Dear Parents of college-attending son/daughtr,
Please stop expecting the staff at the career services office to "make" your child pick a major from which s/he will "get" a "good job." College isn't about making money. It is about helping your child find authentic interests, explore life-sustaining passions, learning how to problem-solve, embrace the unfamiliar, honor the expanse of human experience, negotiate conflict and disappointment, build resiliency, advocate for self. Relax Mom and Dad: s/he'll find a job..and it may not be what you dreamed for them, but their college is not for you. It is not something you can architect. It is uniquely theirs to use to launch a life THEY will live.
Dear college,
Please become free. That would be great
Dear Worldwide customers of Retail outlets including Fast Food.,
Please note, that the people behind the register or counter have absolutely nothing to do with prices of merchandise.
Dear "Are you on your Period?,
I Started my day waking up in a pool of blood, is that how you would like me to end yours?
Dear Facebook,
Please stop auto-starting videos as I am scrolling past.
Dear self-righteous prudes,
Please realize that the oft-quoted phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" applies to you as well. I don't call you demeaning and sexist names when you come to school with a ponytail and no makeup; why do you bully me for wearing leather and dark makeup? I am my own person and I have worth. My potential for success is not and never will be indicated by my choices of clothing.
Dear people who get mad if I say black as opposed to African American,
I know I'm not black, but I find this to be more correct. These people are not from Africa anymore, they have been living here for generations and I think that black would be more correct.
Dear obese people,
The concepts of "thin privilege" and "fatphobia" are ridiculous. Discrimination based on weight is different from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Weight is something you can actually control, it's not an inherent part of you. And it's perfectly reasonable to judge people based on their lifestyle choices.
Dear Boy Scouts,,
Please stop teaching boys that gay people are aliens.
Dear Best guy friend that I have a crush on,
When I said that I had to go ask my Dad if he woul fix me ice cream, you asked why. When I told it was because of my meal plan, you asked why you couldn't for me. Then you were surprised that none of my other friends had ever offered to do that for me. You have no idea how touching that was.
Dear world,
Please stop judging me for having a housekeeper. My parents work long hours and can afford it, so why shouldn't they pay someone to clean for them? They're able to relax, and the housekeeper gets a well-paying job.
Dear girls everywhere,
Please stop complaining about whether your boobs aren't big enough or are too big or that you aren't happy with them. At least they're healthy.
Dear best guy friend,
I love you so much. You are the older brother I never had. You're always there to listen to me whine, but you'll call me out on my bullshit when I need to be put in my place. You make a fantastic pillow, and I'll always return the favor. Even though I've only known you for seven or eight years, you know me better than my own parents do. So thank you for understanding that "no," doesn't mean "I hate you."
Dear girl at my school,
Please stop telling me that your relationship with your boyfriend is better than my relaionship with my boyfriend simply because yours is a theater kid and mine is on the football team and what you call a "dumb jock". He has a 4.0 and we love each other. He is my best friend.
Dear men and women in today's society,
Please do not judge your self-worth by how many times you have had sex. It is okay to practice abstinence.