Dearest People of the world,
Don't you think that we are going about the aborition issue the wrong way entirely? Barring religious belief whcih should be handled within specific religious groups or communities, shouldn't our main focus be on the education of our youth to sex? I'm not saying hand out condoms, but I am saying educate them and tell them the truth on what is what and what is going on in their bodies and help them understand their constantly changing minds. Make preventative measures for women more obtainable!!!! Women who are responsible enough to gather means of protecting themselves and those they decide to be with should not be made to feel bad about themselves in our society! They are just trying to PREVENT the issue that we as a society can't seem to even come to terms with - ABORTION! So Educate and facilitate, don't hate and discriminate.
Dear girlfriend,
It's legal here now. We don't have to wait any longer. Will you?
Dear people who think that introvert=quiet,
Being an introvert doesn't mean that I'm shy, quiet, or even that I dislike being social. I love meeting new people and interacting in social situations. Introverts just need some time after social interactions to "regroup" and gain their energy back. All that means is that after a few hours at a party I need an hour alone to relax.
Dear strangers,
I respect everyone's religion, don't get me wrong, but it really bothers me when people come up to me on the streets to preach to me or try to "save" me. My beliefs are just as legitimate as yours, and just because I happen to not believe in a higher power does not mean I want to "find" Jesus. I respect everyone's decision to believe what the want to believe, but I wish everyone could do me the same courtesy.
Dear Person who suggested soldiers wear capes,
Dear guy who abused me when I was 5,
Please leave me alone now. I won't let you ruin my life by making me take the blame for what you did. I was vulnerable, but I'm not anymore, and this is your final warning. Even though we met once, you followed me like a shadow all my life. Not anymore. I'm not your victim; I'm a survivor. I hope you can live with what you did to me. I might forgive you one day. Until then, you're on your own. I won't bear your guilt anymore.
Dear People,
How about we take the government out of marriage? We can allow people who are religious to practice their beliefs on marriage, and with the amount of churches marrying homosexual coples there would no longer be an issue there. Tax forms could be done based on number of years co-habitating and number of dependents, and welfare could be decided this way as well. Also, it furthers separation of church and state. Requiring marriage licenses was just a way for past governments to better control its people.
Dear "Real men like curves only dogs go for bones",
Can't we all just love our bodies the way that they are, and not diminish each other? This is just as bad as calling obese girls "fat"
Dear "depressed because I haven't had a date in two ",
I haven't had a date in about four years and I'm perfectly happy with that.
Dear people who have considered suicide and or self harm,
Please know that it gets better. Your life will get better. Someone if not more people love you. Never give up.
Dear Humans,
Please Stop. Take better care of me, I deserve it. The is only one of me. If I die, I'm taking you all with me.
Dear Religions of the World,
We may have our differences, but I think we can agree on one thing: Scientology is a brainwashing, money-schaming, phony cult
Dear Nail Polish Companies,
Please consider making shorter, wider bottles of nail polish.
Dear people who "slut" shame,
Last I checked it was their body, not yours.
Dear Jewish mom and Catholic Dad,
This is awesome!