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Dear neighbor dog,
Please stop barking at 3 A.M. It has been 12 years and you have not shut up yet. Please die already.
Dear Muslims,
Please stay strong and remember you aren't in this alone. We know how it feels to be targeted by hate groups and such, we've built their railroads and dams for them and then they says we "should go back to where we came from" before attacking us and hurling insults. Then once we started getting use to the US, they come back and start calling us Communists because the people across the pond who happen to look like us are Communists. Stay strong and hopeful, I promise you that not everyone in America is a racist, misinformed bigot :)
Dear Religious People,
I apologize to you for the athiests who treat you like shit. We aren't all like that. I am an athiest, and I vow to NEVER try to stop you from believing in God or think you're of lesser intelligence. I may have different beliefs (or lack thereof) than you, but I respect you as much as any other human being.
Dear Life,
I could use some lemons right now. I'm want to bake a cake.
Dear CPS,
He tripped. Toddlers do that sometimes.
Dear users of this fine website,
Please understand that, as a moderator, I allow certain posts through that are incredibly stupid or nonsensical at times. Why? Because I can't wait to see what the comments section for those posts will look like.
Dear rude woman,
I get that I have a pretty harsh accent, but you cussing me out in public for "faking a Nazi accent" doesn't really motivate me to improve it... It's my first day, you idiot!
Dear Old Woman at the Mall,
Please stop yelling at me for having a baby so young, It is a robot baby that I was assigned to for a school project. I didn't ruin my life, my teacher ruined my weekend.
Dear new mothers,
Please get your infant child away from me.
Dear stores near me,
Please start stocking blue birthday girl balloons and superhero bikes for girls. My soon to be seven year old twin sisters hate pink and love Hulk and Spiderman. I'll get them boy bikes, but it'd be cool if they could have the huge blue helium balloons you have for boys.
Dear society,
Learn what racism actually is. My younger sister was raped by a man who happened to be black. She gave a description of her rapist to the police in the hope he'll be caught before he attacks another woman, and suddenly people accused her of being racist. Racism is "discrimination against someone based on their race".
Dear female friends,
Please stop saying that one day you'll get me to wear a dress, even if you have to force me to wear it. I haven't worn a skirt or dress since I was six.
Dear world,
I dream of a day where everyone can be complimented on their tattoos by people who see them as the art they are.
Dear friends telling me I look great and don't need to diet to be beautiful.,
Please stop. I know I look good, but my looks don't have a whole lot to do with why I decided to lose weight.
Dear dog,
I still love you even if you're diabetic. It just makes it harder for me to watch you get older.