Dear Americans,
You don't respect the military? I don't mind. But at least show respect for the fallen. Be appreciative you still have your father or brother around to talk to.
Dear artists of all kind,
the earth without art is just 'eh'
Dear Disney,
Please stop with all the Tinkerbell stuff. The original character was not a good role model. In fact, she was vain and kind of a bitch.
Dear job seeker,
If you do not meet our minimum requirements, and are not willing to do so, you will not get a job. No, the fact that you are female, or Hispanic does not change anything, and it is not discrimination for us to hire someone else.
Dear Winnie the Pooh,
Please remember you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think
Dear people concerned about my bandaged wrist,
Cutting was three years ago, that's just my new survivor tattoo.
Dear people against free birth control,
If my health insurance didn't cover my birth control, I wouldn't be using it. I would have to buy special condoms because of my allergy. That's fine, but the kind of sex my boyfriend and I have tends to break the condoms 1/3 of the time. If I get pregnant, I will get an abortion.
Dear New Friend at Uni,
Thank you. Thank you for bursting into my room, drunk, at an ungodly hour, and breaking down on my bed. I love that you trust me enough to do that, even though we've only known each other a few months. I knew something was up with you, but I didn't, couldn't have realised how bad it had gotten until you told me. Don't ever feel like you can't do that. I'm here for you.
Dear single gentlemen,
Please I may not look like a Victoria's Secret Angel, but my favorite movies include Star Wars, The Avengers, and Lord of the Rings; I'm an expert at building pillow forts; and I make a mean molten chocolate cake.
Dear self-proclaimed geeks and nerds,
I was popular in high school. I pulled good grades. I did not bully people. However, because people liked me and I was never single for long, many of the "nerds" made a point to talk badly about my friends and call us horrible names. Then, when we would complain, they would call us the bullies. Most of the time, unless you are someone's friend, they don't care what you do, what you like, and what social status you think you have. The world is not always out to get out. Maybe, if you acted the way you want to be treated, people might be nicer to you.
Dear Possible Future Employer,
Please don't judge me because of the scars on my arms.
Dear military older brother,
Please come home soon so that we can continue having light-saber fights and building pillow forts together.
Dear Criminals being 'hassled' by the police,
Please stop breaking the law. Also, you don't pay my salary. Lets be honest, you don't really pay taxes.
Dear parents,
I may be a University graduate who is currently working on a Masters degree in science but you have no idea how giddy I was when I realized you had hidden Easter eggs around the house
Dear people who say we'll all die from ebola,
Of course we will. Just like we all died from swine flu, avian flu, SARS and mad cow disease?