Dear politicians,
Please stop trying to prevent guns in schools with gun laws
Dear parents,
Stop comparing me to my little brother. I know you would choose him over me but, I don't like hearing about how if I try harder I could be more like him and stuff
Dear sex ed teachers,
Yeah... As it turns out, abstinence is only 99.98% effective.
Dear Mom,
How am I going to pick a college major, if every time I decide on one, you tell me how horrible that job is going to be?
Dear people who lecture about fairness and unfairness,
Is it fair for someone to walk out their front door in the morning and not know if she'll make it back alive at the end of the day? Is it fair for her to have to attend the funerals of a dozen people her own age before she's ten? Is it fair for the police to not protect her and her neighbors because they're either paid off by or afraid of the gangs? Is it fair that she gets spit on, ridiculed, and physically assaulted every day because she's the only white person in her neighborhood and one of the only white people in her school? I know what unfairness is, probably better than most, so take your lecture and shove it.
Dear random guy at the bar,
Please use your words before you try to wrap your arms around me.
Dear pirates who kidnapped me for ransom,
Please know I enjoyed my time with you, am glad you took my advice of more than doubling my ransom (what you demanded hardly matched my worth), respect you for holding up your bargain upon being paid the aforementioned ransom, and hope there are no hard feelings with me honoring my promise to return to execute each and every one of you
Dear world,
I realise I might get a lot of hate for this... but please read with an open mind. The only reason I knew what discrimination and racism was is because they taught it to us in detail at school. Nobody is born thinking, "Oh, they're XXXXX so I hate them already!" Maybe if we stopped teaching it at such a young age, it would become nothing more than old stories to the future generations. If we stop arguing/complaining, maybe it wouldn't be such a huge problem...
Dear sweaters,
Why must you all be "dry flat only"?! There are no more flat surfaces in my apartment!
Dear new person at church,
If you want to hold my son, you will approach where he can see you and hold your hands out and let him CHOOSE whether he wants to go to you. You will not come up behind him and snatch him from my arms without him even knowing you're there. I know you think he is cute (and I agree!) but to him you are a stranger, and I myself have only met you a few times. Back off.
Dear parents,
Please don't put your children on the phone, especially when they're under 4 years old.
Dear judgmental virgin girls in my school ,
Please, we've been together for years, talk regularly about marriage and kids, and I wear the promise ring he gave me
Dear customer,
No, we don't serve ham, or serve breakfast after 11 am. But does telling me the restaurant should be "shut down" do anything but make you come off as disrespectful and rude?
Dear people,
Saying that "only God can judge me" doesn't make what you're doing any more okay.
Dear people defining racism,
Does it really matter? Maybe we should focus on stopping discrimination, individual and institutional.