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Dear society (generally middle aged people),
Just because I am young, it doesn't mean I'm a bad driver. In fact, I drive over 10 hours a day for a living, pulling weights you've never towed before, in all sorts of conditions, without benefits of things like hill start assist or reversing cameras. Do not tell me I'm not experienced as you, just because you were driving when I was born. Do not tell me I am a bigger danger on the road, just because you're vehicle is newer.
Dear Feminists & the general masses,
Why does this myth that domestic violence is a crime perpetrated solely by men against women still exist? I'm especially confused why feminism, as an ideology is the biggest proponents of this myth; I thought you were trying to dismantle the stereotypes of men as agents and women as objects.
Dear Bigioted Asshat,
Please quit telling me that I'm going to hell for sticking with my friends after he came out as being gay.
Dear other humans,
If you criticize the way that I do something, then please be prepared to answer the question, "How would you like me to do it differently?" If you can't answer, you haven't really gotten anywhere.
Dear Math Teacher of 4 years,
Thank you for making high school bearable.
Dear other drivers,
If you want to get into my lane, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD use your turn signal. Especially if I'm moving fast and you're not.
Dear ignorant neighbor,
Please stop taking your dog inside every time I let mine out. Yes, he's big. Yes, he's got a block head. Yes, his ears are cropped. And yes, he is a full blood pit bull. BUT he is no more dangerous than any other dog! Quit listening to biased media!!!!
Dear America,
Please don't crumble before our eyes.
Dear shy girl,
You're tiny, friendly and really cute. You always smile and hold back. Who would have thought that was your secret?
Dear classmate,
So according to you I'm racist because I don't like Indian food? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, I don't like curry or anything spicy?
Dear people who think that all Catholic priests are evil.,
Please stop. There are TONS of amazing, inspiring, and very religious priests out there. Stop judging and get over it.
Dear bipolar friend,
I love you, I really do. But our mental illnesses aren't compatible, and I can't be your therapist 24/7. It triggers my anxiety to the point where I can't function.
Dear mother,
Just because I was a tomboy as a child doesn't mean I'm transgender. So for the love of God stop introducing me as your "transgender child"! Stop making me pretend to be something I'm not so you can show how "tolerant" and "non-judgmental" you are.
Dear the Guy who just kissed me,
Sorry if I didn't kiss you back... I'm currently dying and my brain was in "OHMYGOSH" mode when I realized you were about to kiss me. I totally meant to kiss you back and I'm just awkward and I can't... because I'm dying and apparently functioning is a no...
Dear people at the beach,
I understand that the beach is for everybody and not everybody shares our passion for photography. But if you do see photographers on a clear, calm night, there might be a chance they are trying to capture the milky way, meteors, an aurora, a planet etc. So please don't leave your headlights on at full beam, or point your torches at us. It ruins photos.