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Dear gay classmates,
Yes, I'm to~otally asking you to stop making out because I'm an 'evil' Christian who hates all gays, and it is not at all because you've been making out directly in front of my locker every day for the last week, preventing me from getting my books for class and staring at me tauntingly when I try to get passed you.
Dear Lovely person reading,
Please You're not ugly, you're the opposite.. If I could hug you and tell you tomorrow would be ok, I would because I'd be there for you..
Dear boy in my class,
My sister was raped less than a week ago. She's been in hospital since then, she's terrified of any strange man, and she has nightmares every night. And you dared to come up to me and say it was her fault she was raped because she wore a short skirt?!
Dear Society,
Why does my level of success in life depend on whether or not I'm in a relationship?
Dear doctor,
You've told me repeatedly that my baby will have disabilities and advised me to have an abortion. Do you realize that what you're recommending is essentially eugenics?
Dear interviewers,
Thank you for giving me feedback on my unsuccessful application. But for fuck sake, stop saying "other candidates were more experienced". IN WHAT WAY?! Its no help to me as I'm trying to get the experience but nobody is letting me because I'm not experienced enough and every single time, other candidates are more experienced.
Dear boyfriend,
Please allow me my moment to shine. I know you're passionate about your hobby, and I love learning about it from you. But being the student all the time is starting to make me feel like I have a lower IQ. Please let me be the teacher for once. I have hobbies too.
Dear Climate change skeptics and believers,
Whether humans are causing climate change or not, it is quite obvious that pollution causes serious problems for the environment, as well as humans. Why can't we spend our energy on figuring out how to provide the energy we need, use our limited resources wisely and protect our planet?
Dear Vegan who clearly tells any soul that doesn't ask,
You are not morally superior to me because of the lack of meat/dairy you eat. Stop shoving your opinion down my throat. I don't believe in animal cruelty just because I drink dairy.
Dear Vegans,
Please eat a snickers. You get really forceful and arrogant about your worldviews and personal choices when you're hungry. If you really want to win people over to your side then try being persuasive and convincing, not insulting and hostile.
Dear Mom & Dad,
I know I don't say this often but I love you both very much and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I know you guys won't read this letter but I felt like writing it and tell it to someone. I on my way to you and see you in a few hours.
Dear children,
it makes my day every time you come running into my arms every morning and telling your parents that I am a superhero. You'll probably never know that I didn't get the scars because I fought villains or monsters under your beds. And you'll never know just how happy it makes me to see you smile, even though at times your mood resembles the diapers I'm changing on a daily basis. But I'm thankful for helping to bring you up.
Dear writing group,
Please stop asking me, "where are the LGBT people?" and "why are you writing about asexuals?" when you read my stories. I don't write about LGBT people because plenty of other people have. I write about asexuals because I am asexual and because virtually no one has.
Dear High School Sex-Ed.,
Why didn't you teach us about proper bra fit along with menstruation.
Dear fellow authors,
If you're writing about a place, a hobby, or anything else that you don't know much about, for the love of God do your research!