Dear people who lose or restore their faith in Humanity,
Why are you putting your faith in imperfect people in the first place?
Dear older brother,
Please realize how much it meant to me when you came into my room and comforted me while I was crying in bed, despite the fact that you were sick.
Dear reflective self,
Personal confession: I am African American and throughtout my entire life experience I will be the first to admit that I find Black people to be the most challenging people to deal with. Even with the existence of racism and other social ills, being raised around and dealing with Black people is still no cake walk. We carry a distinct attitude and energy about ourselves. I am proud to be Black but this doesn't mean that I don't see the truth about us. I used to date outside my race just to find something different from Black people. In a way, I found it refreshing. I am proud to say that now I do have a Black boyfriend who doesn't bring me all the burdensome experiences and qualities that I know Black people can bring.
Dear Boys who claim that girls only go for the hot guys,
Please remember that we feel the same way about how you pick your girlfriends. Also, please remember that we want to be teens, not 16 year old mothers. With that in mind, note that we don't want a hot guy, we want someone who understands us.
Dear Friend,
Please stop thinking that, just because I'm a single mother, I can weather all storms by myself all the time. Like everyone else, I need a crying shoulder or a listening ear every now and then, or someone to tell me "Let me fight this battle with you." I may be my child's hero, but I'm no Superwoman.
Dear hearing people,
Please stop thinking I'm stupid because I use ASL, its a language, not miming or gesturing
Dear best guy friend,
Thank you for surprising me. I never saw it coming.
Dear people who use Autism as a joke,
Please stop.
Dear family,
Please understand that im not ok. Im going crazy and nobody is noticing me. I just want someone to actually care and pay attention to me. I never thought that i would become depressed or have anxiety issues but i guess i do. I honestly don't know if this is termporary or not. Please notice me.
Dear boys,
Hitting on us is really flattering and all but i kinda wish you would try getting to know me or at least know my name before you ask if you can have my number.
Dear "criticizing Islam is racist" person,
By that logic, criticizing Christianity/Judaism is anti-Semitic, criticizing Hinduism is anti-Indian, criticizing Shintoism is anti-Japanese, etc. A religion is not a race. You shouldn't need me to tell you that.
Dear people who think girls without boyfriends must be gay,
That makes about as much sense as assuming a girl is straight because she can't get a girlfriend
Dear mom,
Please stop calling me a girl. I thought things would get better when I came out but I'm still "your daughter" to you
Dear Math Teacher,
Thank you for the best year of my life. You will always be a father to me when i didnt have one.
Dear Husbands and Dads of the world,
Please remember to tell your wives and kids how much you love them every day. Just imagine if something were to happen and you didn't have that option anymore.