfortable with how she looks and weighs. The girl you tripped? Convinced all of her friends that you're a total jerk. The girl you called ugly? She doesn't care what you think. The girl you made fun of because she had a lot of scars? She made you listen for an hour about how she got all of them. The girl you made fun of because he was crying? She punched you right in the face. Me? Yeah, that was all me.
Dear world,
Please realize that just because I'm Christian doesn't mean I'm homophobic. Yes I believe it is wrong, however I also believe that unless you too claim to be Christian, then I have no right to judge you. I won't judge you, so please don't judge me
Dear slutty girls,
This isn't a regular post hating on you and telling you to cover up. I just wanted to tell you that you are all gorgeous even without the short skirts and low cut shirts
Dear world,
Please stop thinking that every Christian is a Jesus freak who hates all other religions.
Dear males in my life,
Please chill out with the homophobia. You believe in the stereotypical homosexual as being the only type of homosexual. What I'm saying to you is that there isn't a specific mold of a gay man; they can be masculine and feminine, bearded or shaven, skinny or burly. So while you were busy staying away from the flamboyant gays and anything homosexual in general, you seemed to have missed a spot
Dear boyfriend,
You didn't say anything at prom when I was in my big fancy dress, makeup, and high heels. But when we got back and I changed into sweat pants and hoodie, you called me beautiful...