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Dear Google,
I Binged your girlfriend.
Dear people,
Please share your thoughts about Mormon Missionaries. Good or bad? Annoyance or motivation? etc...
Dear mother,
Please stop stalking me. I truly hope you know Find My iPhone doesn't always work in rural locations.
Dear YouTube,
Please add A 10-second "roll-back" feature. You've mastered play, pause, and stop, but this new bit of useful functionality would be nice. And, most other video players already do this with no problem, so what are you waiting for??
Dear Teacher who felt it was right to chastise the girl in the wheelchair,
Please Who said this; "You shouldn't get too close to people with that wheelchair." The person was a teacher and I was a student and continued to chew me out on the elevator the ride up to my teacher's floor. Seriously, lady, find some respect. I was two feet away from you. You were talking with someone, standing IN FRONT of the elevator, and continued to carry on with your business even though I was LATE, AND, you didn't move! So excuse me for getting a little closer in hopes I wouldn't be tardy for middle school.
Dear Now Ex-Boyfriend,
Please understand that I actually had faith in us, and 24 hours is not long enough to get over a two year relationship.
Dear People who think most people in jail just made a mistake and are good people,
Yes, they mistakenly robbed a store, mistankely bought something illegal, mistakenly ran from the cops, mistakenly killed a person/pet, mistakenly raped somebody.
Dear Karate Instructor,
Please do not interrupt me to say the same things I was about to the students
Dear mom and dad,
I'm right here. Please get to know me before im gone. I know everything about you, why dont you want to get to know me?
Dear abusive ex-childhood friend,
Please stop appearing in my nightmares every night. We haven't spoken in almost 6years and I'm really tired of seeing your face and the faces of your family whenever I go to bed. Seriously, leave me the fuck alone.
Dear fiance,
Please help me. I have a busted ankle and can't walk yet you still want me to make supper. I have to "remind" you to make something for me too when you make something. And I really appreciate having to get my own ice packs and water and figure out how to carry them with crutches.
Dear ex-girlfriend,
Please stop talking badly about me to our friends for not inviting you to parties because I'm not over you. Last time you came, you vomited because I "make you feel sick".
Dear people of the internet,
I really need a hug. I'd turn to my family, but they/we're not the physical or emotional sort of people, and it is just downright pathetic to have to ask... not to mentioned it will be rather half-hearted from their side. But life isn't very good right now and I need a hug bad. And a cookie.
Girl I Complemented on the Subway,
Please understand that when a guy compliments you, he's not trying to get laid. I just thought you deserved a compliment.
Dear friends of my boyfriend,
Please start talking to him again. It's not his fault your crush liked him instead of you. I hate seeing him miss you and you putting him down over and over.