Dear world,
Most priests don't rape children.
Dear gynecologist,
I know damn fine that I won't ever want have children. So quit telling me how the pill or the three-month injection could affect my fertility and give me the contraception method I've decided to use. It's my body, so it's my decision. I do not have the duty to bear one child after the other just because I'm female.
Dear those who say "respect your elders",
Please stop with that until you tell them to respect us as well. It works both ways.
Dear world,
Why don't we just take the race box off the college or scholarship application form? Why does your skin color or family background need to affect something like that?
Dear society,
Please don't go aroung dissing teenage girls with pregnancy scares. It isn't right from them to be having sex at their age, but it's not all their faults. What about the boys? Are they sluts too?
Dear media,
the most recent school shooting was committed by a popular boy. It shouldn't take multiple people's deaths for you to realize and start talking about how not all of these tragedies are caused by "loners" and not everyone who seems quiet or distant is planning to go on a murder spree.
Dear dad ,
Thanks for not freaking out when you caught me kissing my boyfriend.
Dear colleges,
So my black friend with no other siblings that have to go to college and parents with higher income than mine gets more financial aid than I do? Don't you think that's a little counter-intuitive? If we want to get rid of racism, shouldn't we treat everyone equally? I would like our benefits to fit what each student ACTUALLY needs regardless of skin color.
Dear homophobes,
Jesus loved "sinners" and ate with them even if they weren't following the Bible.
Dear mother,
Please don't compare gay people to pedophiles. Homosexuality has been proven to be present in a person's DNA, while most pedophiles had actions done to them during childhood that caused them to be that way. Also, you are not harming anyone by being gay, while pedophiles hurt many people. They are not the same, and homosexuality should not be something to get angry about.
Dear male friend,
Just because you like me does not mean I have to like you back. I am sorry you are hurt, but calling me a slut and a tease is going too far. You have been telling everyone I led you on. I wasn’t aware I couldn’t be friends with someone of the opposite sex. Thanks for enlightening me to your true nature.
Dear people,
Having a hard life does not give you an excuse to be a dick to other people.
Dear brand new baby "nephew",
Please never stop being adorable, awesome and the best thing in my life. I know I'm just your auntie because your mommy and I are best friends, but I promise to always love you like you are my blood. I am looking forward to showing you the wonders of a galaxy far far away, a boy in the cupboard under the stairs, and a mad man in a blue box.
Dear world,
Women and girls can wear whatever they want. It's their right. And as long as it is consensual, safe and no emotional damage is done, they can have as much sexual activity as they want. It doesn't affect you.
Dear Wizarding World,
If you kill the greatest wizard of all time, you become the greatest wizard of all time. Dumbledore was the greatest wizard of all time. Snape killed Dumbledore. Nagini killed Snape. Neville killed Nagini.