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Dear Kids,
Please let me tell you how wonderful both of you are, how you've made my life more amazing than I could ever have imagined, how much I loved taking care of you as Mr. Mom for all those, how I would do anything for you, and how I hope for your continued health, happiness and success.
Dear Baby Changing Stations,
Please stop showing up in the handicapped washroom stalls. I know you need to be somewhere, but it's the only stall I can use and I have to pee!!!
Dear fellow "adults",
I have realized that none of us know what the hell we're doing with our lives. It's okay if our shit isn't together yet, right?
Dear Mom,
My grandmother was born in 1928, yet managed to accept me when I came out. You've lived in a more modern world, what does it say about you if she's okay with it and you're not?
Dear Mom,
You were right. About everything
Dear people with depression and/or other mental disorders,
No matter how tough the going gets, no matter how pointless things seem, there's always a person that will stand by your side. Even me :)
Dear family I barely know,
Please know that just because we're family it doesn't mean you can pick up my son whenever you feel like it. Strangers scare him, telling him you're his uncle/cousin/aunt isn't going to calm him down. Also, I just met you guys, stop assuming because I'm nineteen with a toddler I don't know what's best for him. Right now, you're strangers to us both, keep it up and you'll stay that way.
Dear woman at the Front Desk of the court house,
Thank you for referring me even though you do not know me personally. You listening to my story as to why I wanted this job so badly and because of you, I recieve a phone call today that I got the Job.
Dear students starting university,
When choosing a place to live, for the love of God choose wisely. If you don't have a happy place to go home to, it makes your year that much harder.
Dear world,
Please don't tell me something's wrong with me, or worse, deny that my feelings exist. Please don't tell me I'll be alone forever if I don't change or 'stop trying to be unique'. I'm starting to believe you, and it's lonely.
Dear women,
If you ever feel inadequate because you don't have giant breasts, don't. You're not missing much.
Dear roommate,
Please stop this obsession with my partner, especially since you clearly don't know him very well. But it was funny to see how proud you were to 'heroically' tell him you know I hooked up with a girl, and then see it crash when he shrugged carelessly.
Dear Mom,
I'm going to come out to you soon as transgender. My wife still loves me, God still loves me, and I love me even more since I admitted it finally. Please don't hate me. Show me the same love you always showed your gay friend.
Dear Stupid Parents,
Please love your children. They're not meant to be treated like the butt of everyone's jokes.
Dear people we meet,
Please respect the boundaries that are in place for the well-being of my child. If I told you she was diabetic, and you could offer her one cookie but not six, you wouldn't bat an eye. So when I ask you to offer a high five instead of picking her up or putting her on your lap, even if she asks, you need to do that.