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Dear Customers,
Please remember that just because you think we work menial jobs, we are still humans. We work these jobs and if we didn't, you would be pissed that you aren't getting "the help you deserve". If you are kind to us, we will be more apt to be kind to you and go out of our way to make sure you have what you need.
Dear Sister,
I know you aren't straight. But I still love you. Do what makes you happy.
Dear man who catcalled me,
Please never do that again. I just had a panic attack for an hour straight thinking that you would come find me and attack me. It's not flattering to be called after.
Dear Head Nurse in the ICU,
Please know that my gratitude for your education and support when I first came to the hospital means is more than I can describe
Dear religious people,
Even if you force everybody to follow your religious laws, it doesn't make them religious or save them! If people want to follow religious rules, they will follow them willingly. And your salvation does not depend on what others choose to do.
Dear immune system,
We both have the goal of keeping this human alive and well, especially through this flu. But you are not the only essential bodily function. So, if you could cut back on the mucus production so they could breathe, that'd be great.
Dear impatient morons,
Please realise that a fully laden freight train cannot stop or swerve to avoid hitting you. The responsibility to avoid an accident lies on you to obey the signals and keep clear of a train. Don't think you can race the train.
Dear boss,
I appreciate that you run your business on your own, and how much responsibility that is. But please, for the love of God, pay us on time. We depend on those paychecks to live, and we suffer when they're late.
Dear anyone and everyone reading this,
you are awesome and deserve a piece of pizza.
Dear person accusing me behind my back,
Please note that carefully restraining my son during a temper tantrum is NOT abuse. If I'm not much mistaken, it is rather more frowned upon to allow a child to hurt himself or others! You are only here a few hours per month. You have not seen him bash his head into the wall when angry, or try to bite himself or me, or kick me in the 8-months-pregnant belly. Don't shoot your mouth off without facts.
Dear new seasonal guy who thinks only women have to vacuum,
Please enjoy the next three months of your seasonal job being on the night shift. Where at the end of every shift someone has to vacuum, that someone now being you.
Dear College,
I understand that you want to renovate the library, but do you have to start the week before finals and close the library during finals week?
Dear partner,
Thank you for taking a chance on me, I know I have bad days a lot, I'm so glad I saw your post about your art, and that we ended up Skyping. I had my suicide planned for not even a month later, you saved me.
Dear Boyfriend,
Please stop taking me for granted. I am a woman, not a mop.
Dear companies,
If you ask your employees to obtain any sort of license or purchase any type of clothing at all so they can be part of your team, you better pay for it (which you never do)