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Dear friend's parents,
Please stop using me as a comparison for your own daughters. You make me feel ashamed of my hard work and success. You children are so talented and smart, but feel like they will never meet your standards, and then resent me for meeting them. I can't draw or sing or socialize like my friends. I'm not as dedicated as them - I was just luck to get a good brain.
Dear Teenage girls out there,
Please be yourself because it doesn't matter that everyone finds you attractive it just matters that the right person finds you attractive.
Dear calendar,
You're pretty full. Neurologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, speech therapist, dentist, geneticist, nephrologist, occupational therapist, audiologist, gastroenterologist, physical therapist, orthotist, and probably some more I can't recall. I'm grateful for our access to excellent health care, but sometimes, I'd like to just take them to the playground.
Dear Mom,
Thanks for this beautiful life and forgive me if I dont love you enough.
Dear person who run into things while on her phone,
I don't care if your friend calls you from Germany or Uganda, just stay still on the side so I can walk past you instead of zigzagging all over the place.
Dear voters,
If you don't like a result, try voting against it next time instead of thinking you won't make a difference. If you did vote, you just have to accept that democracy means up to 50% of the population might be disappointed. You can't please everybody all the time. Its not the end of the world.
Dear judgemental people glaring at me in the pharmacy line,
Yes, I am on contraceptives. No, I am not a whore; I am still a virgin. These pills help control my severe PMDD.
Dear parents,
Please realize that I don't tell you what is going on in my life because you always freak out and make me feel ashamed. I feel like a daughter should be able to confide in her parents no matter the situation, I wish I had that.
Dear doctor,
I'm anemic. I'm fairly clumsy. I have a high pain tolerance and a physically active job. So, no, I do not think it's strange that I cannot explain where every single bruise came from. If you really want to help me, quit belaboring the "are you SUUUURE you feel safe at home?" question and work to fix the anemia.
Dear high school health teacher,
Please consider taking one day out of the "horrors of gonorrhea" unit to explain the words transgendered, transexual, the difference between them, and how it's not that weird a thing anymore, so the other students stop asking me personal details about my brother's life. I'm seventeen and sick of doing your job.
Dear Roommate,
Please stop the negativity. I know you talk about me behind your back. I know you only moved in with me so you could live with your boyfriend without your parents knowing. I know you quit your job to spend more time with your boyfriend because you're not paying your bills anymore. I know you send pictures of me to your friends to make fun of me. I know now what I wish I would have known a year ago; the real you.
Dear woman parked next to me in the supermarket car park,
You stopped me as I was getting into my car and said that I was destroying the environment because I had five children. Number one, I have only two children; the other three are my sister's children. Number two, it's none of your business how many children I have or don't have. Number three, you accuse me of destroying the environment, but don't think I didn't notice the plastic bags you were holding as you got into your jeep.
Dear friends and family,
I'm sorry that I can't tell you what my future is going to be. I'm still figuring myself out and I can only ask for support from you.
Dear Zoom Tan Ad,
I am not a cinnamon roll, a cookie cake, or any other sort of baked good. There is no need for me to be tan and tasty.
Dear friend,
Please stop insinuating I’m a lesbian around others. I am, but I’m not out yet and it makes me uncomfortable.