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Dear Vegan,
Please stop feeding your cat vegan cat food. It's a carnivore, and you're slowly killing it.
Dear Well-meaning Americans,
Please cut it out with the "white people can't experience racism" stuff. You think an Irish traveler can't experience racism? Or a Polish person? Similarly racism is not only something white people do; do you think there's no racism at all between, for example, Asian people and black people? You want to redefine racism so that institutional racism is the only kind that matters, as if a racially aggravated assault hurts less or is less awful depending on the colour of the fist throwing the punches, and that's ridiculous. The American experience of racism is not the only one.
Dear Christians,
Please stop sharing "Christian" memes over Facebook. Get your Bible out, read, and use your brain to interpret scripture. Share insights with people face-to-face. Don't trivialize your faith by making a show of it and/or without critically assessing your views. And for God's sake, show love and spiritual discernment in all you do, not pride-filled judgment and condemnation.
Dear Vegan who clearly tells any soul that doesn't ask,
You are not morally superior to me because of the lack of meat/dairy you eat. Stop shoving your opinion down my throat. I don't believe in animal cruelty just because I drink dairy.
Dear Society,
Why does my level of success in life depend on whether or not I'm in a relationship?
Dear crush,
Please take a hint. You're the most amazing girl I know. We were Eric and Ariel for the school musical, the Beast and Belle the next year, and Romeo and Juliet this year. I've known you since we were 5. Words cannot describe you. Can't you see the way I look at you every day? All the other relationships in the world wouldn't compare to ours.
Dear SJW's GSA and LGTB,
I'm trying to be an ally, don't discriminate against me because I'm a white male who happens to be cis and identifies as straight.
Dear Mr. Trump,
It is possible to kill two birds with one stone. Please take that mutated beaver pelt off your head and insert it firmly in your mouth.
Dear family,
I know that my cousin is here at the same college, and that he has all these issues. But I have my own life, I'm not spending all my freetime to be waiting on him hand and foot.
Dear Mom,
Thanks for this beautiful life and forgive me if I dont love you enough.
Dear friends and family,
I'm sorry that I can't tell you what my future is going to be. I'm still figuring myself out and I can only ask for support from you.
Dear co-workers,
yes, I know you all have children. Yes, I'm also positive I never want any. Do you want to amputate your left foot?
Dear everyone,
Please stop assuming something is right just because it's what's always been done or it supports your belief. If it's proven wrong, it's okay to change your opinion.
Dear A fellow gamer,
I don't play games all day. I sit on my ass and do homework, so I can try and get a job in one of the worst cities to do so. I work hard to make sure it's not all in vain. Then, when the crushing reality of life comes knocking and trying to puch me over the edge of insanity, i turn on my gaming console of choice and watch those inhibitions wash away as I enter into a world that is so much better than my own.
Dear friend's parents,
Please stop using me as a comparison for your own daughters. You make me feel ashamed of my hard work and success. You children are so talented and smart, but feel like they will never meet your standards, and then resent me for meeting them. I can't draw or sing or socialize like my friends. I'm not as dedicated as them - I was just luck to get a good brain.