Dear Black People,
Please stop using Facebook, as they allow white racists to post death pictures of our black children that were murdered by white race soldiers, never closing their accounts or doing anything about it.
Dear roommate,
Please don't eat your cereal. Also, why do they make dog food and cereal the same consistency?
Dear white people,
Please show some respect for pictures of deceased young black men on the Internet, that were killed by white race soldiers. They're someone's child regardless if you feel they deserved what happened to them.
Dear systematic white supremacy,
Please stop acting like you have given this world such greatness. stop acting as if this country wouldn't exist if you hadn't stole land and enslaved humans to build it. stop acting as if you weren't shown how to get here from those who had been coming here years before you knew of anything outside the caves you lived in. stop acting as if you didn't take advantage of the love and education the Ethiopians gave you to take over the world. please stop acting as if your not living off of the mistreatment of the native Americans. stop acting as if steal all that you saw to get the advantage that your still surviving on today. stop acting like everyone has the same opportunities as you have when you do allow those same opportunities to those you've put in poverty. stop acting like welfare and taxes wasn't designed to help your ethnicity group. stop acting like you hate people living off the system when it is y'all who live off the system. it is the only way for you all to live. stop acting as if you hate black peo
Dear white people,
Please Please stop ruining the world with your negative influences. Please stop allowing justice systems and police departments to be infiltrated by White Supremacist. Please stop being greedy, stop creating laws that protect you from getting prosecuted for your evil ways. Stop with the White Privilge act, stop telling Black People to go back to Africa when we all honestly originated from AFRICA, yet you identify as Europeans, that won't go back to Europe. Instead your in Africa and other countries stealing all resources, you hypocrite! How about you go back to Europe, stop deflecting from the truth when presented with it. Most of all, stop Systematic White Supremacy!
Dear white people,
Please stop having the same deflecting argument when it comes to RACISM...
Dear people complaining about today's music,
At least we don't live in a world where the entire music industry is dominated by a bunch of talking chipmunks
Dear spanish/mexican/dominican republic,
Please first of all shut up. you are noisy. stop coming into an other wise quiet, clothing store, making all the noise you can talking to each other incessantly over the racks, your kids are screaming and made a mess out of the rack, have you no respect for anyone or anything, when you all finally left the store was thankfully brought back to some quiet dignity. Please stay in your own shopping area where everyone is like you.
Dear mom of four,
Please do not hold your kids' heads under water in the pool. I didn't realize parents had to be told this.
Dear "hipsters",
Please know that your upside down crosses are not "trendy" or "cool" or even satanic. They're the cross of some Christian Saint or whatever and you all look like idiots.
Dear classmates,
Please forgive me for being a Feminist Killjoy. I was under the impression that a class focusing on sexism, racism, and homophobia would draw people who care about those things.
Dear Person who sees inequality everywhere,
While your reasonings are understandable, sometimes the question isn't "why don't we have a straight pride parade or a white history month?" Sometimes it's "why do we not need one?"
Dear Prince Charming,
My stepsisters were a brunette and redhead. You let them try on the slippers. I'm blond. Good try, but you did know my hair color and that rules out a couple thousand people.
Dear soldiers sailors and marines,
Please understand that just because I dont support defense spending and war it doesnt mean I dont support you for your nobility and sacrifice
Listen ,
They're watching you. Don't close your eyes. Don't blink. Blink and you're dead.