Dear male teacher,
If I just came from the bathroom, whispered some thing to my best friend as she hands me her purse, and ask you if I can go back to the restroom, please let me go back!
Dear Kids at my school who "study" psychology in their free time,
Do you even understand what you're doing? You're using what very, very little professional psychological knowledge you have to look into what could very well be the darkest places in someone's mind. You have absolutely no right to access information that should be protected under doctor-patient confidentiality without consent. You have no right to use your potentially false knowledge to try and form an understanding of someone you know nothing about, and if you try to pick my mind apart again, I will do my damnedest to return the hell you're causing me.
Dear boyfriend,
Please lock the door the next time we shower together. The shower doors are glass and now your roommate has seen my ass.
Dear 7th Graders,
How do you manage to block the entire hall with 3 people?
Dear friend,
I wish you had known you were loved by so many before that fateful act.
Dear Mom,
You have been so strong over the last 14 years. You have worked 3 jobs for longer then I can remember, lived an entire country away from your family, and did a damn good job raising three kids, even after the man you loved left you.
Dear majority of people who enjoy a fandom,
Please realize that a majority of you wouldn't win the Hunger Games, nor is every person a Gryffindor. Let's get some facts down. Slytherins are not evil, and Gryffindor isn't the perfect Hogwarts House. Just because Harry was a Gryffindor doesn't mean everyone is and that all other houses suck. Hufflepuff isn't the worst house; there is no worse house. Just because someone chooses to pick up a Bow because of the Hunger Games doesn't make them a Katniss wanna-be. It should be good that people choose new hobbies that are healthy because they were inspired. Now stop hating on certain aspects of a fandom and go reread the series you clearly misinterpreted.
Dear Noisy Tampon Wrapers,
Could you try and be a little louder?
Dear Physics Teacher,
Please don't yell at me in front of the whole class when I ask you a question. You may have helped a kid across the room with the same problem, but that doesn't constitute as teaching it to the whole class.
Dear Pre Calculus Book,
Please don't have five parts to one question.
Dear "It's all in your head!",
Actually, you're completely right. Depression is a chemical imbalance of my brain, which is in my skull, so it IS inside my head. That just doesn't make it any less real.
Dear fellow students,
Do you remember that wonderful time when homework was there to intensify our knowledge of what we learned in school, and not just for teachers to take away our time?
Dear people who say Christmas can't start until after Thanksgiving,
If I want to start celebrating early because it makes me happy, why shouldn't I?
Dear male friend's overly possessive girlfriend,
I can tolerate a certain level of clinginess, but refusing to let him talk his friend out of committing suicide because "there's nothing you can do to help now"? Really?
Dear parents,
When you ask me to repeat something because you couldn't hear it the first time, expect me to talk loudly.