Dear World,
Please realize that real Christains don't hate homosexuals, we hate homosexual acts.
Dear girl who thinks short showers equal zits smelliness and hairy legs,
Honey, no. Just no.
Dear certain authors on here,
Y'all sound hella thirsty. Just go talk to the dude.
Dear Relative,
I heard how you wanted to see the Super Bowl, or at least as much as you could. I heard how you told everyone you knew it was your time and that you would flicker the lights once you were in heaven. It didn't take you long to turn the lights off at the Superbowl AND have the Ravens win.
Dear Roommate,
You make existential crises so much easier to handle. I love you, girl.
Dear world,
My school is so opened minded and tolorent that I'm scared to express my opinion. I think everyone should be treated equally and hating on a certain group is unacceptable. So why is it ok to say that all cops are bad, even though most risk their lives to protect us. We don't know all the facts but you have already decided there is a right answer. Maybe we should look at both sides. Maybe both were in the wrong.
Dear 5 Seconds of Summer,
Please do a free show for your fans in Georgia.
Dear NHS,
Please forgive me. I promised I'd never be one of those drunks who clogged up the system. I don't know what happened, what went wrong. I tried to drown a terrible month, nothing new there, and then suddenly I'm missing five hours of my life, suffering from hypothermia so badly it would have been cause for medical care on it's own, and with a tube in my arm. I never meant for this to happen. You were nothing but professional, which was far more than I deserved. I hope my future regular donations of blood go some way to lessening the debt I owe you.
Dear Game of Thrones,
So you're set in a richly detailed world, with multiple complex plot threads and many characters that you often kill off without warning? That's cute.
Dear People Against the Mormon Church,
People are starving and dying in the Middle East. And you're freaking out about Joseph Smith having 40 wives. Might want to change your priorities.
Dear majority of people who enjoy a fandom,
Please realize that a majority of you wouldn't win the Hunger Games, nor is every person a Gryffindor. Let's get some facts down. Slytherins are not evil, and Gryffindor isn't the perfect Hogwarts House. Just because Harry was a Gryffindor doesn't mean everyone is and that all other houses suck. Hufflepuff isn't the worst house; there is no worse house. Just because someone chooses to pick up a Bow because of the Hunger Games doesn't make them a Katniss wanna-be. It should be good that people choose new hobbies that are healthy because they were inspired. Now stop hating on certain aspects of a fandom and go reread the series you clearly misinterpreted.
Dear people having sex,
Safe sex is not 100% free from consequences! You can still get pregnant and you can still get STDs. Sure you might have bad luck if that happens but don't say, "it's not my fault." It is your fault (if it was consensual).
Dear "I can't date you because I'm immune to feelings",
Congrats on the new girlfriend you started dating out of nowhere!
Dear maybe we need a refresher on the word "equality",
Maybe we need a refresher on how hard it was for white males to gain their rights and power.
Dear world,
I realise I might get a lot of hate for this... but please read with an open mind. The only reason I knew what discrimination and racism was is because they taught it to us in detail at school. Nobody is born thinking, "Oh, they're XXXXX so I hate them already!" Maybe if we stopped teaching it at such a young age, it would become nothing more than old stories to the future generations. If we stop arguing/complaining, maybe it wouldn't be such a huge problem...