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Dear People who think I should play basketball,
Please stop telling me I should play basketball. I've hated the sport since I stepped onto a baseball field. No, I will not play volleyball either.
Dear voters,
So come on and let me know...SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?
Dear person who run into things while on her phone,
I don't care if your friend calls you from Germany or Uganda, just stay still on the side so I can walk past you instead of zigzagging all over the place.
Dear pro-lifer,
Please consider the life the child will be born into as well. Or are you just "pro-birth"?
Dear driver,
Yes, you did leave the carpark within the allotted time. However, your piss-poor parking blocked another space, as as per the car park rules (yes there is such a thing), that is an offence.
Dear voters,
If you don't like a result, try voting against it next time instead of thinking you won't make a difference. If you did vote, you just have to accept that democracy means up to 50% of the population might be disappointed. You can't please everybody all the time. Its not the end of the world.
Dear Girlfriend,
Please know that your reassuring me that you love me in spite of everything picked up my broken day. Thank you.
Dear people who don't like feminism,
Like it or not, finding out I'm a feminist is not an opportunity for you to call me a "feminazi". My great grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust after their home was burned down. I am a proud, 3rd generation Jewish American feminist and comparing me to the group that murdered my family and millions of others is completely unacceptable. You say feminists are crazy and turn around and compare us to fucking Nazis... check yourself
Dear boys,
Tall, dark, and handsome is a very real thing. It's hard to resist.
Dear Mom & Dad,
I know I don't say this often but I love you both very much and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I know you guys won't read this letter but I felt like writing it and tell it to someone. I on my way to you and see you in a few hours.
Dear parents,
Just because I wear a lot of dark colours does not mean I'm a goth, pointing it out just makes me self-conscious. Please stop
Dear friend's parents,
Please stop using me as a comparison for your own daughters. You make me feel ashamed of my hard work and success. You children are so talented and smart, but feel like they will never meet your standards, and then resent me for meeting them. I can't draw or sing or socialize like my friends. I'm not as dedicated as them - I was just luck to get a good brain.
Dear School Teachers,
You expect me to do four hours of homework every night then act surprised when I break down.
Dear beloved friend,
Please ask me about how my day is too instead of just talking at me about yours. I know things have been hard but please consider those you confide in as well.
Dear classmates,
Please understand that I get nervous before I go on stage. Even if you think I am good at drama I get absolutely terrified too.