Dear people of the world,
Riding horses is a sport. A rider needs the balance of a gymnast, grace of a ballerina, reflexes of a baseball player, and the strength of a football player.
Dear guys I work with,
Please know it means a lot when you include me in your plans outside work. You're like the older brothers I never had and I've never enjoyed myself more with other people before. Thank you.
Dear burglars,
You should've seen your face!
Dear man with a flower in his hair who passed me on the sidewalk 8 years ago,
Please never change. I admit, I wrongly judged you when I saw you coming, and even laughed. But when you passed me, you said, "Have a nice day." You were completely genuine- to me, a stranger! I was so moved. You brought tears to my eyes and my outlook has changed since then. I don't think I'll ever forget you, and I wish I could see you again so I could thank you.
Dear Hospitality Customers,
Please don't come in and order food 10 minutes before closing time. The kitchen-staff have families too.
Dear Sooby- Doo,
Thank you for teaching me a life lesson. I have never got so much from a cartoon before
Dear Mom,
Please forgive me for being such a selfish, spoiled brat. I would do anything to go back in time and show you how amazing you were before I lost the chance to. I think about you every day and want to be a better person for you.
Dear People who get upset when asked for ID when using checks,
We ask for your ID because IT'S THE LAW. You're not that special.
Dear Netflix,
Could you PLEASE put up the rest of the bloody series soon!?
Dear children with disabilities,
Please know you are beautiful. Yes, it's true. When your disability is visible the world judges you. Many people treat you differently. But know that where you go, no mocking voice of the world can follow. Your soul becomes platinum and you gain vision that many will never gain, blind to the superficial elements that others see. You learn empathy to help and love others without bound. You laugh at the petty arrows foes shoot at you. You become independent, and learn to love yourself as you are. You soul becomes strong, and you find true people rather than the petty want-to-bes, these real people become your friends. You understand why the weak feel the need to mock you. Want to date? You can! Understand you are powerful, and never question that. Goodness will find you never loose hope.
Dear people,
Teacher: If she jumped off a bridge, would you? Me: What if it was my only choice, because the bridge was on fire? Teacher: There aren't any "what ifs", answer the question. Me: Isn't your question a "what if" though? Teacher: Rage quit
Dear world,
My neighbor is an Italian shaman whose favorite hobby is to cook Norwegian food and sing opera while walking on coal.
Dear self,
Please don't mess this up by worrying about it too much
Dear Ex-Boyfriend,
Please don't text me on my birthday anymore. Stop telling me I was the best thing that every happened to you. It has been over three years since you cheated and put your hands on me.
Dear Doctor,
Please stop giving me a judgemental look for being on the pill. I'm on it for strictly superficial reasons, alas. (Besides isn't it a part of your job description to NOT judge?)