Dear pro life people,
Please understand, sure I'm fine with the baby living, but I don't want to carry it. It's my body. If any other creature latched on you would remove it. Why is now any different.
Dear people who think that introvert=quiet,
Being an introvert doesn't mean that I'm shy, quiet, or even that I dislike being social. I love meeting new people and interacting in social situations. Introverts just need some time after social interactions to "regroup" and gain their energy back. All that means is that after a few hours at a party I need an hour alone to relax.
Dear new person at church,
If you want to hold my son, you will approach where he can see you and hold your hands out and let him CHOOSE whether he wants to go to you. You will not come up behind him and snatch him from my arms without him even knowing you're there. I know you think he is cute (and I agree!) but to him you are a stranger, and I myself have only met you a few times. Back off.
Dear people against children's "indoctrination",
I really do not think you understand what belief is. Religious parents BELIEVE (read: "see as fact") that what they are teaching their children is true. It's no different for them to tell their children about God and Heaven than to tell them that oak trees come from acorns. It's simply truth to them, nothing malicious.
Dear depression,
Please go away.
Dear world,
My school is so opened minded and tolorent that I'm scared to express my opinion. I think everyone should be treated equally and hating on a certain group is unacceptable. So why is it ok to say that all cops are bad, even though most risk their lives to protect us. We don't know all the facts but you have already decided there is a right answer. Maybe we should look at both sides. Maybe both were in the wrong.
Dear everyone,
I love the fact that we're getting support for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, and what have you. But let's not forget about our transgender folk over here.
Dear strangers,
I respect everyone's religion, don't get me wrong, but it really bothers me when people come up to me on the streets to preach to me or try to "save" me. My beliefs are just as legitimate as yours, and just because I happen to not believe in a higher power does not mean I want to "find" Jesus. I respect everyone's decision to believe what the want to believe, but I wish everyone could do me the same courtesy.
Dear guy who abused me when I was 5,
Please leave me alone now. I won't let you ruin my life by making me take the blame for what you did. I was vulnerable, but I'm not anymore, and this is your final warning. Even though we met once, you followed me like a shadow all my life. Not anymore. I'm not your victim; I'm a survivor. I hope you can live with what you did to me. I might forgive you one day. Until then, you're on your own. I won't bear your guilt anymore.
Dear Person who suggested soldiers wear capes,
Dear people of Ferguson,
Please know your efforts to deflate racial tention in America is starting to become counter productive.
Dear Racist Classmate,
Saying all muslims are terrorists is like saying all Germans are Nazis
Dear People who think they're "special snowflakes" just because they're virgins,
Please get over yourself. There is no difference to your quality as a human being whether or not you've had sex.
Dear religious and scienctific community,
Religion and science are faith and reason. The are apart of us and compliment one another. They are intertwined in beautiful harmony.
Dear parents,
When you ask me to repeat something because you couldn't hear it the first time, expect me to talk loudly.