Dear best friend,
Thank you for not acting like I'm a freak or ignoring me after I tried to kill myself and subsequently spent a week in a psychiatric health ward. Everyone else has avoided me like the plague. Without you I probably wouldn't have been able to go to someone to say I had taken all of those pills. You're probably the reason I am alive right now.
Dear anorexia,
Don't try to tell me what to do!!!
Dear everyone,
So when a girl suggests a guy work out because he’s getting out of shape, nobody bats an eye, but when a guy suggests a girl work out because she’s getting out of shape, everyone loses their minds. Why the double standard?
Dear mormon missionry dude,
I dont really agree with what you do, but thanks for running after the bus to stop it to let me get in.
Dear person who decided woman should shave their legs,,
Please tell me why this was necessary.
Dear Broken Hearted,
Step 1: Let yourself cry. You need to get all the upset and anger out of your system before you can move on. Step 2: Put anything that reminds you of the person who broke your heart out of sight (no need to burn it unless you want to). Step 3: Focus on YOU for a little while. It takes time, but it gets better, I promise. Chin up!
Dear Excited Teens in the Theatre,
I understand you love The Lion King and Les Mis as much as the rest of the theatre, but I came here to hear them sing not you. Sorry.
Dear bitchy girls on the bus making fun of the mentally disabled boy,
Please shut up. He's mentally disabled, not deaf. There's a reason he stopped merrily rocking back and forth and now just sitting still looking at his shoes.
Dear Steven Moffat,
Please realize that a strong female character does not mean a stubborn, whiny girl.
Dear Adults On The Internet and In Real Life,
Please stop telling me as a young teen that I can not love, or that I haven't ever felt real love. You might be right, but for now it does feel just a little bit real, so can you PLEASE just leave me be and let us be happy and "together", even if it isn't "real". I don't want to be constantly thinking "This isn't real love," or "This will never work out,". I don't want to be ridiculed, please.
Dear kids at school,
Please stop acting like little kids. We're high schoolers, and there's no need to go around humping each other and pretending to slap the teacher's butt when she bends over to get something. Really? You guys suck.
Dear NFL,
I know wearing pink in October is a way to market to your female fans and look pro-woman, but would it kill you to have a blue November for testicular cancer, something that can actually affect not only your male fan base, but also your players?
Dear anti-gay people,
Remember when the black community had to fight for their right & the people who were against it look really stupid now? Well in 50 years, that's how youre gonna look in the textbooks.
Dear idiots at the grocery store,
Please stop saying items must be free if they don't ring the first time
Dear Muslim women I'm watching,
Please don't think I think you're a terrorist. I just really like your hijab