Dear brother,
Please stop asking me and our sister to let your fiancée dig through the jewelry our mother left her daughters and take what she likes. We're happy to give her a piece or two, but she's not entitled to half of everything. It's just pretty jewelry to her, but to us it's pieces and memories of Mom.
Dear People,
Please stop judging me. I am a 21 year old female who loves anime/manga. I have a gay male friend who is one of the most important people in my life. My favourite band is Muse. I love Harry Potter, LoTR and The Hunger Games. I watch Friends and Gilmore Girls obsessively. I just graduated with first class honours in BA English Language and Linguistics. I want to travel the world. I AM MUSLIM.
Dear ignorant people,
Please realize that anorexia and bulimia sufferers aren't attention whores. They are people with a real mental disorder.
Dear new person at church,
If you want to hold my son, you will approach where he can see you and hold your hands out and let him CHOOSE whether he wants to go to you. You will not come up behind him and snatch him from my arms without him even knowing you're there. I know you think he is cute (and I agree!) but to him you are a stranger, and I myself have only met you a few times. Back off.
Dear PetSmart,
Thank you for giving me this awesome job! You started me out on a decent wage, offer benefits, work around my second job, and I get to spend all day playing with animals? This feels like heaven to me! The added puppy kisses from the puppy training class doesn't hurt either!
Dear people,
Saying that "only God can judge me" doesn't make what you're doing any more okay.
Dear World,
Everyone's a little bit racist.
Dear people who lecture about fairness and unfairness,
Is it fair for someone to walk out their front door in the morning and not know if she'll make it back alive at the end of the day? Is it fair for her to have to attend the funerals of a dozen people her own age before she's ten? Is it fair for the police to not protect her and her neighbors because they're either paid off by or afraid of the gangs? Is it fair that she gets spit on, ridiculed, and physically assaulted every day because she's the only white person in her neighborhood and one of the only white people in her school? I know what unfairness is, probably better than most, so take your lecture and shove it.
Dear Dreamers,
When I was younger, I dreamed of opening a motorcycle shop/ dealer in my town. I quickly realized that that possibility was highly unlikely, so I almost completely gave up on it. Twelve years later, I'm opening a motorcycle dealer/ shop in my local town.
Dear women,
Please realize that sometimes guys won't ask you out because they're nervous too.
Dear people who piss on slang,
Your inability to realize that one's colloquial speech patterns do not reflect on one's overall intelligence greatly dissapoints me. Your persistence in treating slang like some characteristic of the illness idiocy enrages me. Keep your damn high horse opinions to yourself you pretentious bastards.
Dear stranger,
I hope you get better. giving you my blood wasn't easy. My blood pressure dropped and I collapsed. I will still do it again
Dear Mom,
How am I going to pick a college major, if every time I decide on one, you tell me how horrible that job is going to be?
Dear guys,
You do know that woman are mammals, right? Were supposed to grow hair down there.
Dear Friends,
Ok, I admit it. I started feeling cold half an hour ago. But I'm six and a half hours out of seven wandering around Poland in a t-shirt in October, and I'll be damned if I admit it at this point.