Dear Reader,
Everything you do with your body should be for you and nobody else. Let the haters hate. You rock.
Dear Father Who Stiffed Me Last Night,
I watched your kids 3 from 5pm to 3am last night so you could go to that wedding. We discussed my rate per hour. You really though you could bully me into not charging you? And you thought when I wouldn't leave without my pay it would be a good idea to slap me in the hotel lobby?
Dear dad yelling at me for putting my used female products in the trash can,
Where would you rather me put them instead?
Dear public,
Please realize Taylor Swift is a maturing young women, who is just trying to find herself in the spotlight. Just because she's had heartbreaks and expresses it through her music, doesn't mean you have to hate her for it.
Dear mormon missionry dude,
I dont really agree with what you do, but thanks for running after the bus to stop it to let me get in.
Dear everyone,
So when a girl suggests a guy work out because he’s getting out of shape, nobody bats an eye, but when a guy suggests a girl work out because she’s getting out of shape, everyone loses their minds. Why the double standard?
Dear Steven Moffat,
Please realize that a strong female character does not mean a stubborn, whiny girl.
Dear media,
the most recent school shooting was committed by a popular boy. It shouldn't take multiple people's deaths for you to realize and start talking about how not all of these tragedies are caused by "loners" and not everyone who seems quiet or distant is planning to go on a murder spree.
Dear Adults On The Internet and In Real Life,
Please stop telling me as a young teen that I can not love, or that I haven't ever felt real love. You might be right, but for now it does feel just a little bit real, so can you PLEASE just leave me be and let us be happy and "together", even if it isn't "real". I don't want to be constantly thinking "This isn't real love," or "This will never work out,". I don't want to be ridiculed, please.
Dear bitchy girls on the bus making fun of the mentally disabled boy,
Please shut up. He's mentally disabled, not deaf. There's a reason he stopped merrily rocking back and forth and now just sitting still looking at his shoes.
Dear teenage population,
Just because I choose to have sex with my boyfriend does not mean I'm a slut or that I'm stupid. It means that I'm in love with him, and my personal life is none of your business.
Dear Excited Teens in the Theatre,
I understand you love The Lion King and Les Mis as much as the rest of the theatre, but I came here to hear them sing not you. Sorry.
Dear NFL,
I know wearing pink in October is a way to market to your female fans and look pro-woman, but would it kill you to have a blue November for testicular cancer, something that can actually affect not only your male fan base, but also your players?
Dear self-proclaimed geeks and nerds,
I was popular in high school. I pulled good grades. I did not bully people. However, because people liked me and I was never single for long, many of the "nerds" made a point to talk badly about my friends and call us horrible names. Then, when we would complain, they would call us the bullies. Most of the time, unless you are someone's friend, they don't care what you do, what you like, and what social status you think you have. The world is not always out to get out. Maybe, if you acted the way you want to be treated, people might be nicer to you.
Dear Life,
You need to slow the frick down.