Dear friend who just posted something about best friends and tagged me and 1 other,
Please know that even if it was no big deal to you, i was almost crying
Dear You,
You look great today.
Dear Dove,
I opened one of your chocolates and on the wrapper it said "You're gorgeous".
Dear world,
what happened to all men (and women) created equal? equal rights should be a thing for everyone, not just to those who fit the "norm" of todays world.
Dear asexual girlfriend,
It's saddening to know that you're afraid I'll decide I need sex and leave you for someone who will give it to me. I just want you to know, I love YOU, not the person you'd be if you were sexual..
Dear Parents,
You're the ones who raised us.
Dear classmate,
I love how you are so happy about becoming a dad, despite you being only 19. I love how it motivates you to work very hard for your degree, and don't let anyone tell you that your child has no future just because you became a parent so young. You'll make a great dad, despite everything you've ever been trough and even despite your mild autism.
Dear guys,
If in every party you go you are expecting to hook up with a girl and you would do it everytime if you had the chance, why do you call girls bad words when they do the same?
Dear Heavier people telling me "you need a cheeseburger",
Rude and judgemental. I am not naturally skinny, nor am I anorexic. I love cheeseburgers, bacon with ranch is my favorite. I eat one at least once a week considering I own a pizza place and make one for lunch or dinner, but I also work out like a mad person. I run, I walk, I lift weights, and I do Pilates. I look like this because I work really hard.
Dear former owners of my puppy,
If I somehow found out who you are, you'd be lucky to escape. There's no cause for nearly breaking an 8 week old puppy's leg. None. It breaks my heart to see her flinch, when all I want to do is pet her. Thankfully we got her out of the shelter when we did, and we are never going to raise our hands to her. She is slowly learning that my husband and I love her, and we are never going to give up on her. That's what families do for each other.
Dear People asking for a biracial Disney couple,
Try Pocahontas.
Dear best guy friend,
Please know that, while I'm still healing from my fairly-recent breakup, I appreciate everything you do for me as well as our late night goofing around and Netflix marathon commentaries. You're the best. And maybe, later on down the road, I'll be ready again. But thank you for just being a good friend when I need it most.
Dear People who say im to old to watch disney movies,
Bibbity Boppity piss off!
Dear "Everyone's entitled to an opinion",
If their opinion disrespects my existence, then no, I won't respect their opinion. If you want to deny me the right to have an abortion or to live out my love for another woman, DON'T FREAKIN' TALK TO ME.
Dear people talking about Christians and Catholics,
You realize The Catholic faith is a form of Christianity, right? Saying Catholics and Christians is like saying French and Euopeans.