Dear Society,
Please don't assume that just because I'm a lesbian, it means that I'm attracted to every girl I see.
Dear people who tell me to pull my shirt up when it's low cut,
I appreciate you telling me, but why? My chest is made of breast tissues and a nipple, the same as a man's.
Dear "I don't hate LGBTAQP people I just don't support queer marriage",
Funny, would you say "I don't hate black people, I just don't support black rights"? No? Yeah, didn't think so.
Dear "when a woman says she's fine she really isn't",
Not every woman is a crazy bitch
Dear People,
Please stop judging me. I am a 21 year old female who loves anime/manga. I have a gay male friend who is one of the most important people in my life. My favourite band is Muse. I love Harry Potter, LoTR and The Hunger Games. I watch Friends and Gilmore Girls obsessively. I just graduated with first class honours in BA English Language and Linguistics. I want to travel the world. I AM MUSLIM.
Dear Mom,
Thank you for telling me that "books will always be free," and never refusing my request to become well-read.
Dear brother,
Please stop asking me and our sister to let your fiancée dig through the jewelry our mother left her daughters and take what she likes. We're happy to give her a piece or two, but she's not entitled to half of everything. It's just pretty jewelry to her, but to us it's pieces and memories of Mom.
Dear liberals,
Yes, just like the conservatives, you too can be narrowminded.
Dear fellow sophomore complaining about getting his girlfriend pregnant,
Here's a piece of advice: If you don't want a kid, then don't have sex. It's not that hard.
Dear idiot in my Judaism class,
We are discussing formal wear of different religions and you dare to say it is wrong for Muslims to wear their hijab? Our religion has been repressed for our kippot, we are still fighting for the right to show our traditions. Have some empathy and compassion. Muslims' are no different then anyone else, we have our stereotypes and our bad guys, but the majority are caring, normal people. Please use perspective before you judge others.
Dear Liberals,
I spent 12 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a doctor and pay 40% in federal taxes and you want to tax me more, yet billionaires only pay 15%? Go f*ck yourselves
Dear america ,
In 25 states it legal for you marry your cousin but in only 9 gay marriage is legal
Dear People of the World,
I'm tired of everyone thinking that racism only goes one way or is from one race when it goes to all races and comes from all races. However, I know that people will remain ignorant and just think that being racist is a white thing.
Dear boss,
I have a signed medical form stating that I am not to work in positions that require me to stand or lift, and a notice from your boss to keep me on cashier because I am quick and I can use the stool to stay off my feet. If you try to bully me into working the stockroom, I will go over your head, and I will keep going until you or I am fired.
Dear guys of the world,
Just because I'm asexual doesn't mean I'm not lonely. I still want a romantic relationship.