Dear Suzanne Collins,
Please write a prequel to your popular series, The Hunger Games. This prequel should involve the first Hunger Games and how the nation crumbled and came to such a low so as to allow a dictator to separate citizens into districts and demand they send their children into an arena and fight to the death.
Dear women at church.,
Please understand that I am not trying to be rude when I say this. When a kid is forced to go to church when they would rather be doing something else, they're going to look at it like a chore. When I first started going to church, I saw three adult women scolding a teenage girl for missing a few services. I pulled her aside afterward and begged her not to let them discourage her from coming back. It was obvious she was embaraced and insulted. She was about to cry, and because of my understanding she is now an active member of the church, and loves going.
Dear non-believing friend,
You have no problem talking about your latest high or how drunk you got last night, yet as soon as I bring up something about what I did in church, you roll your eyes and complain about how much you "hate religion"?
Please actually know what evolution is before completely denouncing it. Evolution refers to a change in organisms over time, and has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the world. It is people like you that pass judgment on scientific concepts that they do not have even the most basic understanding of that give Christianity a bad name. If choose not to believe in evolution, fine. Just know what it is first and find a logical argument against it so that you do not sound like a complete idiot.
Dear Hermione did it first,
Hermione is known in the books for wonderfully bushy and out of control hair
Dear woman who screamed at her child in the walmart parking lot,
Please understand that your three year old daughter was trying to help you by putting the groceries in the car. You should have given her something small to put away, and encourage her to help, instead of making her cry when she tore the bag of cat litter on the cart. When she's seventeen, and you need her to help carry groceries, she's not going to want to.
Dear curious people,
My identical twin sister and I attempted to go into each others class posing as the other because I hated that class but she loved it, and vice versa. We were anxious and feared getting caught, but tried it anyways. Upon arrival, I went to her seat and tried to not seem nervous. But today we had a sub, so I wasn't so scared anymore. When the sub took attendance, she called my sisters name, and I responded. The sub looked at me and said I wasn't her.
Dear people who have a birthday today,
Dear world,
what happened to all men (and women) created equal? equal rights should be a thing for everyone, not just to those who fit the "norm" of todays world.
Dear friend who just posted something about best friends and tagged me and 1 other,
Please know that even if it was no big deal to you, i was almost crying
Dear leg hair,
Please stop immediatly gowing a second after we shave you.
Dear fit person at the gym,
Thank you for smiling a me instead of glaring at me like everyone else. you've inspired me to keep going.
Dear society,
I might be almost nineteen and never been kissed, but that doesn't mean I'm unhappy. I have made my own decisions and I don't regret them, even if it means I don't have a boyfriend.
Dear World,
Damn right I'm good in bed
Dear pop-up ads on the internet,
When you cover the whole page and make me search for the close button, you actually make me NOT want to buy your product because I'm so annoyed