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Dear mocha boy.,
Yum yummy. Cannot resist.
Dear Dad,
Please note this first that I love you. I can't even explain how much do I! But, it seems like you have never understood that. You have never been a dad like other dads. You could only be a living money machine, so much inexpressive & just a instructor in the family, However, your acts sometimes have proven that you love me, you loved us so much & then later, you seemed somebody very unknown. Dad, I can even count & say how many time I have called you dad in a year. Sometimes, I become very depressed because of all these, I act very heartless & stay in my own world. Because I realize, I love the idea of a persons being dad, I love the dreams I have with you but, I don't love you. Dad, I am disappointed with life, especially you now.
Dear father,
You were not dear at all, but i'd like to remember you as if you were. That is why i wrote "Dear father,".
Dear Academy of Science,
Please know that I ended up breaking my foot running inside the house to open the letter from your school.
Dear Mum,
Please stop treating me like your boyfriend, if I screw up its got nothing to do with you so don't give me the cold shoulder and say that I hate you. I don't, I'm just not alive to please you.
Dear first anniversary,
Please understand if you don't get the normal fanfare. One year together and one year apart. It's another sweet day that I won't get to spend with him.
Dear everyone,
Please remember that sometimes, there is no absolute truth. Many moral, economic, or other issues have many many ways to solve the problem. Sometimes however, there is absolute truth. Such as whether or not God exixts, or natural laws.
Dear boys,
Tall, dark, and handsome is a very real thing. It's hard to resist.
Dear Juggalos,
Please take off the clown paint already. It looks retarded. Grow up already.
Dear people slamming Selena Gomez,
Please remember that last month Christina Grimmie, a dear friend of hers, was murdered by a hateful, psychotic person. OF COURSE she's going to defend Taylor from hatred, regardless of whether Taylor's innocent or not.
Dear High School PE Teacher,
I forgive you but it will never make it acceptable for what you let slide under the rug. You HAD to break me out of a gym locker because girls in my class put me there. But you never had to say, "There's nothing we can do about it because there was no video evidence." Me being pad locked in a tiny locker should have been enough evidence. Not to mention the amount of blood and bruising that was left on my naked body after being raped by the girls who put me in there.
Dear soon to be boyfriend,
Please be patient with me. My ex ignored me for video games and I'm scared you going to ignore me for another muse too.
Dear Mum,
Please leave me be with my oversized shirts and skinny jeans and lack of makeup or motivation. And while you're at it, stop picking on me so much for not being a 'normal' girl.
Dear Usa,
Please Undestad that it baffles me that you take pride in stories of people paying it forward, or helping the "underdog" to the point where you literally make movies about it. Yet refuse to do so on a wider scale by using tax dollars for health benefits etc...
Dear sex drive,
Please appear. At 28 I should be able to know the joys of sex. Instead I know the joys of letting my boyfriends down since you won't appear. I need you to come forward. You are costing me a lot.